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Angeles on vacation and decided to stay and pursue an acting career. She began appearing in videos (Film) and commercials (Advertising) while she refined her English (English language) skills and studied acting. Encouraged with this success, in 1991 he recorded the second album, published for the same record company as the first album – "Diskoton", Sarajevo. Just at the moment when the songs from it fascinated the audience again, Bosnian war commenced at the Balkans area. Haris retreated to Austria and played many benefit concerts for his compatriots from Bosnia. Finally, in the 1994 he went to France, living in Cannes and Saint-Tropez and Spain for a while, and ultimately moving to Paris in 1997, where he has been living since. Thanks to singing folk music and traveling all over the world he had learned several languages. At his performances he sings other performers' songs and does it in different foreign languages; English (English language), Spanish (Spanish language), French (French language), Russian (Russian language), Greek (Greek language),... and also plays many music instruments. The '''Unterlinden Museum''' (officially ''Musée d'Unterlinden'', also cited in English as ''Musée Unterlinden'') is located in Colmar, France, in the Alsace region. The museum, housed in a 13th century Dominican (Dominican Order) religious sisters' convent, is home to the Isenheim Altarpiece by Matthias Grünewald and features a large collection of local and international artworks and manufactured artifacts from prehistorical to contemporary times. The museum bears the quality label ''Musée de France'' and is one of the most visited in France outside of the Île-de-France (Île-de-France (region)). He started skateboarding when he was nine, and soon after gained his first sponsorship by the Skateshop of Toulon. He won his first contest at the age of 11 in Marseille, France. After that, Vans flew him to the finals in California, his first trip to the United States. - rowspan 3 align center 1986 (1986 Alpine Skiing World Cup) rowspan 2 09 Feb 1986 rowspan 2 Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

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much practice. It is best known in the form of late Romantic ballet or Ballet Blanc, which preoccupies itself with the female dancer to the exclusion of almost all else, focusing on pointe work (en pointe), flowing, precise acrobatic movements, and often presenting the dancers in the conventional short white French tutu. Later developments include expressionist ballet (Expressionist dance), neoclassical ballet, and elements of modern dance. One treaty which was concluded


;, ) is a historic district in Paris, France. Long the aristocratic district of Paris, it hosts many outstanding buildings of historic and architectural importance. It spreads across parts of the 3rd (IIIe arrondissement) and 4th (IVe arrondissement) arrondissement (Arrondissements of Paris)s in Paris (on the Rive Droite, or Right Bank, of the Seine). Production notes The series was a Canada United States France co-production. It was filmed

railway (Rail transport in Cambodia) linked from Battambang to Phnom Penh. The urban structure was extended to the west of the town, featuring some important urban axes orienting on the railway station. Many outstanding buildings like residential villas and significant public buildings were constructed during that period. According to the third urban development plan for Battambang, a large extension was planned for the north, east and south of the city. The urban layout was technically

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, Bourdeilles (Château de Bourdeilles), Castelnaud (Château de Castelnaud), Puyguilhem and Rouffiac. The first stamps of Greece were the so-called "Large Hermes heads", depicting a profile of the Greek messenger god Hermes in a frame strongly resembling that used for contemporary stamps of France. The basic design was by the French engraver Albert Désiré Barre and the first batch was printed in Paris by Ernst Meyer. The first set

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March 1813 to prey on commerce in the Irish Sea. On one occasion Captain Hailey seized an island near the British mainland and held it for 6 days while making repairs. In a 37-day cruise he took 270 prisoners and captured valuable cargoes. Sailing from France on his second cruise, Captain Hailey made a rapid circuit of Ireland and Scotland, landing several times and holding small coastal towns for ransom. During one night he burned seven vessels in an Irish port. In May he ran

and holding small coastal towns for ransom. During one night he burned seven vessels in an Irish port. In May he ran into Dublin Harbor to sink a schooner that had eluded him on the previous day. Captain Hailey sailed again 21 September for his third cruise, setting his course for the English Channel. He captured and manned so many prizes that when she was finally captured the ''True Blood Yankee'' had only 32 men left of her original crew of 200. During her three cruises the ship had

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223850 ebace-2008-dassault-announces-falcon-900lx.html Both aircraft are notable in featuring an S-duct central engine. The process is considerably complex in that many mixed complexes of UFx are formed contaminating the product, with many technical difficulties. United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa reported termination of their MLIS programs, however Japan has a small scale program in operation. Invasion of Normandy

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down the plane carrying Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amer and Lt-Gen. Sidqi Mahmoud, who were en route from al Maza to Bir Tamada in the Sinai to meet the commanders of the troops stationed there. In any event, it did not make a great deal of difference as the Israeli pilots came in below Egyptian radar cover and well below the lowest point at which its SA-2 (S-75 Dvina) surface-to-air missile batteries could bring down an aircraft. Bowen 2003, pp. 114–115 (author interview

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for handheld game consoles, including the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. In addition, they have published games for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers, and for various models of mobile phones. Square Enix mobile phone games are available on the Vodafone network in some European countries, including Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, and France. Twenty-seven Square Enix games were included in ''Famitsu'' magazine's 'Top 100

of Wonder has published games in English (English language), French (French language), German (German language) and Korean (Korean language). Days of Wonder was co-founded by Eric Hautemont and vice president Mark Kaufman. She was born in Munich as '''Olga Gutmann Benário''', to a Jewish family. Her father, Leo Benário

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non-existent. The club was inserted into the second division of French football (Ligue 2) and made its debut appearance during the 1937–38 season (French football Division 2 1937–38). The club's first manager was Spaniard (Spain) Benito Diaz. Diaz brought fellow Spanish players Santiago Urtizberea and Jaime Mancisidor to the team with the latter serving as captain (Captain (association football)). The club's most prominent Frenchmen (France) on the team were homegrown attacker (Striker) Henri Arnaudeau and goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)) André Gérard. Bordeaux played its first official match on 23 May 1937 defeating Rhône-Alpes-based FC Scionzier 2–1 at the Stade de Colombes (Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir). The club's first ever league match was contested on 22 August losing away to Toulouse (Toulouse FC) 3–2. Bordeaux recorded its first league win against Nîmes Olympique. Unfortunately for the club, the team finished 6th in the Southern region of the division. Bordeaux's disappointing finish inserted the club into the relegation playoff portion of the league where the team finished a respectable 3rd. A year later, Bordeaux moved into its current home, the Stade Chaban-Delmas, which had previously been known as, simply Parc Lescure. The facility was built specifically for the 1938 FIFA World Cup and, following the competition's completion, was designated to Bordeaux. The club had formerly played its home matches at the Stade Galin, which today is used as a training ground. The interior of the memorial, constructed of marble from Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Utah, Italy, Spain, France, and Belgium, contains a rotunda, a burial room, and connecting corridors. A replica of the Daniel Chester French statue in the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, D.C., dominates the entrance foyer. The walls of the rotunda are decorated with 16 marble pilasters, which are separated by marble panels. The pilasters symbolize Lincoln and the 15 Presidents who preceded him. The room also contains 36 bronze panels, one for each State at the time of Lincoln's death. The ceiling is of palladium leaf. On October 14, 1809, the Treaty of Schönbrunn was signed between Austria and France. According to it, the former state lost approximately 50 000 square kilometres of land inhabited by over 1 900 000 people. The territories annexed by the Duchy of Warsaw included the lands of Zamość and Kraków as well as 50% of income of the Wieliczka salt mines (Wieliczka Salt Mine). Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France

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honest self-portrait of a man who could be arrogant and often felt persecuted. It provides a clear and fascinating picture of intellectual life in Paris before the formalization of the University (University of Paris), of the intellectual excitement of the period, of monastic life, and of his affair with Heloise (Heloise (student of Abelard)), one of history's most famous love stories. '''Fderîck''' or '''F'dérick''' ( ) is a city in the north of Mauritania


'''France''' ( and has a population of 66.6 million. It is a semi-presidential (Semi-presidential system) republic with its capital (Capital city) in Paris, the nation's largest city and the main cultural and commercial center. The Constitution of France establishes the country as secular (Laïcité) and democratic, with its sovereignty derived from the people.

During the Iron Age, what is now France was inhabited by the Gauls, a Celtic (Celts) people. The Gauls were conquered by the Roman Empire in 51 BC, which held Gaul until 486. The Gallo-Romans faced raids and migration from the Germanic (Germanic peoples) Franks, who dominated the region for hundreds of years, eventually creating the medieval Kingdom of France. France has been a major power in Europe since the Late Middle Ages, with its victory in the Hundred Years' War (1337 to 1453) strengthening French state-building and paving the way for a future centralized absolute monarchy. During the Renaissance (French Renaissance), France experienced a vast cultural development and established the first steps of a worldwide colonial empire (French colonial empire). The 16th century was dominated by Religious Civil Wars (French Wars of Religion) primarily fought between Catholics (Roman Catholic Church) and Protestants (Protestantism) (Huguenots).

Louis XIV made France the dominant cultural, political and military power in Europe, but by the late 18th century, the monarchy was overthrown in the French Revolution. One legacy of the revolution was the ''Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen'', one of the world's earliest documents on human rights, which expresses the nation's ideals to this day. France was governed as one of history's earliest Republics (French First Republic), until the Empire (First French Empire) was declared by Napoleon Bonaparte, who dominated European affairs and had a long-lasting impact on Western culture. Following his defeat, France endured a tumultuous succession of governments: an absolute monarchy was restored (Bourbon Restoration), replaced in 1830 by a constitutional monarchy (July monarchy), then briefly by a Second Republic (French Second Republic), and then by a Second Empire (Second French Empire), until a more lasting French Third Republic was established in 1870.

France's colonial empire reached the height of global prominence during the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it possessed the second-largest colonial empire (French colonial empire) in the world. In World War I, France was one of the Triple Entente powers fighting against Germany and the Central Powers. France was one of the Allied Powers (Allies of World War II) in World War II, but it was occupied (German military administration in occupied France during World War II) by Nazi Germany in 1940. Following liberation (liberation of France) in 1944, a Fourth Republic (French Fourth Republic) was established, but it was dissolved in the course of the Algerian War and replaced by the Charles de Gaulle-led French Fifth Republic. Into the 1960s decolonization saw most of the French colonial empire become independent.

Throughout its long history (History of France), France has produced many influential artists, thinkers, and scientists, and remains a prominent global center of culture. It hosts the world's fourth-largest (List of World Heritage Sites in France) number of cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites and receives around 83 million foreign tourists annually – the most of any country in the world. . Centre national de documentation pédagogique, "2011, ANNÉE DES OUTRE-MER"

French citizens enjoy a high standard of living, and the country performs well in international rankings (International rankings of France) of education (Education Index), health care (Health care in France), life expectancy (List of countries by life expectancy), civil liberties, and human development (Human Development Index). France is a founding member of the United Nations, where it serves as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council). It is a member of numerous international institutions, including the Group of 7 (G7), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (NATO), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and La Francophonie (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie). France is a founding and leading member state of the EU (member state of the European Union).

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