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'''Farkhor Air Base''' is a military air base located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan, . It is operated by the Indian Air Force

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singing in a quintet led by her husband, Sergey Nikitin (Sergey Nikitin (musician)). They worked together as biophysicists (biophysics) (both have Ph.D.s in Physics) as well as singers, creating many popular songs. Together they recorded more than 15 CDs and Vinyls (see works (Sergey Nikitin (musician)#Works)). - 24. November 18, 2007 Dushanbe, Tajikistan WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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into tiny pieces" Information Clearing House The Independent, 8 September 2007 ;Access The best time for visiting is May-October for trekking and July-September for mountaineering ''', when the weather is usually at its best. Access is generally from Pendjikent , which can be reached either from Dushanbe or Samarkand. Main characters '''Captain Maksim Mikhailovich Rukov''' was born on 12 January 1966

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the country in the early 90's due to a civil war that ended around 1997. For the next few years he lived in Almaty, Kazakhstan and then returned to Dushanbe. Among his recent work is music for feature movies. Nazarov is of the Pamiri (Pamiri people) ethnic group and many of his songs are in Shughni language. The dam is located in a deep gorge along the Vakhsh River in western Tajikistan, about WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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on the same day you submitted your application so that the processing takes, depending on how busy it is at the embassy, about an hour. The staff is neither friendly nor helpful. Go next There are many drivers for hire who will take you to lakes and mountains nearby. Varzob River also has some vacation areas with raised platforms above the narrow river, which is quite refreshing on a hot day. Be aware that the drivers will most likely not speak English, so a working knowledge of Russian or Tajik is advisable, as are haggling skills. WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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around By bus A number of bus services operate in Dushanbe, however there is not much clarity which one goes to where. By marshrukta It is very useful to figure out the marshrukta system (private cars and minibuses), which run on a standard set of routes. Minibuses are overcrowded, stop more frequently, and cost 1 somoni, while private cars are much quicker and cost 3 somoni. For marshrukti, the only important phrase is "hamin jo" (ha-MEEN JOH), which means "

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1-1 Draw 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualification (2010 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)) - However, the emir had won only a temporary respite. As the civil war in Russia wound down, Moscow sent reinforcements to Central Asia. On 2 September 1920, an army of well-disciplined and well equipped Red Army troops under the command of Bolshevik general Mikhail Frunze attacked the city (Bukhara operation (1920)). After four days of fighting, the emir’s citadel (Arc) was destroyed, the red flag was raised from the top of Kalyan Minaret (Po-i-Kalyan), and the Emir Alim Khan was forced to flee to his base at Dushanbe (in present-day Tajikistan), and finally to Kabul, Afghanistan, where he died in 1944. He is buried at the Shuadoi Solehin cemetery. Scouting started in Tajikistan in 1991, by two young citizens, one a Christian and the other a Muslim, following their participation in the Congress of the Federation of Russian Scouts (Russian Association of Scouts Navigators) that met in Saint Petersburg. In spite of the civil war which broke out in May 1992, Scout troops took root in Dushanbe and in Khujand, far from the conflicts. The return to relative calm at the beginning of 1995 allowed the expansion of Scouting into the countryside through the rural school system. A Scout troop has even been created in the prison for youthful offenders in Dushanbe. Starting in April 1992, a national Scout association was gradually formed with the help of the Eurasian Region. Ittihodi Scouthoi Tojikiston was officially registered in October 1993 and is the only non-governmental youth organization which is structured and active in the country, enjoying the support of the authorities, notably the National Commission for UNESCO and several foreign development agencies represented in the country. Ittihodi Scouthoi Tojikiston's credibility is largely due to its openness to all ethnic and religious groups, and also to its efficiency and effectiveness in working under very difficult conditions with extremely limited resources. *Dobrich – known as Bagarzic between 1913–1940, Tolbuhin between 1945-1990. It was known Hacıoğlu Pazarcık during Ottoman rule *Dushanbe – known as Stalinabad between 1929–1961 and renamed Dushanbe after the De-Stalinization period in the Soviet Union. *Dún Laoghaire, Ireland (Republic of Ireland) – formerly known as Kingstown Ismail defeats the Saffarids and Zaydids thumb right 200px Statue of Amir Isma'il Samani in Dushanbe (File:Dushanbe IsmailSamani.jpg), Tajikistan Even after his brother Nasr's death, Ismail's rule in Bukhara was not formally recognized by the caliph at that point. As a result, the Saffarid ruler 'Amr-i Laith (Amr-i Laith Saffari) himself asked the caliph for the investiture of Transoxiana. The caliph, Al-Mu'tadid however sent Ismail a letter urging him to fight Amr-i Laith and the Saffarids whom the caliph considered usurpers. According to the letter, the caliph stated that he prayed for Ismail who the caliph considered as the rightful ruler of Khorasan (Greater Khorasan). The book of government, or, Rules for kings: the Siyar al-Muluk, or, Siyasat-nama of Nizam al-Mulk, Niẓām al-Mulk, Hubert Darke, pg.18-19 The letter had a profound effect on Ismail, as he was determined to oppose the Saffarids. * '''UTDD''' (DYU) – Dushanbe Airport – Dushanbe, Tajikistan * '''UTDL''' (LBD) &ndash

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diversity journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. volume 98 issue 18 pages 10244–9 year 2001 month August pmid 11526236 pmc 56946 doi 10.1073 pnas.171305098 url http: www.pnas.org cgi pmidlookup?view long&pmid 11526236 5% (1 20) H-M69 in a sample of Syrians,

perspective journal Science volume 290 issue 5494 pages 1155–9 year 2000 month November pmid 11073453 url http: www.sciencemag.org cgi pmidlookup?view long&pmid 11073453 doi 10.1126 science.290.5494.1155 4% (2 45) H1-M52 in a sample of Uzbeks from Samarkand, 4% (2 53) H1-M52 in a sample of Iranians from Samarkand, 3% (2 70) H1-M52 in a sample of Uzbeks from Khwarazm Province Khorezm

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'''Dushanbe''' ( ). As of 2014, Dushanbe has a population of 778,500.

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