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single line

and relatively cooler summers than the rest of Korea.It is bordered by mountains to the west and the sea to the east.

km mi abbr on railway along the eastern coast from Mukho to Gangneung and Gyeongpo-dong, the endpoint of a narrow-gauge railway to Sokcho, was opened on October 31, 1962. This line was also called the Donghae Bukbu Line with view to a planned connection with the existing line by the same name further north. On May 17, 1963, the Yeongam, Cheoram and Gangwon Bukbu Lines were integrated into a single line from

massive art

This is a massive 26.9 ac. natural art park established by a husband-and-wife team of sculptors. The couple’s desire to preserve the smallest pieces of grass, flowers, trees, and rocks harmonized nature and artistic creations to bring into being a massive art world. Named after Haslla, an old name of Gangneung, it is also known as one of the most beautiful scenic points for the sunrise and moonrise along the east coast. *

wooden buildings

of the famous Korean scholar Yulgok (1536–1584) (whose image is on the South Korean 5,000 Won note) and his mother Saimdang (1504–1551) (whose image is on the 50,000 Won note.) In 1963, the Ojukheon Museum was designated as National Cultural Heritage No. 165. It includes one of the oldest wooden buildings in Korea. Several shrines and old residential buildings deliver insight into the lives of these famous Koreans. Next to the Ojukheon Museum there is the Gangneung Municipal Museum which shows folklore

wooden buildings in Korea. Several shrines and old residential buildings deliver insight into the lives of these famous Koreans. * *



translit_lang1_info3 Gangneung-si translit_lang1_type4 translit_lang1_info4 Kangnŭng-si image_skyline Gyeongpo Lake Cherry Blossoms.JPG imagesize image_caption Cherry blossoms along Gyeongpo Lake. image_map Gangwon-Gangneung.svg mapsize map_caption Location in South Korea coordinates_region KR subdivision_type Country

subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Region (Regions of Korea) subdivision_name1 Gwandong population_blank1_title Dialect population_blank1 Gangwon (Gangwon dialect) area_total_km2 1040 population_as_of 2006 population_total 229869 population_density_km2 221 parts_type Administrative divisions (Administrative divisions of South Korea) parts 1 ''eup


was quickly declining, and Gung Ye instigated his own rebellion in present-day Kaesŏng (Kaesong) in 898. He eventually defeated Yang Gil and other local lords in central Korea to proclaim himself king of Hugoguryeo (Taebong) in 901.With his rival Gyeon Hwon's Hubaekje taking control of the peninsula's southwest, he opened up the Later Three Kingdoms period with the last days of Silla. profess

main stage

on the main stage at Gyeongpo Beach, one performance on the sub stage next to the Gangneung Arts Hall in the city. The first evening starts with a big parade of all participants through the city towards the beach. The opening and closing ceremony includes a big fireworks at the beach. During festival days, the participating groups attend several cultural workshops. The festival is free of charge for the participating groups, entrance is free for the audience. *

traditional plays

; Culture Gangneung has numerous festivals. The biggest and most famous is the Gangneung Dano Festival (Dano (Korean festival)) (강릉단오제) at the Dano fairground near the Namdae River. In 1967, the Gangneung Dano Festival was designated Korean National Immaterial Cultural Heritage No. 13. On November 11, 2005 it was designated by UNESCO as a "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Nowadays, it is a combination of several commemoration rites and traditional

plays. A highlight is the traditional Gwanno Mask Dance (Gwanno Gamyeongeuk) which is only performed at this festival. In addition to well established festivals like the Dano, there are several newer festivals in Gangneung, such as the IJAF (International Junior Art Festival) enjoys great popularity. The IJAF is a cultural festival for youth from all over the world. The festival includes both performances of the participating groups and a diversified cultural program demonstrating the essence

distinct culture

. The Taebaek Mountains stretch along the eastern edge of Korean Peninsula and run along the East Sea. Geologically isolated from most parts of the country, Gangneung was able to preserve its own distinct culture and to date it has a tendency of being politically and culturally more conservative. Understand Tourist office * WikiPedia:Gangneung Commons:Category:Gangneung, Gangwon-do

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attracted the Seorak-san national park. As of 2009, the airport is closed due to a lack of passengers. 1 1–0 Friendly match

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title, placing first place in the 500 m, second in the 1000 m, and third place in the 3000 m. He defeated South Koreans Lee Ho-Suk, silver medalist and Song Kyung-Taek who finished third in points.


'''Gangneung''' is a city (Administrative divisions of South Korea) in Gangwon-do (Gangwon-do (South Korea)), on the east coast of South Korea. It has a population of 229,869 (as of 2006). Gangneung City (2003). Population & Households. Retrieved January 14, 2006. Gangneung is the economic centre of the Yeongdong (Yeongdong (region)) region of Gangwon Province. Gangneung has many tourist attractions, such as Jeongdongjin, a very popular area for watching the sun rise. There is a ROK (Republic of Korea Air Force) airbase south of downtown Gangneung which formerly doubled as a civil airport. US Forces Korea (2004). Alphabetical Listing. Retrieved January 14, 2006.

The city is also home to National League (Korea National League) soccer club Gangneung City FC and K-League soccer team Gangwon FC.

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