What is Gibraltar known for?

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) Progressive Democratic Party (PDP). The PDP is a new party, formed in 2006 and fielded candidates in the 2007 election, but none were elected. The head of government is the Chief Minister (Chief Minister of Gibraltar) (as of December 2011, Fabian Picardo). All local political parties oppose any transfer of sovereignty to Spain, instead supporting self-determination. The main UK opposition parties also support this policy and it is UK Government policy not to engage in talks about

government to be the "keys to the Mediterranean". Davide Rodogno. Fascism's European empire. Cambridge, England, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2006 Pp. 47. In 1939, Germany prepared for war with Poland, but attempted to gain territorial concessions from Poland through diplomatic means. Germany demanded that Poland accept the annexation of the Free City of Danzig to Germany and authorize the construction of automobile highways from Germany through the Polish

actually delivered their troops by parachute drop. The remainder off-loaded after 28 C-47 troop carriers, short on fuel, landed on the Sebkra d'Oran dry lake, and marched overland to their objectives. Hispania * Under the command of Punicus and then Cesarus, the Lusitani, a Hispanic tribe, reach a point near modern day Gibraltar. Here they are defeated by the Roman (Roman Republic) praetor Lucius Mummius (Lucius Mummius Achaicus). Philip decided to relinquish his right

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explosives high explosive (HE) shells. AP shells were designed to penetrate the hulls of heavily armoured warships and were ineffective against personnel. He finished tied for first in two major open tournaments in 2005: in Gibraltar he scored 7.5−2.5 (the same score as Levon Aronian, Zahar Efimenko, Kiril Georgiev, and Alexei Shirov),

food friendly

meals, with the exception of '''Cafe Solo''' which serves good Italian food. Irish Town, the road which runs parallel to Main Street has a number of bars, like '''The Clipper''' which has good food, friendly staff, and satellite television. They serve a hearty English breakfast. There is also '''Corks''' which serves more substantial lunches. If you fancy dining waterside the marinas are worth a visit. Edinburgh Arms''' - The most southerly pub in Europe. Good food, draught Bass and many others on tap. Happy hour daily at 6PM. Full Sunday lunch available. ''' Queensway Quay''' is home to '''The Waterfront''', which serves a good quality, if somewhat eclectic menu which ranges from steak to high quality local fish and Indian food. '''Casa Pepe's''', on the other side of the marina is worth a splurge. '''Marina Bay''' is home to several restaurants. '''Bianca's''' and '''Charlie's Tavern''' at Marina Bay are worth a visit, the former being very well known for its busy ambience. Marina Bay has recently also become home to Gibraltar's first Mexican restaurant. '''Ocean Village''', Gibraltar's newest marina, is an extension to Marina Bay. It is home to several new pubs and restaurants, including a Chinese, and an Indian. '''O'Reilly's''' Situated on Leisure Island, part of the Ocean Village marina complex, the traditional Victorian Irish bar has been designed and built by Ireland's leading design teams. '''The Gibraltar Arms''' is situated next to Stag Bros' at 184 Main Street, telephone 200 72133 or e-mail and is open from 7.30am (9.30am on a Sunday) serving meals all day until late. '''The Star Bar''' in Parliament Lane holds itself out as Gibraltar's Oldest bar. With a menu and drinks selection to appeal to most tastes the pub seeks to cater to a wide audience. '''The Lord Nelson''' In Casemates Square, the official home of the Gibraltar Rugby Club and Live Music Venue Of The Year, top entertainment on stage every night. Offers free WiFi. '''The Horseshoe''' 193 Main Street, near King St & Bombhouse Lane & Gibraltar Museum. Small pub with nice outdoor seating, decent prices, homemade pies on the menu, and offers the local beer Gibraltar IPA on tap. Free wifi, ask a staff member. "Jury's", a nice little cafe located on main street, near the Gibraltar Bookshop and Governor's House, has some very nice coffee, breakfasts, simple meals, and some sandwiches to go.

releasing regular

. On 8 June, the ship of the line set sail for the Mediterranean flying the broad pennant of Commodore Isaac Chauncey, the commander of the Navy's fledgling Mediterranean Squadron (Mediterranean Squadron (United States)). ''Washington'' reached Gibraltar on 2 July, en route to her ultimate destination, Naples. Territorial formations initially saw service in Egypt and India (British Raj) and other Empire garrisons such as Gibraltar, thereby releasing regular units for service in France and enabling the formation of an additional five regular army divisions (for a total of eleven) by early 1915. Several reserve units were also deployed with regular formations and the first Territorial unit to see action on the Western Front was the Glasgow Territorial Signallers Group, Royal Engineers (32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment) at the First Battle of Ypres on 11 October 1914. The first fully Territorial division to join the fighting on the Western Front (Western Front (World War I)) was the 46th Division (British 46th (North Midland) Division) in March 1915, with divisions later serving in Gallipoli and elsewhere. As the war progressed and casualties mounted, the distinctive character of Territorial units was diluted by the inclusion of conscript and New Army drafts. Following the Armistice all units of the Territorial Force were gradually disbanded. Britain and West Indies service After carrying out temporary repairs in Abu Qir Bay, ''Bellerophon'' hoisted jury masts and, towing the captured ''Spartiate'' (HMS Spartiate (1798)) with


of Dallas (Dallas (TV series)) and Dynasty (Dynasty (TV series)) in terms of opulence, its stylistic aspects did develop as it went on, with the staging of powerboat races and fashion shows and extensive location filming in Guernsey, Malta and Gibraltar as the storylines dictated. A number of new characters were also introduced later in the series, such as Sarah Foster (Sarah-Jane Varley), a glamorous business partner for Ken Masters, Sir Edward Frere (Nigel Davenport), the rich tycoon father of Charles Frere, Orrin Hudson (Jeff Harding), the American father of Abby Urquhart's baby, Emma Neesome (Sian Webber), a beautiful engineer who came to work with Tom Howard and Jack Rolfe at the Mermaid yard and Vanessa Andenberg (Lana Morris), an elegant widow and old flame of Jack Rolfe. Perhaps in a conscious move to make ''Howards' Way'' seem more and more like a British Dynasty (Dynasty (TV series)), actress Kate O'Mara, who had previously starred in The Brothers (The Brothers (1972 TV series)) and had recently appeared in the American supersoap as Caress Morrell, was also brought in to play ruthless businesswoman Laura Wilde. Kavanagh was one of only five civilians to be awarded the VC. He died in Gibraltar on 11 November 1882, and is buried at North Front Cemetery, Gibraltar. He was presented with his VC (Victoria Cross) in Gibraltar by Major-General Anderson, Governor of Gibraltar in 1880. - Gibraltar Gibraltar

intelligence work

, in the Brazilian territory. On 17 June 1924 ''Dale'' sailed from Newport (Newport, Rhode Island) under the command of future Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr. to make courtesy visits to ports in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, England, France, Spain, and Portugal. Arriving at Gibraltar 21 September, she cruised in the Mediterranean until June, engaging in battle practice, intelligence work, and international goodwill calls. She departed

running wild

. The Parque Paloma is a more recent addition to the attractions, a landscaped park containing a large lake and animals running wild. *'''Arroyo de la Miel''', originally a separate village, is in the interior between the other two areas. It has become the main residential area, and is also the most commercially active. Buildings are tightly packed and tend to be apartment blocks. It also has several attractions such as the Tivoli World amusement park, and a ''teleferico'' ( Gondola lift cable car

projects team

, p.57 Northern Ireland (The Troubles), Scholey & Forsyth, p.53 and Gambia (The Gambia). Their Special projects team assisted the West German counter-terrorism group GSG 9 at Mogadishu (Lufthansa Flight 181). The SAS counter terrorist wing famously took part in a hostage rescue operation during the Iranian Embassy Siege in London. Scholey & Forsyth, p.11 During the Falklands War D and G squadrons were deployed and participated in the raid on Pebble Island. Scholey & Forsyth, p.212 Operation Flavius was a controversial operation in Gibraltar against the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA). 22 SAS also directed NATO aircraft onto Serb positions and hunted war criminals in Bosnia.

world ancient

, showing a representation of the Pillars of Hercules (''Columne Ercole''). thumbnail right 100px The Pillars of Hercules Monument at Jews' Gate (Image:Pillarshercules.jpg), Gibraltar depicting the ''Ancient World (Old World)''. According to some Roman sources, Seneca, ''Hercules Furens'' 235ff.; Seneca, ''Hercules Oetaeus'' 1240; Pliny, ''Nat. Hist''. iii.4. while on his way to the island of Erytheia Hercules had to cross the mountain that was once Atlas

books rock

, such as her volume of essays ''Cabbages and Kings'' (2006) and by M. G. Sanchez, author of the books ''Rock Black: Ten Gibraltarian Stories'' (2008) and ''Diary of a Victorian Colonial'' (2009). Mary Chiappe and Sam Benady have also published a series of detective books centred on the character of the nineteenth-century Gibraltarian sleuth Bresciano. Musicians from Gibraltar include Charles Ramirez, the first guitarist invited to play with the Royal College of Music Orchestra


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(Category:Gibraltar) Category:British Overseas Territories Category:Capitals in Europe Category:Headlands of Europe Category:Peninsulas of Europe Category:English-speaking countries and territories Category:European Union Category:Former British colonies Category:Jewish Spanish history Category:Umayyad Caliphate Category:Southwestern Europe Category:Western Europe Category:Territorial disputes of Spain date April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783 ( ) place Eastern North America, Gibraltar, Balearic Islands, Central America; French, Dutch, and British colonial possessions in the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere; European coastal waters, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) and Indian Oceans

Spain entered the war as a French ally with the goal of recapturing Gibraltar and Minorca, which it had lost to the British in 1704. Gibraltar was besieged (Great Siege of Gibraltar) for more than three years, but the British garrison stubbornly resisted and was resupplied twice: once after Admiral Rodney (George Rodney)'s victory over Juan de Lángara in the 1780 "Moonlight Battle" (Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780)), and again after Admiral Richard Howe (Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe) fought Luis de Córdova y Córdova to a draw in the Battle of Cape Spartel. Further Franco-Spanish efforts to capture Gibraltar were unsuccessful. One notable success took place on February 5, 1782, when Spanish and French forces captured Minorca (Invasion of Minorca, 1781), which Spain retained after the war. Ambitious plans for an invasion of Great Britain in 1779 had to be abandoned (Armada of 1779).

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