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early debut

23 millones menor edad elpepidep 20060601elpepidep_1 Tes His performance was well received by the press, http: diario 2003 07 06 d-06215.htm http: diario 2003 07 06 c-585306.htm http: 509319-muy-frio-san-lorenzo-gano-un-clasico-pobre Despite his early debut, Agüero was not selected again by Ruggeri, and his replacement Osvaldo Sosa, for the remainder of 2002–03 season (2002–03 Argentine Primera División), having only made just one appearance in the Torneo Clausura (2002–03 in Argentine football). Following the arrival of coach Jose Omar Pastoriza, seven months after Agüero's first match he returned to the club's first-team in 4-2 win against Peru's (Peru) Cienciano during the group stages of the 2004 Copa Libertadores. This meant that Agüero also became the youngest player to participate in the Copa Libertadores, a record that he held for three years. http: nota.php?id_nota 341620 One month later, Agüero again featured in a Copa Libertadores fixture against Ecuador's (Ecuador) El Nacional (Club Deportivo El Nacional). On 19 June, for the first time, Agüero played a full 90 minute match for Independiente against Atlético de Rafaela during the Torneo Clausura (2003–04 Argentine Primera División). http: ctematicos clausura2004 partido 2388.shtml He scored his first goal for Independiente in a 2-2 draw against Estudiantes (Estudiantes de la Plata) on 26 November, with a 22nd minute shot from outside the penalty area. http: ctematicos apertura2004 partido 2661.shtml

community working

in the latter part of the 1950s. Today, immigration from Portugal is practically nonexistent, but the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) population is stable thanks largely to immigration from Brazil and several Lusophone countries in Africa, especially Cape Verde. There is the Portugal Day festival every June and a Brazilian festival in September. Brazilians and Portuguese are joined by immigrants from Ecuador and Mexico and a growing non-immigrant community working in New York City

historical annual

. In 1900 the force amounted to only one cruiser of 1,700 tons displacement (displacement (ship)), a screw-driven steamer (steamboat), and ten smaller ships - the latter described by a contemporary British publication as "of no real value". Keltie, J.S., ed. ''The Statesman's Year Book: Statistical and Historical Annual of the States of the World for the Year 1900''. New York: MacMillan, 1900. p 887. (Retrieved via Google Books 3 4 11.) The lengthy process of expansion and rebuilding started in 1907 with the acquisition in the United Kingdom of the protected cruisers ''Almirante Grau'' and ''Coronel Bolognesi'', followed by the arrival of two submarines, ''Ferré'' and ''Palacios'', from France in 1911. During the Presidency (President of Peru) of Augusto B. Leguía (Augusto Bernardino Leguia Y Salcedo) (1919–1930) a Navy Ministry (Ministry (government department)) was established as well as a Navy Aviation Corps (Naval aviation), both in 1920. Border conflicts with Colombia in 1911 and 1932 and a war (Ecuadorian-Peruvian War) with Ecuador in 1941 saw Peruvian warships involved in some skirmishes in support of the Army (Peruvian Army). The attack on Pearl Harbor brought World War II to the Pacific and even though Peru did not declare war on the Axis (Axis Powers) until 1945, its Navy was involved in patrol missions against possible threats by the Imperial Japanese Navy from early 1942 up to mid-1945. During the 1970s and the first half of the 1980s the Peruvian Navy carried out a major buildup programme

important music

importers are the United States, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Spain. They have performed in the most important cities of Colombia and also in other countries like Ecuador and United States. And have partaken in important music festivals like "Rock al Parque 2003" in Bogotá, Colombia, and in the "Festival Ímpetu 2004" in Ecuador. Subspecies from humid regions (e.g. the Amazon basin) are generally greener with pure yellow

largest historical

vocal album

understood the language, because she has grown up with her father, who is a native of Ecuador. He added "Her Latin roots are undeniable". The album peaked at number twenty-seven on the Billboard 200 and went number one on the Billboard Latin Charts for a record 20 weeks. In 2001, it won Aguilera a Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album. The album went Gold in the U.S. She also won the World Music Award as the best selling Latin artist that year

, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Spain, among other countries. They were also nominated again for the fifth annual Latin Grammy awards, where they won the award for "Best Pop Vocal Group Album" for the second time around. After a successful gain as Better Pop Vocal Album by Duet or Group- by second consecutive year. Also, after a successful miniseason in Teatro Metropólitan of Mexico (3,300 spectators), they received the opportunity to play for the first time

training scientific

''' is a private Ecuadorian Non profit NGO (nongovernmental organisation) founded in 1985. The purpose of this organisation is outlined on its website as: Network of biological reserves The Jatun Sacha Foundation is an Ecuadorian non governmental non profit, private organization. It was legally established in 1989 by Ministerial Agreement No. 270 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Jatun Sacha mission is to promote the conservation of the Ecuador's biodiversity, through technical training

, scientific research, environmental education programs at national and international level, sustainable management of natural resources, community development, and the training of leaders with ethnic and gender participation. A major part of this foundation's function is the ownership and management of biological reserves which are found throughout Ecuador , which range in size from around 4 square kilometres to just over 25 square kilometres. Each reserve has

years growing

to Italy has always been the neighbouring North Africa (in particular, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia), with soaring arrivals as a consequence of the Arab Spring. Furthermore, in recent years, growing migration fluxes from the Far East (notably, China (People's Republic of China) "Milan police in Chinatown clash". BBC News. 13 April 2007. and the Philippines) and Latin America ( Ecuador

came from the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe (especially Romania, Albania, Ukraine and Poland). The second most important area of immigration to Italy has always been the neighbouring North Africa (in particular, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia), with soaring arrivals as a consequence of the Arab Spring. Furthermore, in recent years, growing migration fluxes from the Far East (notably, China (People's Republic of China) " http

quot species

, the animal’s woolly coat is essential. During the wet season, mountain tapirs tend to inhabit the forests of the Andes, while during the drier months, they move to the páramo where there are fewer biting insects to pester them.

active projects

, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru, though some countries do not currently have active projects. Common lancehead Tropical lowlands of South America east of the Andes, including southeastern Colombia, southern and eastern Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, eastern Ecuador, eastern Peru, northern Bolivia and the northern half of Brazil It includes more than 20 nations: Mexico


'''Ecuador''' ( west of the mainland.

Ecuador's official language is Spanish (Spanish language), which is spoken by 94% of the population; thirteen indigenous languages are also recognized, including Quichua (Quichua language) and Shuar (Shuar language). Ecuador has a land area of 283,520 km 2 and a population of approximately 15.2 million. Its capital city is Quito, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1970s for having the best preserved and least altered historic center (Historic Center of Quito) in Latin America. url http: en list 2 title City of Quito publisher accessdate 2010-06-26 The country's largest city is Guayaquil. The historic center of Cuenca (Cuenca, Ecuador), the third-largest city in the country in size and economically, url http: BibliotecaPortlet descargar 802ca618-9bb7-4ada-81ca-647f2b133c06 title Statistics of income tax for Ecuador Cities publisher date 2008-12-31 accessdate 2008-12-31 was also declared a World Heritage Site in 1999 as an outstanding example of a planned, inland Spanish-style colonial city in the Americas. url http: en list 863 title Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca publisher date 1999-12-02 accessdate 2010-06-26

In addition to its rich history, Ecuador is known for hosting a variety of species, many of them endemic (endemism), such as those of the Galápagos Islands. It is one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world, , Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. Retrieved 2009-09-07.

Ecuador is a presidential (presidential system) republic. In the territory now known as Ecuador there existed many indigenous groups before it became a part of the Inca Empire. It became an independent country in 1830 after having been part of the Spanish colonial empire (Spanish colonization of the Americas) and, for a much shorter time, of the republic of Gran Colombia. It is a medium-income country with an HDI (Human Development Index) score of 0.711 (2013).

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