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in the old city are mostly located around the Namık Kemal Square. D&B Cafe offers decent pizzas as well as kebabs. If you are a kebab fan visit Aspava located across the street. Newly opened Ginko Restaurant (in the now restored Medrese, or Ottoman religious school), offers a more varied menu. Monk's Inn Bistro & Bar is delightful and offer a limited but well-prepared menu including hot and cold sandwiches if you just want something lighter. In the modern town, most restaurants and bars

painting poetry

the most fertile kind of cultural activity in the area, with Famagusta as its hub and centre. Painting, poetry, music and drama were finding expression in innumerable exhibitions, folk art festivals and plays enacted in the nearby-reconstructed ruins of the ancient Greek theatre of Salamis. There has not been an official census since 1960 but the population of the town in 1974 was estimated to be around 60,000 not counting about 12,000–15,000 persons commuting daily from the surrounding villages and suburbs to work in Famagusta. This population would swell during the peak summer tourist period to about 90,000–100,000 with the influx of tourists from numerous European countries (Europe), mainly Britain (United Kingdom), France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. 1974 During the second phase of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 14 August 1974 the Mesaoria plain was overrun by Turkish tanks and Famagusta bombed by Turkish aircraft. In two days the Turkish Army occupied the city, which had been completely evacuated by its Greek Cypriot population, who had fled into surrounding fields before the army's arrival. Most believed that once the initial violence calmed down they would be allowed to return.

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Association of Turkish Students date accessdate 2010-11-21 DATE OF BIRTH 1964 PLACE OF BIRTH Famagusta, Cyprus DATE OF DEATH In 2006 the Turkish government began discussions for Northern Cyprus's main port Famagusta, and main civilian airport Ercan, to be able to operate direct connections with the UK government describing it as a "significant and creative offer".

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. Currently, it enjoys industry based on tourism, service, and education. It has a 115-acre free port (List of free ports). ''Guide to Foreign Investors'' (2004), TRNC State Planning Organization, p. 18-19. Culture Every year, the International Famagusta Art and Culture Festival is organized in Famagusta. Concerts, dance shows and theater plays take place during the festival.


(KKTC).JPG thumb Abandoned hotels in Famagusta, Cyprus The southern part of Famagusta, also known as Varosha (Varosha, Famagusta), is fenced off by the Turkish army. Prior to the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974, it was the modern tourist area of the city of Famagusta. For the last three decades, it has been left as a ghost town. Exceptional works of Gothic architecture can also found in Cyprus, especially in the walled cities of Nicosia and Famagusta. Also

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, Cyprus; and Ajaccio, Corsica. She also joined other units of the fleet and those of other nations in numerous national and multinational exercises. In addition, her role as flagship meant that many dignitaries visited her; among her guests were Constantine, King of Greece (Constantine II of Greece); Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly); several dozen ambassadors; and a host of prominent military figures. On 20 January 1967, ''Springfield's'' home port was changed from Villefranche

The Cyprus conspiracy : America, espionage, and the Turkish invasion year 2002 publisher I.B. Tauris location London isbn 978-1-86064-737-6 pages 192, 216 Varosha Unlike other parts of the Turkish-controlled areas of Cyprus, the Varosha (Varosha, Famagusta) suburb of Famagusta was fenced off by the Turkish army immediately after being captured and still remains in that state today. The Greek Cypriots who had fled from Varosha were not allowed to return

" Image gallery Historic buildings in Famagusta File:Kirchenportal Famagusta.jpg File:San Luca-Karmeliter 1.jpg File:St. Georg der Latiner C.jpg File:St. Peter & Paul C.jpg File:St. Georg der Griechen C 1.jpg File:St. Georg der Griechen C 2.jpg File:Karmeliter-Kirche C.jpg File:Nestorianische Kirche C.jpg File:Armenische Kirche C.jpg File:St. Zoni C.jpg File:St. Zoni 1 C.jpg File:St. Nikolaos C.jpg Varosha suburb

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, Famagusta, Cyprus death_date DATE OF BIRTH 31 January 1940 PLACE OF BIRTH Achna, Famagusta, Cyprus DATE OF DEATH thumb Chris Achilleos on Polcon (Image:Chris Achilleos-Polcon2007.jpg) 2007 '''Chris Achilleos''' (born 1947) is a painter (Painting) and illustrator who specialises in fantasy artwork and glamour (glamour (presentation)) illustration. Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, his family emigrated to the United Kingdom

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to the town of Kato Paphos. It remained there until 1985, when the Cyprus Ministry of Education granted it use of a former school building in the village of Lempa, four kilometres north of Paphos. The first programme offered by the college was the Cyprus Summer School, now renamed the Cyprus Summer Studio, which gave mainly British (United Kingdom) and Irish (Ireland) art students an opportunity to spend a period of time making art in Cyprus. In the early 1970s the college intended to launch

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7% of the total of the country, Famagusta by 1974 accounted for over 10% of the total industrial employment and production of Cyprus, concentrating mainly on light industry compatible with its activity as a tourist resort and turning out high quality products ranging from food, beverages and tobacco, to clothing, footwear, plastics, light machinery and transport equipment. As capital of the largest administrative district of the country, the town was the administrative, commercial, service


'''Famagusta''' ) is a city on the east coast of Cyprus. ''De facto'', it is the capital of the Gazimağusa District of Northern Cyprus. It is located east of Nicosia (Nicosia District), and possesses the deepest harbour of the island. During the medieval period (especially under the maritime republics of Genoa (Republic of Genoa) and Venice (Republic of Venice)), Famagusta was the island's most important port city, and a gateway to trade with the ports of the Levant, from where the Silk Road merchants carried their goods to Western Europe.

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