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leading artistic

also gained access to poland's leading artistic and intellectual circles meeting such luminaries as Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, Woronicz, Koźmian, Franciszek Salezy Dmochowski, Antoni Edward Odyniec, and Morawski. January Suchodolski – żołnierz i malarz w jednej osobie accessed 17 March 2012 During this period he started painting pictures with military themes, particularly battles

blue green

). Farny catholic church..jpg thumb The Jesuit Cathedral of Hrodna (1678–1705). Medieval The oldest extant structure in Hrodna is the Kalozha Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb (Boris and Gleb) (Belarusian: ''Каложская царква''). It is the only surviving monument of ancient Black Ruthenian architecture, distinguished from other Orthodox churches by prolific use of polychrome faceted stones of blue, green or red tint which could be arranged

history book

WikiPedia:Hrodna commons:Hrodna

nearby oil

Lviv and its nearby oil fields within Russia. This portion of the line did not correspond to the current line of battle in Galicia, as per Grabski's agreement, and its inclusion in the July note has lent itself to disputation. Around the beginning

quot taking

from the Kościuszko Uprising and the Napoleonic wars including those in which Krasiński was involved in during the Peninsular War. He got to know Antoni Brodowski and succeeded in an art competition with compositions called "Taking the banner of Muhammad in Vienna" and "Death of Ladislaus of Varna". After Poland regained independence in 1918, Michał served in the Polish Army. In April 1919 he participated in the Polish-Lithuanian War, when Wilno was seized

technical work

family publisher web site accessdate March 29, 2011 settling in Boston and later in Philadelphia, where his father, Morris "Moshe" Baran (1884–1979), opened a grocery store. He graduated from Drexel University in 1949 (then called Drexel Institute of Technology), with a degree in electrical engineering. He then joined the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company, where he did technical work on UNIVAC models, the first brand of commercial computers

giving dance

War he started his career as a dancer in cabarets and theatres of Warsaw, Minsk and Grodno. He returned to Warsaw after the war, but no theatre would hire him and he spend several years giving dance lessons and occasionally singing in cabarets. It is speculated that he might have appeared in a number of silent films in that period, none of them survive to our times however. Background Raginis was born in Dźwińsk (Daugavpils), Russia (Latvia). He came from a landowning family with patriotic traditions. Soon after graduating from a gymnasium (gymnasium (school)) in 1927, he joined the Infantry NCO (Non-commissioned officer) School in Komorowo (Komorowo, Ostrów Mazowiecka County) near Ostrów Mazowiecki. Raginis was a mediocre student, did not receive praise, but did not receive censures and he completed his studies in 1928. He then completed a short practice of the military and the same year he enrolled at the Infantry Officer (Officer (armed forces))s School in Ostrów Mazowiecki. WikiPedia:Hrodna commons:Hrodna

successful attacks

another and caused terrible destruction on the ground. Literally everything was ablaze by the time we turned for home." This air operation continued until nightfall on 24th June, resulting in 105 Tanks reportedly destroyed by German aircraft. Particularly successful attacks were made by the Dornier 17's of KG 2 (Kampfgeschwader 2). In effect Pavlov's counter-attack was completely routed. '' Barbarossa - The Air Battle: July–December 1941 by Christer Bergstrom 2007 pp20-23

impressive performance

later, the last Soviet forces in the pocket were eliminated. ''Fliegerkorps VIII s'' achievements were important in defeating Soviet counterattacks and attempted breakouts. Richthofen was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross for an impressive performance. Bergström 2007, p. 47. Results from the battles, and in particular the defeat of the Soviet counter attacks by the Soviet 13th and 24th Armies, were impressive. Richthofen's forces were credited with disrupting

film debut

&hl en#v onepage&q Anna%20Lindenstadt&f false He turned his back on his father's tailoring business to enter the theater, and by 1911, he was a member of Max Reinhardt 's Deutsches Theater. He made his film debut the following year as an actor, but he gradually abandoned acting to concentrate on directing. birth_date


'''Grodno''' or '''Hrodna''' ( It is the capital of Grodno Region (voblast) and Grodno raion (district).

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