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'colony' wasn't used in reference to Gibraltar until the 1830s, at which time there were other places that were colonies and Gibraltar was grouped with them under the term colonies, despite the circumstances being different. Although the popular view is that the Spanish Government is the cause of many problems concerning Gibraltar, there is no animosity directed by Gibraltarians towards Spanish individuals in general; Spanish tourists and workers experience no problems. Recent airport agreements have opened up the relationship Gibraltar has with Spain. Go next Commons:Category:Gibraltar WikiPedia:Gibraltar Dmoz:Regional Europe Gibraltar

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until 2007, when he became lead game designer. He was replaced as Managing Director by Jacob Gustafson (HT-Jacob on Hattrick). First incarnation (1815-1828) David Low Dodge founded the society in 1815, soon after the end of the War of 1812. It became an active organization, holding regular weekly meetings, and producing literature which was spread as far as Gibraltar and Malta, describing the horrors of war and advocating pacificism on Christian (Christianity) grounds

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) and a daughter Clare (born 1961) thumb left View from ''Sheffield'' as she sails on convoy duty through the waters of the Arctic ocean. In the background are merchant ships of the convoy. In the foreground is the silhouette of a lookout using a telescope (Image:HMS Sheffield convoy.jpg) At the outbreak of war, ''Sheffield'' served with the 18th Cruiser Squadron, patrolling the Denmark Straits and then, in April 1940, she was engaged in the Norwegian Campaign. After a short spell

carrying out anti-invasion duties in the English Channel, she joined Force H, based in Gibraltar. During that time, she operated in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic until the year's end, and took part of Operation White and the battle of Cape Spartivento. Born in 1798 in Cape Town, South Africa, he was raised in Devon and the Scottish Borders, served in the Royal Artillery from 1814, in Ireland, Canada (where he met his wife Louisa and was married

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. Benjamini, and C. Flexer, eds., 2005, "Geological framework of the Levant, Volume II: the Levantine Basin and Israel", 107 MB PDF version, Historical Productions-Hall, Jerusalem, Israel. 826 p. Additional PDF files of a related book and maps can be downloaded from "CYBAES manuscript downloads" in arguing that the closing of the Straits of Gibraltar

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is deposited in pillar boxes to be collected by the Royal Mail, An Post or the appropriate postal operator and forwarded to the addressee. The boxes have been in use since 1852, just twelve years after the introduction of the first adhesive postage stamps and uniform penny post.


troop-carrying service on February 22. Her last voyage under the name ''West Point'' was a short trip from Portsmouth to Newport News for re-conversion to a passenger liner. There, six days later, she was officially decommissioned, and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on March 12 and transferred to the Maritime Commission's War Shipping Administration. The '''Don Pacifico Affair''' concerned a Portuguese Jew, named Don Pacifico David

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game revenue and number of players). Its market share has diminished since then but it remains the second largest online poker room in the world. Poker Scout Online poker traffic rankings Bwin Bwin – known as Betandwin from its founding until 2006 – began life with 12 employees in 1997. The company launched its first online gambling site just one year after the company was founded, focusing on the growing sports betting market

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and the Falkland Islands, use number plates similar to the UK, with the same colours and typeface. Some former British colonies (Crown colony) which adopted British style number plates have continued with those customs, notable examples are Hong Kong (Vehicle registration plates of Hong Kong), Singapore (Vehicle registration plates of Singapore) and Cyprus (Vehicle registration plates of Cyprus) 225px thumb left The province of al-Andalus circa 720 (File:Península ibérica 750.svg) During


. thumb right 280px The Battle of Gibraltar, by Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom. Oil on canvas. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Image:Battle of Gibraltar 1607.jpg) *1567 - Juan Mateos turned his large house in the Upper Town into a hospital. It was Gibraltar's first hospital (St Bernard's Hospital), and remained on the same site serving the people of Gibraltar for almost four and a half centuries. *1606 - The Moriscos (the descendants of the Muslim inhabitants in Spain) were expelled from Spain by King

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Maximilian also initiated a large-scale scientific expedition (1857-1859) during which the frigate SMS Novara (SMS Novara (1850)) became the first Austrian warship to circumnavigate (circumnavigation) the globe. The journey lasted 2 years and 3 months and was accomplished under the command of Kommodore Bernhard von Wüllerstorf-Urbair, with 345 officers and crew, and 7 scientists aboard. The expedition was planned by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna and aimed to gain new


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(Category:Gibraltar) Category:British Overseas Territories Category:Capitals in Europe Category:Headlands of Europe Category:Peninsulas of Europe Category:English-speaking countries and territories Category:European Union Category:Former British colonies Category:Jewish Spanish history Category:Umayyad Caliphate Category:Southwestern Europe Category:Western Europe Category:Territorial disputes of Spain date April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783 ( ) place Eastern North America, Gibraltar, Balearic Islands, Central America; French, Dutch, and British colonial possessions in the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere; European coastal waters, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) and Indian Oceans

Spain entered the war as a French ally with the goal of recapturing Gibraltar and Minorca, which it had lost to the British in 1704. Gibraltar was besieged (Great Siege of Gibraltar) for more than three years, but the British garrison stubbornly resisted and was resupplied twice: once after Admiral Rodney (George Rodney)'s victory over Juan de Lángara in the 1780 "Moonlight Battle" (Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780)), and again after Admiral Richard Howe (Richard Howe, 1st Earl Howe) fought Luis de Córdova y Córdova to a draw in the Battle of Cape Spartel. Further Franco-Spanish efforts to capture Gibraltar were unsuccessful. One notable success took place on February 5, 1782, when Spanish and French forces captured Minorca (Invasion of Minorca, 1781), which Spain retained after the war. Ambitious plans for an invasion of Great Britain in 1779 had to be abandoned (Armada of 1779).

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