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Sacramento Valley as well as the largest city on the 470-mile (756 km) stretch of Interstate 5 (Interstate 5 (California)) between Sacramento, California and Eugene, Oregon; however, Redding’s metropolitan population of 177,223 (2010) was substantially smaller than Medford, Oregon’s population of 203,206. Both Redding and its neighbor to the south, Red Bluff (Red Bluff, California), are popular with tourists who use the cities as bases to explore Lassen Volcanic

National Park , Lake Shasta, and other natural attractions. '''Monroe''' is a city in Benton County (Benton County, Oregon), Oregon, United States. The population was 617 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census). It is part of the Corvallis, Oregon Metropolitan Statistical Area. Monroe is located midway between Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and Corvallis (Corvallis, Oregon) along highway 99W and the city experiences a strong

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on KOIN website Joyce has also freelanced for Oregon's gay and lesbian newspaper ''Just Out'' as both a writer and a photographer. Tarkio formed in Missoula, Montana in 1996. Meloy, from Helena (Helena, Montana), had studied English at University of Oregon at Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) for two years, then returned and enrolled in the creative writing program at the University of Montana in Missoula. Schweber, Nate, "The Making of Meloy", ''The Montanan'', Winter, 2009. Retrieved 2011-04-08. He recruited banjo player Gibson Hartwell, bassist Louis Stein, and drummer Brian Collins following a meeting at an open mic night at a local coffeehouse. Deusner, Stephen M. (2006) "Tarkio ''Omnibus''", Pitchfork Media, 26 January 2006 The band took its name from Tarkio, Montana, a small town in the western part of the state .Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament helped out with some rehearsal space and the band built a following at bar-clubs in Missoula, Great Falls (Great Falls, Montana), Butte (Butte, Montana), and Whitefish, Montana. *Andy Kerr Stadium at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York (Hamilton (village), New York) *Autzen Stadium at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon - 2002 - (Replaced NexTurf after one season of use) *Aloha Stadium for University of Hawaii University of Hawai

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Eugene , Oregon, is one of the best-known historic track and field stadiums in the United States. "Traditions are time-tested at historic Hayward Field" Denver Post, 27 June 2008 Nearly a century in age, it was the home of the University of Oregon's football team (Oregon Ducks football) from 1919 through 1966, and has been the home to the Oregon Ducks track and field Ducks' track and field teams

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doing comedy with The Groundlings in Los Angeles, where she performed in such shows as "Lake Waterford Crystal Filter Water Show." Biography Kai Bird was born in 1951 in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon), Oregon. His father was a U.S. Foreign Service officer, and he spent his childhood in Jerusalem, Beirut, Dhahran, Cairo and Mumbai. He finished high school in 1969 at Kodaikanal International School in Tamil Nadu, South India. He received his BA from Carleton

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the entire region was considered to be a single, unified area. Indeed, until the Oregon Treaty of 1846, it was identified as being either Oregon Country (by the Americans) or Columbia (by the British). As a result

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Force with the rank of Colonel. Current Activities Stillwell, along with his wife Debra, currently live in Eugene, Oregon. In 2006, he was the head writer and associate producer on ''Nanna's Cottage'' and ''Monster Sunday School'', two children's television series produced by Polara Productions. Stillwell is currently employed by the University of Oregon in their Public & Government Affairs department. Oregon *Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) ( Eugene Airport

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in a free musician's wanted ad. date February 29, 2008 url http: csp cms sites 70844&sid 4&fid 1 after what ''The Independent'' described as an "international campaign for a more appropriate sentence for a crime in which no one was hurt." The Battle of Bear Creek: New Threat in Americas Backyard, ''The Independent'', March 5th 2008. In 2000 he set fire to three SUVs at Romania Chevrolet dealership in Eugene, Oregon as a protest against excessive consumption and global warming.

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-trained violinist and pianist. She received two Grammy (Grammy Award) nominations in 1997 for Best Alternative Album (Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album) and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance (Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance). '''Hayward Field''' in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

'''Eugene''' ( east of the Oregon Coast.

As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), Eugene has a population of 156,185, and Lane County (co-located with the Eugene-Springfield (Springfield, Oregon) Metropolitan Statistical Area (Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) (MSA) has a population of 351,715.

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. The city is also noted for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities (especially bicycling (Cycling), running jogging, rafting, kayaking), and focus on the arts. Eugene's slogan is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors". It is also referred to as the "Emerald City", and as "Track Town, USA". Caple, Jim (July 4, 2008). "Why did we have to wait so long for the trials to return to Pre Country?". ESPN. Retrieved 2010-06-07. The Nike corporation (Nike, Inc.) had its beginnings in Eugene.

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