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of influences ranging from Flamenco to Celtic music. Currently, King is still recording music as well as doing part-time war photojournalism in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. History P&W’s freight line between Beaverton and Wilsonville was originally built by The Oregon Electric Railway (OE) Company. OE provided interurban passenger and freight service on electric rail lines linking Portland, Salem, and Eugene (Eugene, Oregon). ref name "partnership" >

; By 1914, 26 trains using this line were entering and departing Portland every day. After the rise of the automobile, ridership diminished, and OE stopped offering passenger service in 1933. Passenger rail returned

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elimination during the first round of the World Indoors in Japan, she scored victories at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Mt San Antonio College Relays, the Oregon Track Classic and the Harry Jerome Classic. She also had solid runs in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri). However, the Savannah International Training Centre closed its doors in late 1999, amidst claims that the IOC had failed to meet its obligations to provide enough athletes to keep the facilities open. Advertising Empire Today's advertising is prevalent in areas serviced by the company, especially throughout Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina); Cleveland; Dallas-Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas); Dayton; Denver; Detroit; Eugene, OR (Eugene, Oregon); Flint (Flint, Michigan); Dover (Dover, Delaware); Grand Rapids, MI (Grand Rapids, Michigan); Greensboro; Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania); Hartford (Hartford, Connecticut); Houston; Indianapolis; Lansing (Lansing, Michigan); Los Angeles; Manchester, NH (Manchester, New Hampshire); Miami; Milwaukee; Minneapolis-St. Paul (St. Paul, Minnesota); Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee); southern New England; New York City; Norfolk, VA Hampton Roads Metro Area (Hampton Roads); Orlando (Orlando, Florida); Philadelphia; Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona); Pittsburgh; Portland, OR (Portland, Oregon); Naples, FL (Naples, Florida) - Ft. Myers (Fort Myers, Florida); Raleigh-Durham; Richmond (Richmond, Virginia); Sacramento (Sacramento, California); St.Louis (St. Louis, Missouri); San Diego; San Francisco; Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania); Seattle; Tampa (Tampa, Florida); Toledo (Toledo, Ohio); Washington, D.C.; and West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, Florida). The company's prominent television and web ads feature the recognizable "Empire Man" character. Highway 97, once again primarily a 2-lane road, continues north along the eastern shore of Upper Klamath Lake. In the town of Chiloquin (Chiloquin, Oregon) is an intersection with Oregon Route 62, which provides access to Crater Lake National Park from the southeast; further north is an interchange with Oregon Route 138 which provides access to the park from the northeast. Continuing north, near the town of Chemult (Chemult, Oregon) is an interchange with Oregon Route 58, which heads northwest to Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and the Willamette Valley. Genetic relations thumb left One of the boulders engraved with Kalapuyan words along the paths of east Alton Baker Park (Image:Wilhamut.1.JPG) in Eugene, Oregon, this one is next to the Willamette River: "Whilamut" "Where the river ripples and runs fast" Kalapuyan is usually connected with the various Penutian proposals with Kalapuyan lying within an ''Oregon Penutian'' sub-group (along with Takelma (Takelma language), Siuslaw (Siuslaw (tribe)), and Coosan (Coosan languages)). A special relationship with Takelma has been proposed, together forming a Takelman family; however, recent research has offered counterevidence against this relationship. Therefore, currently the Kalapuyan family is generally considered separate, but with promising connections to the Penutian hypothesis. The '''Mount Pisgah Arboretum''' (85 ha 209 acres) is a non-profit arboretum and botanical garden located within the Howard Buford Recreation Area (930 ha 2,300 acre), between the Coast Fork of the Willamette River and the slopes of Mount Pisgah (Mount Pisgah (Oregon)) near Eugene (Eugene, Oregon)-Springfield (Springfield, Oregon), Oregon, United States. Admission is $3 per car and permits can be purchased at a self-service pay station. ''Amtrak Cascades'' Vancouver, BC (Vancouver) – Eugene, Oregon via Portland (Portland, Oregon) and Seattle (Seattle, Washington) background group_or_band origin Eugene (Eugene, Oregon), Oregon, United States genre Doom metal, stoner rock In 2007 Craig started the year on a high, dominating "the Kenyan Hope" of Boniface Songkok at the Telstra A series in Melbourne. The race was a conservative one before Craig tore the field open with a quick 7th lap before a devastating final 400 m run in 53 seconds. At the Prefontaine Classic In Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) (Oregon), Craig ran the 5th fastest 2-mile of all time in 8:03.50 leaving in his wake the likes Alan Webb (Alan Webb (athlete)), Tariku Bekele, Matt Tegenkemp, Dathan Ritzenhein and other American hopefuls. After a good start to the season Craig suffered a hamstring strain. This affected his training for the World Championships, where he finished 11th. '''Kitty Piercy''' (born July 6, 1942) is an American politician. She is the current mayor of Eugene, Oregon, sworn in January 2005 and re-elected to a second term in 2008. During the 1990s, she was Minority Leader of the Oregon House of Representatives.

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City – Spanish Religious (Zion Media) *KKNX 840 Eugene – Oldies (Willamette Media Group) *KORE 1050 Springfield – Christian (Support Christian Radio) *KPNW 1120 Eugene – NEWS TALK (Bicostal Media) *KRVM (KRVM (AM)) 1280 Eugene – NPR News Talk (Eugene School District) (JPR affiliate) *KSCR (KSCR (AM)) 1320 Eugene – Business Radio (Cumulus) *KNND 1400 Cottage Grove – Oldies (Swartzberg Communications Inc) *KLZS 1450 Eugene – Comedy (Eugene Comedy Radio) * KOPB (AM) KOPB

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; By 1914, 26 trains using this line were entering and departing Portland every day. After the rise of the automobile, ridership diminished, and OE stopped offering passenger service in 1933. Passenger rail returned

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-Hawks. In the 1978 film, ''National Lampoon's Animal House'', Cray was the uncredited bassist in the house party band Otis Day and the Knights. After several years of regional success, Cray was signed to Mercury Records in 1982. His third album release, ''Strong Persuader'', produced by Dennis Walker, received a Grammy Award, while the crossover (Crossover (music)) single (single (music)) "Smokin' Gun" gave him wider appeal and name recognition. Personal life

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of the Wiki. Some research for the book ''A Pattern Language'', which inspired the Design Patterns movement and Extreme Programming, was done by Alexander in Eugene. Not coincidentally, those engineering movements also had origins here. Decades after its publication, ''A Pattern Language'' is still one of the best-selling books on urban design.

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runs of the Amtrak ''Cascades (Amtrak Cascades)'', and a stop along the route in each direction for the daily ''Coast Starlight''. Air travel Air travel is served by the Eugene Airport, also known as Mahlon Sweet Field, which is the fifth largest airport in the Northwest and second largest airport in Oregon. The Eugene Metro area also has numerous private airports.

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date December 14, 1984 last Barker first George In 1962, the first Taco Time franchise opened in Tacoma, Washington. By the end of the decade, the company had 48 restaurants in seven Western (U.S. West) states. In 1978, the company franchised its first international restaurant, in Lethbridge, Alberta. In 1979, Taco Time Northwest, became a licensee with the rights to franchise and operate the Taco Time concept independently. Taco Time Northwest's

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. In 1969, he received an award from the American Political Science Association for distinguished public affairs reporting. In 1975 he received the Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service award and the Edward R. Murrow award for editorializing on television. He was awarded a fellowship to study government and public policy at the Washington, D.C. Journalism Center. He was also a visiting Associate at the Harvard-MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies from 1969 to 1970. Two Amtrak routes currently serve Everett Station: Amtrak's ''Empire Builder'' service, which travels between Chicago and Seattle; and the Amtrak ''Cascades (Amtrak Cascades)'' service, which provides service between Vancouver, B.C. (Vancouver, British Columbia) and Eugene, Oregon. Everett Station is the final station north of Seattle served by ''Empire Builder'': it is heading east towards the Cascades (Cascade Range) after leaving this station. The ''Amtrak Cascades'' continues north to Bellingham and Vancouver. birth_date

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journal last Kane first Laura year 1998 month title Pop Your Cherry journal Lo-Fi Magazine Soon finding himself more interested in "drinking beer and going to punk rock shows" than attending college, Perry dropped out in his junior year in 1983 and formed the punk trio The Jazz Greats with Schmid and drummer Tim Arnold. Perry was also briefly involved

Eugene, Oregon

'''Eugene''' ( east of the Oregon Coast.

As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), Eugene has a population of 156,185, and Lane County (co-located with the Eugene-Springfield (Springfield, Oregon) Metropolitan Statistical Area (Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) (MSA) has a population of 351,715.

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. The city is also noted for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities (especially bicycling (Cycling), running jogging, rafting, kayaking), and focus on the arts. Eugene's slogan is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors". It is also referred to as the "Emerald City", and as "Track Town, USA". Caple, Jim (July 4, 2008). "Why did we have to wait so long for the trials to return to Pre Country?". ESPN. Retrieved 2010-06-07. The Nike corporation (Nike, Inc.) had its beginnings in Eugene.

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