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from U.S. Route 101 (U.S. Route 101 (California)) near Crescent City, California northeast to Interstate 5 (Interstate 5 (Oregon)) in Grants Pass, Oregon. The highway is the northern portion of the Redwood Highway. In Oregon, US 199 is officially known as Redwood Highway No. 25. The majority of the road in California is the Smith River Scenic Byway, a Forest Service Byway. This route is part of the California Freeway and Expressway System CA Codes (shc:250-257) and is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System (State Scenic Highway System (California)). CA Codes (shc:260-284) The first roadway, a plank road, from Crescent City was established in May 1858, and before the US 199 designation was applied to the highway, the roadway was designated Highway 25 and Route 1. As part of Oregon's initial state highway system, the road from Grants Pass (Grants Pass, Oregon) southwest to Wilderville (Wilderville, Oregon) and then along the Crescent City Plank Road to the state line was named the '''Grants Pass-Crescent City Highway No. 25''' in November 1917. Oregon Department of Transportation, ftp: ROW_Eng HistoryHighwaysOregon HSHO.pdf History of State Highways in Oregon , January 2007, pp. 187-189 At the time, the Grants Pass-Crescent City route, via the Gasquet Toll Road, was a narrow, winding unpaved mountain road with long grades and some remaining plank road in California. Official Automobile Blue Book, Volume Eight, 1918, p. 163 California added its portion to the state highway system in 1919, for the state's third highway bond issue, as an extension of Legislative Route 1 (Legislative Route 1 (California pre-1964)). Howe & Peters, Engineers' Report to California State Automobile Association Covering the Work of the California Highway Commission for the Period 1911-1920, pp. 11-16 By 1924, the road was part of the Redwood Highway, which continued south to Sausalito (Sausalito, California), Los Angeles Times, Splendid Camps Along the Road, May 18, 1924, p. F5 but was still completely unimproved between Crescent City and Waldo, Oregon. Rand McNally Auto Road Atlas, 1926, accessed via the Broer Map Library (Oregon changed the Grants Pass

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and thematic shopping. Grants Pass Towne Center Association - Association of Grants Pass Merchants and Businesses Supporting Grants Pass Oregon Business, Businesses and Community Boatnik is held every Memorial Day weekend in Grants Pass and is one of the year's most popular events in Grants Pass, drawing many visitors to town. The activities start in Riverside Park with the Davis Shows Carnival


the year, and has a very active educational outreach component. Education Grants Pass area public schools are served by Grants Pass School District, including Grants Pass High School, and Three Rivers School District (Three Rivers School District (Oregon)), including Illinois Valley High School, North Valley High School, and Hidden Valley High School (Hidden Valley High School (Grants Pass, Oregon)). Rogue Community College's (RCC) main (Redwood Campus) is located south

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are held in Riverside Park on many summer nights, and there are many other parks to visit. The historic Rogue Theatre downtown has been transformed into a performing arts venue and frequently hosts top name national acts. Rogue Theatre The historic downtown area is lined with antique and specialty shops and is a destination for collectors and shoppers. Formerly, local artists decorated bear statues. The statues were later auctioned off to charity

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. Friday includes the Boat Show on the River - 8:00pm to 9:00pm Sprints, Drags and Hydros. Saturday morning is the well-known Boatnik parade. Sunday includes the fireworks display at dusk at Riverside Park. Monday is the highlight of Boatnik featuring an F15 Flyover and the world famous white water hydroplane race. Boatnik 2008 Memorial Day Celebration in Grants Pass, Oregon During the winter, there are the Christmas murals on many downtown streets


up on her father's dairy farm in Grants Pass (Grants Pass, Oregon), Oregon. A musician, horse enthusiast and athlete, she attended Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington where she met her first husband Nick Chenoweth. The two were married in 1958. terminus_a near Gold Hill, Oregon

Gold Hill in Eugene

a song called "Monster Hash", a parody of Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "Monster Mash". '''Oregon Route 238''' is an Oregon state highway which runs between the cities of Grants Pass, Oregon and Medford, Oregon, and through the historic town of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Oregon). It is known as the '''Jacksonville Highway No. 272''' (see Oregon highways and routes), and is , Grants Pass (Grants Pass, Oregon), Crescent City (Crescent City, California)


; and is eligible for the State Scenic Highway System (State Scenic Highway System (California)). CA Codes (shc:260-284) The first roadway, a plank road, from Crescent City was established in May 1858, and before the US 199 designation was applied to the highway, the roadway was designated Highway 25 and Route 1. As part of Oregon's

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''General Hospital'' co-star Rebecca Herbst (who currently plays Elizabeth Webber) in June 2001. They have three children, Ethan (b. October 31, 2001) and Ella Bailey (b. April 12, 2004), and Emerson Truett (b. August 9, 2010)he also has a son from a previous relationship Elijah Saucedo (b. October 1996). One of Saucedo's closest friends is former co-star Steve Burton (Steve Burton (actor)).

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-released on their 1993 debut album ''The Toyes''. It was featured on the soundtrack for the 1998 American comedy-thriller film ''Homegrown (Homegrown (film))''. An influential version was recorded by the band Sublime (Sublime (band)); the song has since been mistakenly attributed to them or to Bob Marley. ''The Toyes'' also wrote and performed

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Roseburg . The Dome School opened in 1975 as an alternative to public education. It educates about 35 preschool through fifth-grade children each year, and runs a federally funded summer program for at risk children. The Illinois Valley Fire District's Takilma station was organized in the late 1970s and worked the firelines during the 1987 Longwood fire. The Jefferson Baroque Orchestra was formed in 1994 by Takilma resident Jim Rich, and is now in its 14th season, with performances in Grants Pass and Ashland (Ashland, Oregon). , Grants Pass (Grants Pass, Oregon), Crescent City (Crescent City, California)

Grants Pass, Oregon

thumb right The large Caveman statue in Grants Pass located next to the visitor center (Image:Caveman M D Vaden 2007.jpg) thumb right Jetboat on the Rogue River by Grants Pass, Oregon. July, 2005 (Image:Rogue jetboat M D Vaden.jpg)

'''Grants Pass''' is a city in, and the county seat of, Josephine County, Oregon, United States. south of the city. The population was 34,533 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). the_2010_census.html accessdate 13 March 2011 newspaper The Oregonian date 23 February 2011

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