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, Wisconsin basestyle background:#99CCFF; Charter-owned call centers are located in St. Louis, Missouri (telephone service support center); Greenville, South Carolina; Vancouver, Washington; Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; Walker, Michigan; Rochester, Minnesota; Worcester, Massachusetts and Louisville, Kentucky (the largest call center enterprise-wide) with Heathrow, Florida handling the bulk of video, high-speed data

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* Jim Dilling, track & field high jumper * Paul Erickson (Paul Erickson (baseball)), MLB player * Jim Gantner, MLB player * Bert Husting, MLB player * Colin Kaepernick, NFL quarterback for San Francisco 49ers * Ann Klapperich, professional basketball player * Nub Kleinke, MLB player * Polly Koch, professional football player * Cory Raymer, center for Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers * Eric Schafer, mixed


(Danbury) Park, Jefferson Park, Fairgrounds Park and Pool, and Playmore Park. Lottery winnings and the "Miracle Mile" right thumb 200px Ma and Pa's on the "Miracle Mile" (Image:Miracle Mile Fond du Lac.JPG) In the 1990s, several grocery and convenience stores on a stretch of South Main Street in Fond du Lac sold large winning Wisconsin Lottery tickets, resulting in that part of Main Street being dubbed "The Miracle Mile." The first ticket, sold by Sentry Grocery


birth_place Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States death_date Career Born John Francis Brandmeier

WXRX-FM) in Rockford, Illinois, and then in 1980 at WOKY-AM in Milwaukee. In February 1981, he was brought on as the KZZP-FM morning DJ in Phoenix, Arizona, where he participated in prank

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transmits from Milwaukee rather than its city of license in order to receive market-wide coverage (although Fond du Lac is part of the Green Bay television market). Religion Fond du Lac's population is about one-third Roman Catholic. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Religion Data In 2000 the six Catholic parishes of St. Mary, St. Joseph, Sacred Heart, St. Louis, St. Patrick and St

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. The racial makeup of the city was 90.6% White (White (U.S. Census)), 2.5% African American (African American (U.S. Census)), 0.7

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The Catholic Times title Past Bishops of La Crosse url http: CT CurrentIssue.pdf '''Henriett Seth F.''' (Hungarian (Hungarian language) pseudonym '''Seth F. Henriett'''; birth name '''Fajcsák Henrietta''' born 27 October 1980, Eger, Hungary) is a Hungarian (Hungarians) autistic savant poet, writer and artist became world famous with ''one book'' title ''Autizmussal önmagamba zárva'' ("Closed into myself with autism") and her ''one sentence'' on many cubes from her book made one monodrama, title ''Nemsenkilény, monológ nemmindegyembereknek'' ("Notanobodycreature"), before the age of 30 worldwide and internally having regard to her childhood autism and heart disorders as mitral valve prolapse, three eye disorders as nearsightedness, astigmatism, strabismus, orthopedic diseases and other physical disorders. She gave up creative music career altogether at the age of 13, creative writing altogether at the age of 25 and she also gave up creative painting altogether before the age of 27. Her organization was attacked by cancer in 2009. Henriett Seth F.' s life and arts can be compared Arthur Rimbaud' s life and arts after her "Little Wassily Kandinsky" 's early childhood savant syndrome years. Henriett universal effect of all that was what we now call autism and savant syndrome, see Darold Treffert, University of Wisconsin Medical School, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, U.S.A. (United States of America): Henriett Seth F. - Rain Girl Treffert, Darold http: savant_syndrome savant_profiles henriett_seth "Henriett Seth F. - Rain Girl" Wisconsin Medical Society, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, United States of America, Retrieved 2007-11-07 and National Talents Support Council, Particular Educational Talents Support Council, Budapest, Hungary: Henriett Seth F. - The Rain Girl Artist Particular Educational Talents Support Council, 3rd annex http: dokumentumok eml_ntt_20110511.doc "Henriett Seth F. - The Rain Girl Artist" National Talents Support Council. Retrieved 2011-04-03 Henriett universal effect of all that was what we now call autism and savant syndrome, see Darold Treffert, University of Wisconsin Medical School, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, U.S.A. (United States of America): Henriett Seth F. - Rain Girl and National Talents Support Council, Particular Educational Talents Support Council, Budapest, Hungary: Henriett Seth F. - The Rain Girl Artist The station's transmitter is located almost halfway between Milwaukee and Madison (Madison, Wisconsin), thus providing some coverage to eastern portions of Madison. Due to this, however, other stations, such as WRST (WRST-FM) Oshkosh (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) (also serving Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)) and Sheboygan (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)'s WSHS (WSHS (FM)), provide Ideas Network service to the northern part of the nine-county Milwaukee market area, and other distant portions must listen to the network via streaming audio. '''St. Mary's Springs Academy''' (SMS, formerly St. Mary's Springs High School) is a private Catholic, coeducational, college prep (university-preparatory school) high school in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin owned by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee). It was founded by the Sisters of Saint Agnes in 1909. The three pillars of the school are Faith, Knowledge, and Community. '''James Elmer Gantner''' (born January 5, 1953 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) was a Major League Baseball player who spent his entire career with the Milwaukee Brewers (1976–92). - Marian University (Marian University (Wisconsin)) Sabres Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) Northern Athletics Conference - In 1833 (United States Senate election in New York, 1833), he was elected as a Jacksonian Democrat to the United States Senate for a term beginning on March 4, 1833. In 1838 (New York gubernatorial election, 1838), he was a member of the "Conservatives," a faction of former Democrats who endorsed the Whig (United States Whig Party) candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, William H. Seward and Luther Bradish. In 1839 (United States Senate election in New York, 1839 1840), Tallmadge ran for re-election to the U.S. Senate, nominated by the Whigs, but due to a Democratic majority in the State Senate, who objected to his election, no choice was made, and the seat became vacant on March 4, 1839. On January 13, 1840, Tallmadge was re-elected to his old seat by the new State Legislature which had Whig majorities in both houses. He took his seat on January 27, 1840, and served until June 17, 1844, when he resigned, having been appointed by President John Tyler to be Governor of Wisconsin Territory. His residence became Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He was Governor of Wisconsin Territory until his removal from office on April 8, 1845. Nathaniel P. Tallmadge, Wisconsin Historical Society In 2005 the State Patrol reorganized and went from 7 districts to 5 regions. It maintains offices in DeForest (DeForest, Wisconsin) (Madison (Madison, Wisconsin)), Waukesha (Waukesha, Wisconsin), Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), Wausau (Wausau, Wisconsin), Tomah (Tomah, Wisconsin), Eau Claire (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) and Spooner (Spooner, Wisconsin). Wisconsin State Patrol offices and sub-offices http: about locate sp offices.htm Cathedral The episcopal see is at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The Cathedral Church of St. Paul the Apostle (St. Paul's Cathedral (Fond du Lac)), having been chosen by the first Bishop of Fond du Lac, John Henry Hobart Brown, and confirmed by Article in the diocesan constitution. The congregation was formed in 1848 and built a stone building at its current location in 1866. In 1884 this stone building burned and was replaced with the present structure. *Fish Creek (Fish Creek, Wisconsin) - Church of the Atonement (Church of the Atonement (Fish Creek, Wisconsin)) *Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) - Cathedral Church of St Paul (St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)) *Gardner (Gardner, Wisconsin) - Church of the Precious Blood (Episcopal) (Church of the Precious Blood (Episcopal), (Garder, Wisconsin)) Culture The Brothertown remain a culturally distinct Indian community with the largest concentration residing in the Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, area. There were about 2400 enrolled members in 1999. http: craigcipolla iWeb Brothertown%20Archaeological%20Project History.html Union Cemetery in the town of Brothertown (Brothertown, Wisconsin), and Quinney Cemetery located just outside the former reservation boundary are resting places for many Brothertown Indians. Many Brothertown return to these grave sites yearly to honor their ancestors and tend to the burial sites. Brothertown members hold a picnic every July and a homecoming every October. He was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and graduated from Fond du Lac High School and attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison School for Workers. Race was in the machine tool industry, and was involved in the labor union, serving as chairman of the bargaining and grievance committee of Local Lodge 1420 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. He was heavily involved with local units of the Democratic Party (Democratic Party (United States)). He died in Fond du Lac and is interred at the Estabrooks Cemetery, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. '''St. Paul's Cathedral''' is the mother church of the Episcopal (Episcopal Church in the United States of America) Diocese of Fond du Lac (Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac) and is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin which is the see (episcopal see) city of the diocese. With the exception of the participation of troops from the fort in the 1832 Black Hawk War, Fort Winnebago was not involved in any combat operations during its occupation by the U.S. Army. Instead, the garrison, which from 1829 to 1831 included Lt. Jefferson Davis (later President of the Confederate States of America), was put to work in building a military road between Portage and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and assisting with the relocation of the Ho-Chunk nation from Wisconsin to Minnesota during the 1840s. In 1845, the absence of any real threat to peace in the region prompted the abandonment of the fort. Nine years later the site was sold into private hands, and in 1856 a fire destroyed much of the fort. thumb right Motherhouse in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin (File:StAgnesMotherhomeFdL.jpg) The '''Congregation of Sisters of Saint Agnes''' is a Catholic religious institute for women founded in 1858 and named in honor of Saint Agnes. ISSN '''''The Reporter''''' is the local newspaper based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and owned by Gannett. It serves primarily Fond du Lac and northern Dodge County (Dodge County, Wisconsin) in East Central Wisconsin.

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Famine . Patrick tried whaling after leaving Ireland and arriving in Labrador. Davis. - p.8. His mother was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador), and was a former school teacher. Davis. - p.196. After Patrick and Ellen were married and moved to Wisconsin his father became a laborer, working construction, and a gardener. Davis. - p.9. DATE OF BIRTH August 10, 1856 PLACE OF BIRTH Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, United States DATE OF DEATH September 8, 1935 Goletiani won the Soviet Junior Championship for Girls Under-12 in 1990 when she was nine years old. In 1990, she was the Soviet Representative in the World Youth Chess tournament for Peace in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. In 1994, she won the World Championship for Girls Under-14 in Hungary. In 1995, she won the World Championship for Girls Under-16 in Brazil. In 1997, she won the World Championship for Girls Under-18 in Yerevan, Armenia. '''Travis Lyle Diener''' (born March 1, 1982 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) is an American (United States) professional basketball player who formerly played in the NBA. In August 2010, he was signed by Dinamo Sassari (Italian Lega A). Early life and education Kilian Flasch was born at Retzstadt, in the Main-Spessart district of Bavaria, to Andreas and Anna Margareta (née Giesuebel) Flasch. ISSN '''''The Reporter''''' is the local newspaper based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and owned by Gannett. It serves primarily Fond du Lac and northern Dodge County (Dodge County, Wisconsin) in East Central Wisconsin.


committed to its role as Wisconsin's state orchestra. For more than 37 years, the MSO's State Tour travels to communities throughout Wisconsin, offering many adult and youth audiences unique opportunities to hear live classical music. Among other destinations, the Orchestra has traveled to Fish Creek (Fish Creek, Wisconsin), Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin), Marinette (Marinette, Wisconsin), Ripon (Ripon, Wisconsin), Rhinelander (Rhinelander, Wisconsin), Three Lakes, Wisconsin


as priest James Groppi was born in the Bay View neighborhood (Neighborhoods of Milwaukee) on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Italian (Italy) immigrant parents. Giocondo and Giorgina Groppi had twelve children, of which James was the eleventh. In this working class community, Giocondo joined others from Italy in Milwaukee's grocery business, opening "Groppi's" store in Bay View, where James and his siblings worked. Typical of boys in heavily Catholic south side

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

'''Fond du Lac''' is a city in Fond du Lac County (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin), Wisconsin, United States. The name is French for ''bottom (or foot) of the lake'', named as such because of its location at the bottom (south end) of Lake Winnebago. The population was 43,021 at the 2010 census.

The city forms the core of the United States Census Bureau's Fond du Lac Metropolitan Statistical Area (United States metropolitan area), which includes all of Fond du Lac County (2000 population: 97,296). Fond du Lac is the 342nd largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the United States. The Fond du Lac MSA and the Beaver Dam (Beaver Dam, Wisconsin) (city), Wisconsin Micropolitan Statistical Area, form the larger Fond du Lac-Beaver Dam Combined Statistical Area.

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