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What is Eugene, Oregon known for?

friendly rivalry

friendly rivalry between fans of the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers. http: page 196612 Currently, Bandon is a center of cranberry production. More than 100 growers harvest about were harvested—a record

field open

, Oregon Portland and Seattle (Seattle, Washington) background group_or_band origin Eugene (Eugene, Oregon), Oregon, United States genre Doom metal, stoner rock In 2007 Craig started the year on a high, dominating "the Kenyan Hope" of Boniface Songkok at the Telstra A series in Melbourne. The race was a conservative one before Craig tore the field open with a quick 7th lap before a devastating final 400 m run in 53 seconds. At the Prefontaine Classic In Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) (Oregon), Craig ran the 5th fastest 2-mile of all time in 8:03.50 leaving in his wake the likes Alan Webb (Alan Webb (athlete)), Tariku Bekele, Matt Tegenkemp, Dathan Ritzenhein and other American hopefuls. After a good start to the season Craig suffered a hamstring strain. This affected his training for the World Championships, where he finished 11th. '''Kitty Piercy''' (born July 6, 1942) is an American politician. She is the current mayor of Eugene, Oregon, sworn in January 2005 and re-elected to a second term in 2008. During the 1990s, she was Minority Leader of the Oregon House of Representatives.

writing historical

American writer. She began by writing historical romances but later switched to crime stories. Today she lives and works in Eugene, Oregon. The hero of her crime novels is the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple, a freelance writer, sometimes known as "Miss Daisy". Daisy's beau and later husband is Chief Detective Alec Fletcher. He tries, unsuccessfully to keep her out of crime investigations. His superiors at the Yard (Scotland Yard) are terrified of her meddling but find it difficult to stop her because of her very high social position File:Oregon Area Codes 541 & 458.PNG thumb

community organizing

of community organizing from the Black Panthers, with whom they were especially close. For instance, they established a Free Breakfast for Children program. The Eugene (Eugene, Oregon), Oregon chapter, location of the University of Oregon, garnered much community support with their "Free Lumber" program. At this time in the Northwest, some poor people still relied on wood-stoves for cooking and heating, and cheap wood was hard to come by. *Seattle to Vancouver Island Victoria, BC (through-ticketed Victoria Clipper ferry route) *Portland (Portland, Oregon) to Eugene (Eugene, Oregon)-Springfield (Springfield, Oregon) *Portland (Portland, Oregon) to Astoria (Astoria, Oregon) (through-ticked by Amtrak, operated by the NorthWest POINT) *Oregon (Bend, Oregon) to Ontario (Ontario, Oregon) (through-ticked by Amtrak, operated by the Eastern POINT) *Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) to Coos Bay (Coos Bay, Oregon) (through-ticketed Porter Stage route) *Klamath Falls (Klamath Falls, Oregon) to Ashland (Ashland, Oregon) Background He is a former resident of Eugene, Oregon and helped establish Red Cloud Thunder, a group of activists who organized a tree sitting campaign to stop the clear-cutting of old growth forests outside of Fall Creek, Oregon. *Essex, Montana (ESM) (Amtrak station) (Essex (Amtrak station)) -''Flag stop (Request stop) only''- *Eugene, Oregon (EUG) (Amtrak station) (Eugene (Amtrak station)) *Eureka, California (EKA) (Amtrak station) * In 2009, Jimmy Marr, a longtime member of Eugene, Oregon's controversial Pacifica Forum, was stripped of his plates that read "NO ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)". Protestors at a Phoenix, Oregon neo-Nazi meeting noticed the plates on Marr's vehicle. The state DMV had initially approved the plate without recognizing it as anti-Semitic.

arts events

organizations, including Maude Kerns Art Center, Maude Kerns Art Center Lane Arts Council, Lane Arts Council DIVA (the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts), the Hult Center's Jacobs Gallery, Jacobs Gallery and the Eugene Glass School. Annual visual arts events include the Mayor's Art Show and Art and the Vineyard. Art and the Vineyard Film The Eugene area has been used as a filming location for several Hollywood films, most famously for 1978's ''National Lampoon's Animal House'', which was also filmed in nearby Cottage Grove (Cottage Grove, Oregon). John Belushi had the idea for the film ''The Blues Brothers'' during filming of ''Animal House'' when he happened to meet Curtis Salgado at what was then the Eugene Hotel.

playing bass

and fronted by husband-wife duo Rob and Danyel London, the group earned a small but loyal following throughout the Northwest and parts of California and Colorado with its positive, socially conscious messages and dynamic stageshow. Sharing lead vocals and playing bass (Bass guitar) and guitar, the Londons were backed by various musicians during the band's lifetime, usually keyboards, drums, and two horns. These included Joseph Espinoza on alto sax, Mike Barber on trumpet, Pat

quot drinking

journal last Kane first Laura year 1998 month title Pop Your Cherry journal Lo-Fi Magazine Soon finding himself more interested in "drinking beer and going to punk rock shows" than attending college, Perry dropped out in his junior year in 1983 and formed the punk trio The Jazz Greats with Schmid and drummer Tim Arnold. Perry was also briefly involved with Snakepit (Snakepit (band)) alongside Billy Karren, Joe Preston (Joe Preston (bassist)) and Al Larsen (Some Velvet Sidewalk) before assembling the Paisley Underground-styled band Saint Huck with Schmid and Arnold in 1984.

products running

are filled to capacity by three hundred or more bikes. Many people commute to work by bicycle every month of the year. Numerous bike shops provide the finest rain gear products, running lights and everything a biker needs to ride and stay comfortable in heavy rain. Bike trails take commuting and recreational bikers along the Willamette River past a scenic rose garden, along Amazon Creek, through the downtown, and through the University of Oregon campus. In 2009, the League of American Bicyclists cited Eugene as 1 of 10 "Gold-level" cities in the U.S. because of its "remarkable commitments to bicycling."

strong field

, at the Securicor Games in London, she beat a strong field to win in 14:48.36. The program at the Olympic Games in Atlanta was sufficiently scheduled to allow O'Sullivan to contest both the 5000 m and 1500 m events. Her early season form and world title the previous year had made her one of the favourites for the 5000 m; however, news of double-world record holder Wang Junxia competing made many observers revise their opinion. In the heats everything seemed on track when she easily

development campaign

KEUG 105.5 FM - '''McArthur Court''' is a basketball arena located on the campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon) and the former home of the Oregon Ducks men's and women's basketball teams, replaced in 2011 by Matthew Knight Arena.

: Campaign Oregon accessdate 2008-05-24

Eugene, Oregon

'''Eugene''' ( east of the Oregon Coast.

As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), Eugene has a population of 156,185, and Lane County (co-located with the Eugene-Springfield (Springfield, Oregon) Metropolitan Statistical Area (Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) (MSA) has a population of 351,715.

Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. The city is also noted for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities (especially bicycling (Cycling), running jogging, rafting, kayaking), and focus on the arts. Eugene's slogan is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors". It is also referred to as the "Emerald City", and as "Track Town, USA". Caple, Jim (July 4, 2008). "Why did we have to wait so long for the trials to return to Pre Country?". ESPN. Retrieved 2010-06-07. The Nike corporation (Nike, Inc.) had its beginnings in Eugene.

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