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11,400 46 150px (File:Location Botswana AU Africa.svg) - In 1978 and 1990 (1990 in South Africa) he worked as assistant organiser at the Community Arts Project (CAP) in Cape Town. Davis has contributed to literary magazines, books on education, poetry anthologies and calendars. He produced cartoons for a children’s magazine and taught screen-printing at CAP. He participated in the Triangle Workshop in New York and the Thupelo Workshop in Johannesburg. In 1988 he was deeply involved in community-based children’s education. He exhibited several times from 1981 to 1987, also in Gaborone, Botswana and Pine Plains, New York, USA. In 1995 he worked for the South African National Art Gallery as a part time art educator. Lionel held his first solo exhibition at The Gill Allderman Gallery in April 2008. About 700,000 residents are registered to vote. Joseph Gaie, lecturer in political ethics at Botswana University (w:Botswana University) in Gaborone (w:Gaborone), told the Voice of America (w:Voice of America) news agency that a good turnout had been expected. WikiPedia:Gaborone Dmoz:Regional Africa Botswana Localities Gaborone commons:Gaborone

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is usually for the younger kids, Saturday night for the adults. The food is excellent, especially the pizza and ribs. The last Wednesday of the month is quiz night (or quizzo) where teams compete on trivia for prizes. Monday night is Rib night there and well worth a visit! * '''O'Hagans Irish Pub''', in Game City Mall. Decent food, mix of ex-pats and Batswana * '''Club Satchmo''' - Jazz club with decent drinks and great music. *

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url http: templates cso file File Botswana%20Statistical%20Year%20Book%202010.PDF work Statistics Botswana publisher Central Statistics Office accessdate 25 February 2012 archiveurl http: 65jCFX9lp archivedate 25 February 2012 location Gaborone format PDF date December 2011 The population, based on the 2011 census (2011 Botswana Population and Housing Census), is 231,626. There are 113,603 males and 118,023 females in the city. There are 58,476 households in Gaborone. WikiPedia:Gaborone Dmoz:Regional Africa Botswana Localities Gaborone commons:Gaborone

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be extra careful as cows and wildlife often walk in the middle of the road. Be prepared to stop for a herd of goats. Do not drive at night unless you know what you are doing. Drunk driving on weekends and holidays is common and dangerous. Drivers do not look out for or give way to pedestrians. Be very cautious when crossing any street day or night. Do not immediately get out of your car if bumped hit from behind - drive to a public place (service station restaurant) to inspect for damage. Do enjoy

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that buck the trend, and a visit can make a pleasant diversion for an afternoon. '''Independent art''' *

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. The United States considers Botswana an advocate of and a model for stability in Africa and has been a major partner in Botswana's development since its independence. The U.S. Peace Corps returned to Botswana in August 2002 with a focus on HIV AIDS-related programs after concluding 30 years of more broadly targeted assistance in 1997. Similarly, the USAID phased out a long-standing bilateral partnership with Botswana in 1996, after successful programs emphasizing education

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to navigate and cliffs, it provides a perfect breeding ground for vultures. Hence the Mannyelanong Game reserve , established solely for the purpose of protecting these endangered vultures. Baratani hill is popularly known for its one of the most outstanding stories of young lovers who were in a forbidden relationship. They decided to elope and hid in a nearby hill but never came back.Residents ever since then have never climbed this hill for fear of not returning. The village has many stories

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11 February 2008 publisher Dina Malar work Africa accessdate 6 August 2009 There are several mosques in Gaborone serving a very diverse Muslim population. Arts and culture The National Museum and Art Gallery (Botswana National Museum) is located just northwest of the Mall along Independence Road. The museum opened in 1968. It holds many things from traditional crafts to works of art by local artists. The museum houses original paintings by Thomas

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a major influence in terms of personnel hiring and training, budgeting, and development planning.

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to independence. The capital city of the Protectorate was relocated from South Africa's Mafikeng to the Protectorate’s Gaborone in February 1965. A month later self-rule was granted to the Protectorate. Norman-Walker was the last Commissioner of the Protectorate and was there to prepare for the independence, though he had very little to do in his short tenure. He was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George in the New Year Honours List of 1966 and he witnessed the independence of the Republic of Botswana on 30 September 1966. * Hollywood North refers to film and television production in Canada, especially the cities of Vancouver and Toronto. * Kgalewood refers to an area at the bottom of Kgale Hill in Gaborone, Botswana, the set for the TV series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV series)). * Mollywood (LDS cinema) may refer to the Mormon film industry in the United States. AGOA has resulted in limited successes in some countries. In addition to growth in the textile and apparel industry, some AGOA countries have begun to export new products to the United States, such as cut flowers, horticultural products, automotives and steel. While Nigeria and Angola are the largest exporters under AGOA, South Africa's have been the most diverse and unlike the former are not mainly concentrated in the energy sector. To some countries, including Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya and Madagascar, AGOA remains of critical importance. Agricultural products is a promising area for AGOA trade, however much work needs to be done to assist African countries in meeting U.S. sanitary and phytosanitary standards. The U.S. government is providing technical assistance to AGOA eligible countries to help them benefit from the legislation, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other agencies. The U.S. government has established three regional trade hubs in Africa for this purpose, in Accra, Ghana; Gaborone, Botswana; and Nairobi, Kenya. Botswana made great strides in educational development after independence in 1966. WikiPedia:Gaborone Dmoz:Regional Africa Botswana Localities Gaborone commons:Gaborone


''' about 10% of the total population of Botswana. Its agglomeration is home to 421,907 inhabitants at the 2011 census.

Gaborone is situated between Kgale (Kgale Hill) and Oodi Hills, on the Notwane River in the southeastern corner of Botswana, and The city is served by the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. It is an administrative district in its own right, but is the capital of the surrounding South-East District (South-East District (Botswana)). Laws of Botswana, Ministry of Local Government Locals often refer to the city as ''Gabs''.

Many languages are spoken there, Setswana (Tswana) being the main language. English, Kalanga, and the native language of the Kgalagadi, are also spoken.

Because the city had no tribal affiliation and was close to fresh water, the city was planned (New town) to be the capital in the mid-1960s when the Bechuanaland Protectorate became an independent nation. The centre of the city is a long strip of commercial businesses, called the Mall, with a semicircle-shaped area of government offices to the west of the Mall. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, and this has created problems with housing and illegal settlements. The city has also dealt with conflicts spilling into the country from Zimbabwe and South Africa during the 1980s.

The city is the government capital as well as the economic capital; the city is headquarters to numerous companies and the Botswana Stock Exchange. Gaborone is also home to the Southern African Development Community (SADC); a supranational organization, hoping to increase economic unity.

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