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Government of Western Australia, Department of Fisheries. page 4 url http: Documents recreational_fishing fhpa abrolhos_islands_information_guide.pdf There is no accommodation or public facilities on the islands and tourists are permitted day visits only. Geraldton Foreshore and City Centre In 2007, the Geraldton foreshore area, previously an abandoned railway marshalling yard, was redeveloped and today hosts a playground with water activities, public green


a local web service provider. Point Moore Lighthouse The Point Moore Lighthouse, located south of the Geraldton Port is a cultural and historical attraction. It is the oldest surviving Commonwealth lighthouse in Western Australia and was also the first steel tower to be constructed on the mainland of Australia. The Point Moore lighthouse stands 35m tall and its 1000w Tungsten Halogen Lamp can be seen for 23 nautical miles. It began operation in 1878.

of Western Australia, The Point Moore Lighthouse url http: lights wa Moore%20Point Moore%20Point.htm work http: publisher Lighthouses of Western Australia accessdate 24 February 2014 Houtman Abrolhos Islands Geraldton and Kalbarri (to the north) are the only departure points for visiting the Houtman Abrolhos Islands; 122 islands which lie 60–80 km west of Geraldton. The Houtman Abrolhos Islands are an A-Class Reserve

Back Beach, Separation Point ("Seppos"), Point Moore, Hell's Gate, St. George, Sunset Beach and Coronation Beach. Coronation Beach is an internationally renowned windsurfing destination, located approximately 25 km north of the city. "Coros" is a port tack jumping site, with flat water on the inside and unhindered Indian Ocean rolling swell offshore. In the late afternoon, the wind often swings slightly more offshore and starboard


postage stamps used as a brand name for various products and sports teams. (Examples include the Ospreys (Ospreys (rugby team)), a Rugby Union team; the Missoula Osprey, a minor league baseball team; the Seattle Seahawks, an American football team; and the North Florida

and Northampton (Northampton, Western Australia) railway opened *'''1883''' – Railways of New South Wales and Victoria meet at Albury (Albury, New South Wales) Brand was eventually sent back to Australia for further treatment, arriving in August, and was discharged as medically unfit in April 1942. He was re-mobilised in September, as an instructor with the 7th Battalion, Volunteer Defence Corps (Volunteer Defence Corps (Australia)), in Geraldton and was promoted to Warrant Officer

in January 1943. With the war effort beginning to wind down, Brand was discharged from the army in January 1945. The preferred habitat is swampy areas near the coast across southern Australia, from the vicinity of Geraldton in Western Australia southwards to Esperance, and in the east in coastal Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. ref name "floransw

team sports SouthTomi frames.asp?ID 1 work publisher The City of Greater Geraldton accessdate 25 February 2014 Team Sports Geraldton has a number of resident sporting teams, including AFL, Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Roller Derby League. Geraldton is home to the Mid West Academy of Sport, a non-profit community organisation providing support to sporting talent (athletes, coaches, officials and administrators) throughout

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-recognized-their-hard-work work publisher City of Greater Geraldton accessdate 26 February 2014 HMAS ''Sydney'' Memorial File:HMAS Sydney Memorial.jpg thumb left Memorial to is located on top of nearby Mount Scott.

providing support SouthTomi frames.asp?ID 1 work publisher The City of Greater Geraldton accessdate 25 February 2014 Team Sports Geraldton has a number of resident sporting teams, including AFL, Basketball, Netball, Soccer and Roller Derby League. Geraldton is home to the Mid West Academy of Sport, a non-profit community organisation providing support to sporting talent (athletes, coaches, officials and administrators) throughout

major population

Australia , Australia. External links **Exmouth (Exmouth, Western Australia) – RAAF Learmonth for Exmouth **Geraldton - Geraldton Airport **Perth (Perth, Western Australia) - Perth Airport It has always been a rural seat, and was historically based in the Mid West (Mid West (Western Australia)), Wheatbelt (Wheatbelt (Western Australia)) and Great Southern (Great Southern (Western Australia)) regions of Western Australia with major population centres in Geraldton and Albany (Albany, Western Australia). A major redistribution in 2008, taking effect at the 2010 election (Australian federal election, 2010), saw it lose its northern half to the new seat of Durack (Division of Durack) whilst absorbing large parts of the former Kalgoorlie (Division of Kalgoorlie). As of 2010, it is centred on the Great Southern and Goldfields-Esperance regions of the state (while incorporating the southern Wheatbelt), with major population centres in Albany, Kalgoorlie and Esperance (Esperance, Western Australia). Local government areas within the electorate include Albany (Shire of Albany), Boyup Brook (Shire of Boyup Brook), Bridgetown-Greenbushes (Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes), Brookton (Shire of Brookton), Broomehill (Shire of Broomehill), Bruce Rock (Shire of Bruce Rock), Coolgardie (Shire of Coolgardie), Corrigin (Shire of Corrigin), Cranbrook (Shire of Cranbrook), Cuballing (Shire of Cuballing), Denmark (Shire of Denmark), Dumbleyung (Shire of Dumbleyung), Dundas (Shire of Dundas), Esperance (Shire of Esperance), Gnowangerup (Shire of Gnowangerup), Jerramungup (Shire of Jerramungup), Kalgoorlie-Boulder (City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder), Katanning (Shire of Katanning), Kent (Shire of Kent), Kojonup (Shire of Kojonup), Kondinin (Shire of Kondinin), Kulin (Shire of Kulin), Lake Grace (Shire of Lake Grace), Laverton (Shire of Laverton), Leonora (Shire of Leonora), Manjimup (Shire of Manjimup), Menzies (Shire of Menzies), Narembeen (Shire of Narembeen), Narrogin (Shire of Narrogin), Ngaanyatjarraku (Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku), Pingelly (Shire of Pingelly), Plantagenet (Shire of Plantagenet), Quairading (Shire of Quairading), Ravensthorpe (Shire of Ravensthorpe), Tambellup (Shire of Tambellup), Wagin (Shire of Wagin), Wandering (Shire of Wandering), West Arthur (Shire of West Arthur), Westonia (Shire of Westonia), Wickepin (Shire of Wickepin), Williams (Shire of Williams), Woodanilling (Shire of Woodanilling), and Yilgarn (Shire of Yilgarn). Ellis Rowan visited Western Australia a number of times during her life. In September 1889 she joined Margaret Forrest in a painting tour. At Boolantha Station, north of Carnarvon (Carnarvon, Western Australia) and Geraldton, they painted desert flowers. Their joint exhibition at the Railway Station Reading Room in Perth (Perth, Western Australia) on 5 November is thought to have been the first art exhibition ever held in the colony. * Protection of foreign embassies and consulate offices within Australia (such as the United States Diplomatic mission to Australia) * Protection of sensitive defence establishments, including Defence Headquarters at Russell Offices in Canberra; the joint Australian US communications facility at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory; the former atomic testing site at Maralinga in South Australia; the Australian Defence Signals facility at Geraldton and the naval communications station (Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt) at Exmouth, both in Western Australia * Protection of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) at Lucas Heights and other sensitive nuclear storage facilities. Its name is a corruption of the native "Wagga wah", referring to the bend in the nearby Greenough River, and was originally given to the railway station when a line was built from Geraldton in 1887. In 1894 it was linked with Midland Junction (Midland, Western Australia) by the building of a private line - that of the Midland Railway Company (Midland Railway of Western Australia), constructed by an engineer and later the first General Manager of the Company, Edward Keane. With the railway and an expanding agricultural area, the township grew until with the dieselisation of the railway systems, and the take-over by the State of the Midland Railway in 1964, decline set in. This was also accentuated by the gradual absorption of the original smallholdings into the larger holdings of today's farming demands. Iron ore is hauled by road 65 km from Tallering Peak, and loaded onto railway wagons for haulage 107 km to Geraldton where ships of up to 60,000 DWT (Deadweight tonnage) are loaded. In 2008, Westnet will be building a loading point for iron ore traffic. Iron ore will be hauled by road 85 km from Mount Gibson (Mount Gibson, Western Australia), loaded onto railway wagons for haulage 239 km to Geraldton where ships of up to 60,000 DWT (Deadweight tonnage) are loaded. http: op-extensions.asp ;Heritage Emma Donovan was born in 1981 at Liverpool, Australia, a suburb of Sydney (Sydney, Australia). Her father, Neville Councillor, is from Geraldton in Western Australia, and he's of Naaguja and Yamatji heritage.

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Australia with a variety of activities available to visitors including water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, Stand Up Paddlesurfing, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and sailing. The Geraldton Visitor's Centrer in the Bill Sewell Complex, just north of the City centre on Chapman Road can provide additional information. Get in There is no current rail passenger service to Geraldton. By plane '''Geraldton airport (GET)''' is approximately 10km east of Geraldton. * Virgin Australia and QantasLink operate daily flights to and from Perth. By ship You could arrive in Geraldton via cargo ship or cruise liner. However that is the rarest mode of entry. Historically Geraldton was a stopping place for coastal steamers that would do the whole coastline of Western Australia. By car *By car you might take: - **Indian Ocean Drive -- (423km from Perth to Geraldton) This new road (completed in 2010) provides travellers between Perth and Geraldton a 30 minute shorter and more scenic route than the inland Brand Highway. From Perth, follow either Route 71 (coastal road) or Route 60 to Indian Ocean Drive along the coast to Dongara approximately 60km south of Geraldton where Indian Ocean Drive merges with the Brand Highway. Far less traffic, scenic coastal towns of Lancelin, Jurien Bay and Cervantes, ocean scenery and fewer large trucks on this route make for a more pleasant journey than the Brand Highway. **Brand Highway North from Perth (Perth (Western Australia)) for approximately 440km. It is the most direct route, with few towns along the route, however, the majority of the highway is only one lane in each direction, making overtaking of large trucks (B-Doubles, B-Triples and AB-Quads) Road Train extremely dangerous, particularly after dark. Overtaking after dark is not advised. **One older route coincides with the former Midland Railway line, travelling through Moora, Three Springs, Watheroo - old railway towns with shops and services. By bus TransWA operates a bus service between Perth and Geraldton, Limited local public buses run into and around Geraldton. Get around * '''By bus'''. Geraldton Bus Service runs every hour during daylight hours. * '''Walk''' Alternatively, you can use your feet, most of Geraldton is fairly flat and good for walking * '''By car'''. Car rental businesses including Avis and Hertz operate out of Geraldton. See There is a lot to see in Geraldton. * Maritime museum * The newly developed scenic Geraldton Foreshore in town with safe swimming beaches for everyone, cafes and retail shops nearby * Point Moore Lighthouse south of the city and nearby beaches (Beach at Point Moore for surf; Page's beach just north for flat water) * Back Beach, south of Point Moore for beginning surfers * HMAS Sydney Memorial * Houtman Abrolhos Islands - around 70km off the coast, day snorkelling and diving trips by boat, plane or helicopter. (day visits only) * Marine Terrace Markets (First and Last Sunday of the Month) * Saturday Markets 8-12 at Maitland Park * Sunday Markets at the Old Railway station on Chapman Road 8-12 Do *

training research

personal and professional development. Batavia Coast Marine Institute The Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI), a subsidiary of Durack Institute of Technology, is a training, research and development facility located at Separation Point in Geraldton. BCMI offers coursework in Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Conservation & Land Management, Coxswain, Master Class V, Horticulture, Environmental Science, Marine Engine Driving Grade 1&2,Laboratory Sciences, Sustainability, Marine VHF

medical service

general practitioners now residing in Geraldton, including four general practitioners employed by the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS). Most of the GPs and resident specialists in Geraldton are involved in teaching Rural Clinical School medical students. Community services include: Aboriginal Medical Service, Community Drug Service Team, Community Health and Development Centre, Community Mental Health Team, Private diagnostic facilities include: Geraldton Radiology


'''Geraldton''' is a coastal city in the Mid West region (Mid West (Western Australia)) of Western Australia, located north of Perth.

At the 2011 census (Census in Australia#2011), Geraldton had a population of 35,749. Geraldton is the seat of government for the local government area (LGA), the City of Greater Geraldton, which also incorporates the town of Mullewa and large rural areas previously forming the shires of Greenough (Shire of Greenough) and Mullewa (Shire of Mullewa).

The city is home to the Port of Geraldton, http: a major west coast seaport. Geraldton is an important service and logistics centre for regional mining, fishing, Western Rock Lobster, wheat, sheep and tourism industries. The Geraldton CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) facility provides support services to the Square Kilometre Array project located 315 km northeast of Geraldton. The Australian Army 2nd Division (2nd Division (Australia)), 13th Brigade Reserve Response Force (13th Brigade (Australia)) maintains a presence and depot in central Geraldton. Geraldton has a Sister City relationship with Zhejiang, China.

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