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Evansville, Indiana, USA key_people Dr. Jonathan ("Jon") Rich, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) '''Berry Plastics''' is a global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Headquartered in Evansville (Evansville, Indiana), Indiana, the company operates over 80 global manufacturing facilities and employs over 17,000 individuals. With annual sales exceeding $5 billion, it is one of the largest plastics packaging producers in the world

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Rubin & Wilder to go a step further than previous studies and exclude "external effects" that might be stimulating or depressing regional economic growth and development.) The study found that the Evansville zone did provide significant employment growth that could not be accounted for by external effects or the industrial composition of the zone itself. The zone was also found to be extremely cost-effective in its job creation. Rubin, Barry M., Margaret G. Wilder, "

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'''Mesker Amphitheatre''' is a historic 8,500-seat amphitheater, located in Evansville, Indiana, United States. It contains 5,500 chairback seats and 3,000 lawn seats and is located at Mesker Park, near the Mesker Park Zoo. Byron Anderson, Windy City Stories Pages about an alleged work of fiction by an author called "R.E. Hancock", created by User:Rynehancock. Search of Amazon turned up no such author. User also added listings of other characters to Evansville, Indiana and List of famous people from Indianapolis. Hoax. Ëvilphoenix (User:Evilphoenix) Burn! (User_talk:Evilphoenix) 00:07, September 13, 2005 (UTC) :'''Delete'''; books and their authors must be at least be published to be in Wikipedia! Ziggurat (User:Ziggurat) 01:14, September 13, 2005 (UTC) After the season, the team was sold to Walter Dilbeck, a real estate developer from Evansville, Indiana for $65,000. On October 17, 1967 the directors of the International League approved the transfer of the Maple Leafs franchise to Louisville, Kentucky, where the team competed as the Louisville Colonels (Louisville Colonels (minor league baseball team)) starting in 1968. There had been several offers for the team, including one from the hockey Toronto Maple Leafs. After just five seasons, the club moved again, to Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1973, where it continues to operate as the Pawtucket Red Sox. Interstate 369 Daviess County (Daviess County, Kentucky) officials proposed in 2005 that the Audubon be upgraded to an Interstate highway, specifically suggesting the number Interstate 369. This would, according to the proposal, take place when and if Interstate 69 is extended southward from Indianapolis, Indiana through Evansville (Evansville, Indiana) and across the Ohio River near Henderson, Kentucky. The I-369 "spur" would connect Owensboro, Kentucky to I-69, which is to be routed along the following parkways (a new bridge will be built between Henderson (Henderson, Kentucky) and Evansville (Evansville, Indiana)): Early life Born in Evansville, Indiana, Mary was the daughter of prominent Fendrich Cigar Company president John H. Fendrich (1867–1952) and Nettie

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Illinois and for the first time, Kentucky. Hopewell Class Invitational draws area's largest field Courierpress.com The current population of White County is a little over 17,000, with 6,500 in the county seat of Carmi. There is a high number of retired people, and many citizens work in the factories of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana) or Mount Vernon, Indiana Mount Vernon

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are primarily serviced by radio stations in Indiana and Kentucky, providing various types of content. Radio Stations providing coverage to Evansville include: http: www.usnpl.com radio inradio.php Radio-locator.com's station listing for Evansville WSWI 820 (WSWI), WGBF 1280 (WGBF (AM)), WVHI 1330 (WVHI), WEOA 1400 (WEOA), WABX WABX 107.5

Annual Estimates of the Population of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas: April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2007 (CBSA-EST2007-01) format CSV (comma-separated values) work 2007 Population Estimates publisher United States Census Bureau, Population Division date 2008-03-27 accessdate 2008-07-03 Media The ''Harrisburg Daily Register'', has been providing coverage of news for southeastern Illinois since 1869, and is owned by GateHouse Media. ref

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generated title -- '''WABX''' is a radio station in Evansville, Indiana, owned by South Central Communications. The station, which broadcasts at 107.5 FM (FM radio), has aired a classic rock format since 1997. Monday through Saturday morning, WABX airs the The Big Show with John Boy and Billy (John Boy and Billy). Personalities include: Dodger,from 9am-2pm; Sean Roberts, Afternoons 2pm-7pm; Steven Kelly, Evenings 7pm-9pm; Dodger, Weekends; and "

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title Nielsen Media 2010-2011 Local Market Estimates url http: www.tvjobs.com cgi-bin markets market2.cgi work Nielsen Media 2010-2011 Local Market Estimates publisher TVJobs.com accessdate 20 May 2011 The designated market area consists of 30 counties in Southeastern Illinois, Southwestern Indiana, and Northwestern Kentucky. The 2010 population estimate of this 30-county region is nearly one million people. Local Broadcast Television: class "wikitable"

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held concerts on weekends in the upstairs loft of a converted apartment building in downtown Hollywood. "Can You Dig It?", ''Hollywood Free Paper'' 1:2 (October 21, 1969), http: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org archive.php?id 3 Norman would frequently show up at the Hollywood Palladium unannounced and unscheduled on Sunday afternoons and sing to as many as 4,000 people at the Jesus People Festivals organized by Duane Pederson. Duane Pederson, "LARRY NORMAN 1947–2008", http: www.larrynorman.uk.com tributes.htm; "Duane's Interview with Josh Tinley", (December 13, 2007), http: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org interview.php?id 3; Duane Pederson, "Reflections on the Jesus Movement", http: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org article.php?id 4; At the "Rock of Ages Folk Festival" held on February 26, 1970 in Northridge, California, Norman appeared as part of the Larry Norman Experience. "Christian, You're Next", Hollywood Free Paper 2:3 (February 3, 1970), http: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org archive.php?id 10 In March 1970 Norman performed at the Youth for Christ-sponsored Faith Festival, the first major Jesus music festival (Christian music festival), Greg Robison, ''Christian Rock Festivals'' (New York: Rosen, 2009). at Evansville, Indiana, which attracted 6,000 people to hear him, Pat Boone and his family, Christian folk singer Gene Cotton, and Jesus rock artists Danny Taylor, Crimson Bridge, and ''e'', Frank Baker, ''Contemporary Christian Music: Where It Came From, What It Is, Where It's Going'' (Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, 1985):83 a band that included Greg X. Volz. Edward E. Plowman, "Taking Stock of Jesus Rock", ''Christianity Today'' 15:11 (February 1971):32–33. In October 1970 Norman and Randy Stonehill, who had only become a Christian in August, were among those who performed at an Earth Harvest concert at Thy Brother's House, a Jesus coffee house near the campus of California State University at Fullerton, California. "Hijacked Again", Hollywood Free Paper 2:18 (September 15, 1970), http: www.hollywoodfreepaper.org archive.php?id 25 '''Owensboro''' is the fourth largest city by population in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It is the county seat of Daviess County (Daviess County, Kentucky). '''Nischelle Turner''' is an entertainment & lifestyle reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles. She was a general assignment reporter for KTTV FOX 11 from 2004 and to October 2, 2008 and worked as a sideline reporter for FOX's Sunday NFL broadcasts, and did segments for a show called Dailies. (1 March 2010). Sports Media Dream Girl Nischelle Turner, Vizage magazine Prior to KTTV, she worked for WEHT, the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate in Evansville, Indiana and for WVUE, the FOX (Fox Broadcasting Company) Affiliate in New Orleans. She is a native of Columbia, Missouri . She attended the University of Missouri, and graduated from its Journalism school. She will be working with either analyst Kurt Warner or Torry Holt and either play-by-play Chris Myers or Chris Rose. The '''Lloyd Expressway''' is a major east–west traffic artery (Highway) in Evansville, Indiana. The road numbering consists of two segments. West of U.S. Route 41 (U.S. Route 41 in Indiana) (US 41), the road is State Road 62 (Indiana State Highway 62) (SR 62), and east of US 41 it is SR 66 (Indiana State Highway 66). East of US 41, Morgan Avenue becomes SR 62, and west of US 41, Diamond Avenue becomes SR 66.

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Samuel F. Miller, then was admitted to the bar in 1856, and, at the age of twenty, commenced practice in Keokuk. DATE OF BIRTH August 29, 1835 PLACE OF BIRTH Evansville, Indiana, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH June 23, 1890 death_date origin Evansville, Indiana, United States instrument Vocals (Human voice) '''Geno Washington''' (born '''William Francis Washington''', December

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Evansville and neighboring Newburgh was the featured location for the feature film "Back in the Day" filmed in 2014. Back in the Day (2014 film) Literary media Evansville is featured in a section of Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel Lolita, as well as Walker Percy's 1962 novel The Moviegoer, and Robert Silverberg's 1969 science fiction novel To Live Again (To Live Again (novel)). Evansville is the primary location in the historical fiction novel, Invitation to Valhalla by Mike Whicker, published in 2004. The novel is based on the records of German spy Erika Lehmann's attempt to infiltrate the LST shipyards during WWII. An Evansville couple is the focus of "Hungarian Rhapsody: An Adoption Story" by James Derk, based on a series of stories in The Evansville Courier & Press

Evansville, Indiana

blank4_name U.S. Highways blank4_info blank5_name Major State Roads blank5_info * * * blank6_name Waterways blank6_info Ohio River, Pigeon Creek (Pigeon Creek (Indiana)) blank7_name Airports blank7_info Evansville Regional Airport blank8_name Public transit blank8_info METS (Metropolitan Evansville Transit System) website footnotes

'''Evansville''' is the commercial, medical, and cultural hub of Southwestern Indiana and the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area. It is the third-largest city (List of cities in Indiana) in the state (U.S. state) of Indiana and the largest city in Southern Indiana. As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), the city had a total population of 117,429 and a metropolitan population of 358,676. It is the county seat of Vanderburgh County (Vanderburgh County, Indiana).

Situated on an oxbow (Meander) in the Ohio River, the city is often referred to as the "River City". As testament to the Ohio's grandeur, early French explorers named it La Belle Riviere ("The Beautiful River"). The area has been inhabited by various cultures for millennia, dating back at least 10,000 years. Angel Mounds was a permanent settlement of the Mississippian culture from 1000 AD to around 1400 AD. The city itself was founded in 1812.

The broad economic base of the region has helped to build an economy which is known for its stability, diversity, and vitality. Four NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) companies (ACW (Accuride Corporation), BERY (Berry Plastics), LEAF (Springleaf Financial), VVC (Vectren)) are headquartered in Evansville, along with the global operations center for NYSE company Mead Johnson. Three other companies traded on the NASDAQ (ESCA, ONB (Old National Bank), SCVL (Shoe Carnival)) are located in Evansville. The city is home to public and private enterprise in many areas, as Evansville serves as the economic hub of the region.

The city has several well known educational institutions. The University of Evansville is a small private school located on the city's east side, while the University of Southern Indiana (formerly Indiana State University-Evansville) is a larger public institution located just outside of the city's westside limits. Other local educational institutions have also garnered praise and attention, including nationally ranked Signature School and the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library. In 2008, Evansville was voted the best city in the country in which "to live, work, and play" by the readers of Kiplinger, and in 2009 the 11th best.

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