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defense campaign

, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and Slovenia, as well as the waters and air space of the Adriatic (Adriatic Sea) and Ionian Sea, provided such flight operations are in direct support of Kosovo peacekeeping actions. The Kosovo Defense Campaign refers to any ground operations, in support of Kosovo peacekeeping efforts, which take place in Serbia (including Kosovo), Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia. Naval actions in the Adriatic Sea also qualify for the Kosovo Ground Campaign. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

dramatic compositions

King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, the Shah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi), Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, and the Shaikh of Kuwait. In 1778 Karl Theodor moved his court to Munich. Vogler followed him there in 1780, but, dissatisfied with the reception accorded to his dramatic compositions, soon quit his post. He went to Paris, where after much hostility his new system was recognized as a continuation of that started by Rameau (Jean-Philippe Rameau). His

original development

flagship of the Greek Navy. Last surviving armored cruiser in the world. - Reliant also built four-wheeled versions of the Regal and Robin, called the Reliant Rebel and Reliant Kitten respectively. Between 1983 and 1990 a utility pickup vehicle called the Reliant Fox was produced. This was based on an original development by the Greek company MEBEA on Reliant mechanicals and was jointly developed for production by MEBEA and Reliant; it had originally been built in Greece by MEBEA between 1979 and 1983. Reliant also made a small three-wheeled commercial vehicle called the Reliant TW9, later sold by other companies as the Ant, which was a chassis and cab, onto which a custom rear body was fitted. This vehicle was often used by public utility companies. Baron '''Wilhelm von Gloeden''' (September 16, 1856 – February 16, 1931) was a German (Germany) photographer who worked mainly in Italy. He is mostly known for his pastoral nude studies of Sicilian (Sicily) boys, which usually featured props such as wreaths or amphoras suggesting a setting in the Greece or Italy of antiquity. From a modern standpoint, his work is commendable due to his controlled use of lighting as well as the often elegant poses of his models. Innovative use of photographic filters and special body makeup (a mixture of milk, olive oil, and glycerin) to disguise skin blemishes contribute to the artistic perfection of his works. France, Greece and Slovenia were the heavy favourites to win the contest, however as the voting progressed it became a two-horse race between Denmark and Estonia, with Estonia ending as the unexpected winners. - 9 Estonia Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, United Kingdom - - 2 Greece Spain, Sweden - thumb Panzerbefehlswagen in Russia (Image:Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-265-0006-31, Russland, Befehlspanzer 1.jpg) Italian setbacks in Egypt and their colony of Libya caused Hitler to dispatch aircraft to Sicily, and a blocking force to North Africa. This blocking force was put under the command of Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel and included the motorized 5th Light Division and the 15th Panzer Division. This force landed at Tunis on 12 February 1941. Latimer, ''Alamein'', pp. 27–28 Upon arrival, Rommel had around 150 tanks, about half Panzer III and IV. Bierman, ''The Battle of Alamein'', p.67 The rest were Panzer I's and IIs, although the Panzer I was soon replaced. Perrett, ''German Light Panzers'', pp. 43–44 On 6 April 1941, Germany attacked both Yugoslavia and Greece, with fourteen divisions invading Greece (Battle of Greece) from neighboring Bulgaria, which by then had joined the Tripartite Pact. Porch, ''The Path to Victory'', p. 149 The invasion of Yugoslavia included no less than six panzer divisions, McCarthy, ''Panzerkrieg'', p. 94 which still fielded the Panzer I. Perrett, ''German Light Panzers'', p. 44, Yugoslavia surrendered 17 April 1941, and Greece fell on 30 April 1941. Porch, ''The Path to Victory'', p. 159 The '''beet''' ('''''Beta vulgaris''''') is a plant in the Chenopodiaceae family (Chenopodiaceae) which is now included in Amaranthaceae family. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

intelligence amp

reduced. In the 18th and 19th century, the citizens of Souli (Souliotes) rebelled against the Ottoman occupation (Ottoman Greece). '''Revolutionary Nuclei''' (RN, is a far-left terrorist group

version biography

development and certification of the production version. Biography He was born at Saint-Étienne, Loire, the son of a poor joiner, but received a good education in the Oratorian colleges (Oratory of Saint Philip Neri) of Tournon and Lyon. He was twice in the army—at Perpignan in 1793, and in 1796-1797 at Briançon, as private secretary to General J Servan de Gerbey (Joseph Servan de Gerbey) (1741–1808); but he preferred the civil service and the companionship of his friends and his books. In 1794 he returned to St Etienne, where, but only for a short period, he filled a municipal office; and from 1797 to 1799 he devoted himself to strenuous study, more especially of the literature and history, both ancient and modern, of Greece and Italy. Having paid a visit to Paris (Paris, France) in 1799, he was introduced to Joseph Fouché, minister of police, whose private secretary he became. Though he discharged the duties of this office to Fouché's satisfaction, his strength was worn out by study, and in 1801 he was forced to take a three months' trip in the south. His health also resulted in his resigning his office in the following year, though his actions also had something to do with his scruples about serving longer under Napoleon, when the latter, in violation of strict republican principles, became consul for life. This is clearly shown by the fragments of ''Mémoirs'' discovered by Ludovic Lalanne and published in 1886. The complex was built with red bricks and its ruins occupy an area of 14 hectares. At its peak, the university attracted scholars and students from as far away as Tibet, China, Greece, and Persia. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

production business

Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

producing significant

, Greece faces shame of role in Serb massacre, ''The Observer'', 5 January 2003, accessed 25 November 2006 While in several other countries defeated in open warfare (e.g. Poland, Yugoslavia and Greece) the resistance was active from the very beginning of occupation, the subdued Czech lands remained relatively calm, simultaneously producing significant amounts of military material (materiel) for the Third Reich. The exiled government felt it had to do something that would inspire the Czechs, as well as show the world the Czechs were allies. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece

painting shows

is lost to time. A 19th century Chinese painting shows a woman using a dildo strapped to her shoe, showing that creative use of strap-ons was already well under way. Many artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic have been found that appear to be dildos, including a double "baton" with a hole in the middle, theorized to be for a strap to hold it to a wearer. The ''Kama Sutra'' includes mention of dildos (darshildo in Hindi) made from a wide variety of materials, and used

summer study

; and the Center for Sustainable Development, Costa Rica; marine biology at the Duke University Marine Lab in North Carolina; and political science at American University. Allegheny faculty members have led domestic summer-study tours to New York, Yellowstone, Austria, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Individually arranged study abroad has taken students to Argentina, Canada (Nova Scotia), China, Cuba, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Scotland. Life and career Field was born in 1941 in New York City to Greek (Greek people) and Armenian (Armenian people) parents, who emigrated from Plomari Lesvos, Greece. Patricia Field background She was raised in Astoria, Queens and has claimed credit for inventing the modern legging (leggings) for women's fashion in the 1970s. She is the owner of the eponymous boutique Patricia Field. '''Ioannis Grivas''' ( Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


. , and is considered one of the finest footballers (soccer) Greece has ever produced. In his early childhood and teenage years he lived in the city of Alexandroupoli, in the north-east part of Greece. In a sterling career with Ethnikos Alexandroupolis, Apollon Smyrnis, AEK Athens FC and Atlético Madrid, Nikolaidis earned his reputation as a "born goalscorer", scoring prolifically for club and country. His power, pace and skill on the ball have been widely

of Alexandroupoli, in the north-east part of Greece. In a sterling career with Ethnikos Alexandroupolis, Apollon Smyrnis, AEK Athens FC and Atlético Madrid, Nikolaidis earned his reputation as a "born goalscorer", scoring prolifically for club and country. His power, pace and skill on the ball have been widely praised but it was his work-ethic and enthusiasm, perhaps, that propelled him to his exalted status among Greek footballers. Personal life Demis is married to one


Judaism has existed (History of the Jews in Greece) in Greece for more than 2,000 years. Sephardi Jews used to have a large presence in the city of Thessaloniki (by 1900, some 80,000, or more than half of the population, were Jews), but nowadays the Greek-Jewish community who survived German occupation and the Holocaust, during World War II, is estimated to number around 5,500 people.

Greek citizens who are Roman Catholic are estimated to be at around 50,000 with the Roman Catholic immigrant community in the country approximately 200,000. Old Calendarists (Greek Old Calendarists) account for 500,000 followers.

Hellenic Polytheistic Reconstructionism has also been reportedly practiced by thousands of Greeks.

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