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around By bus A number of bus services operate in Dushanbe, however there is not much clarity which one goes to where. By marshrukta It is very useful to figure out the marshrukta system (private cars and minibuses), which run on a standard set of routes. Minibuses are overcrowded, stop more frequently, and cost 1 somoni, while private cars are much quicker and cost 3 somoni. For marshrukti, the only important phrase is "hamin jo" (ha-MEEN JOH), which means "


were operating at 20 or 25% of capacity. The causes are outmoded equipment, low investment levels, and lack of markets. To revitalize the sector, in 2006 the government was considering renationalizing some enterprises. Tajikistan’s only major heavy industries are aluminum processing and chemical production (chemical industry). The former, which provided 40% of industrial production in 2005, is centered at the Tursunzoda processing plant, the latter in Dushanbe, Qurghonteppa, and Yavan. Aluminum production increased by 6% in 2005. Some small light industrial plants produce textiles and processed foods (food processing), using mainly domestic agricultural products. The textile industry processes about 20% of domestically grown cotton. The expansion of light industry output contributed significantly to GDP growth in 2005. The construction industry, about half of which is state-owned, has suffered from low investment in capital projects and from shoddy workmanship that has discouraged international contracts. However, new infrastructure projects and increased housing construction brought a 60% increase in output from 2004 to 2005. As of 2009, one third of industrial plants and factories are inactive, according to Tajikistan's Institute of Economic Studies. Industrial output has fallen by 13% in the first six months of 2009, leading to a fall in export revenues of 48%. thumb (Image:Fan Mountains 282.jpg) Most of Tajikistan's transportation system was built during the Soviet era (Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic), and since that time the system has deteriorated badly because of insufficient investment and maintenance. Neither the Soviet system nor subsequently built infrastructure addressed the topographical division (Geography_of_Tajikistan#Topography_and_drainage) between the northern and southern regions of the country. Beginning in 2005, a series of major transportation projects sought to rectify this problem. The first such project, the Anzob Tunnel, was inaugurated in 2006, providing a year-round road link from Dushanbe to northern Tajikistan. Nevertheless, construction is still ongoing at the site as the tunnel still lacks a ventilation system and is not paved. Air transport is considered unreliable. Tajikistan country profile. Library of Congress Federal Research Division (January 2007). ''This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.'' For transport in the Soviet Union, see Transport in the Soviet Union. thumb Eu 733 0-10-0 (Image:Eu 733 Locomotive.JPG) in a Park near the mian railway station Dushanbe, Tajikistan Unlike the other former Soviet states of Central Asia, Tajikistan did not form armed forces based upon former Soviet units on its territory. Instead, the Russian Ministry of Defence (Ministry of Defence (Russia)) took control of the Dushanbe-based 201st Motor Rifle Division; actually control simply shifted from the former district headquarters in Tashkent, which was in now-independent Uzbekistan, to Moscow. Also present in the country was a large contingent of Soviet border guards, which transitioned into a Russian-officered force with Tajik conscripts. For a long period a CIS peacekeeping force, built around the 201st MRD, was in place in the country. Europe Foreign Minister Zarifi met with Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Foreign Minister of Spain and the Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on April 14, 2007. Moratinos praised Tajikistan's role in improving regional security and borders. He expressed his and the OSCE's support for changing a draft law on non-governmental organizations. Turkey recognized the independence of Tajikistan on 16 December 1991 and established diplomatic relations on 29 January 1992. The Turkish Embassy in Dushanbe was opened in 4 August 1992 and the Tajik Embassy in Ankara was opened in 16 October 1995. Following the hijacking, India drastically increased its efforts to help Massoud, providing an arms depot in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. India's Afghan policy WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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'''Farkhor Air Base''' is a military air base located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan, . It is operated by the Indian Air Force

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became a staunch patron of Islamic architecture and spread the Islamo-Persian culture deep into the heart of Central Asia. Also, Ismail Samani, who is considered the father of the Tajik nation, promoted Muslim missionary efforts around the region. The population within Central Asia began firmly accepting Islam in significant numbers, notably in Taraz, now in modern day Kazakhstan. During the Soviet era, efforts to secularize society were largely unsuccessful and the post-Soviet era has seen a marked increase in religious practice. The number of Muslims who fast during the holy month of Ramadan is high; up to 99 % of Muslims in the countryside and 70 % in the cities fasted during the latest month of Ramadan (2004). Most Shia Muslims, particularly the Ismaili reside in the remote Gorno-Badakhshan region as well as certain districts of the southern Khatlon region and in Dushanbe. Among other religions, the Russian Orthodox faith is practiced only by the Russians living therein although the Russian community shrank significantly in the early 1990s. Some other small Christian groups now enjoy relative freedom of worship. There also is a very tiny Jewish community. - Dushanbe align center — WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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title Study Package For Clat 2nd Edition year 2010 publisher Tata McGraw-Hill Education isbn 0071074686 pages B-349 in collaboration with the Tajikistan Air Force (Military_of_Tajikistan#Air_Force). WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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:#FFCCCC" 1 17 November 2010 Dushanbe, Tajikistan U23 1–0 W Kohistani (Israfeel Kohistani) Kohistani (Israfeel Kohistani) International friendly (Exhibition game) -style "background-color


singing in a quintet led by her husband, Sergey Nikitin (Sergey Nikitin (musician)). They worked together as biophysicists (biophysics) (both have Ph.D.s in Physics) as well as singers, creating many popular songs. Together they recorded more than 15 CDs and Vinyls (see works (Sergey Nikitin (musician)#Works)). - 24. November 18, 2007 Dushanbe, Tajikistan 1-1 Draw 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualification

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Ismail Samani alt Tajik:Ҳайкали Исмоили Сомонӣ, Russian: Арка и памятник Исмаилу Самани. address Prospekt Aiani lat 38.5740 long 68.7854 directions At the south rim of Rudaki Park content A monument to the 10th-century founder of the Samanid dynasty. This statue commemorates the one for whom the currency is named. Apparently, the crown is 10 kilograms of tajik gold. Beware: the police at the bottom may ask for money if you take photos, so stand far back and use your zoom! (and don't encourage this bad behaviour!). * WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe

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diversity journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. volume 98 issue 18 pages 10244–9 year 2001 month August pmid 11526236 pmc 56946 doi 10.1073 pnas.171305098 url http: www.pnas.org cgi pmidlookup?view long&pmid 11526236 5% (1 20) H-M69 in a sample of Syrians,

perspective journal Science volume 290 issue 5494 pages 1155–9 year 2000 month November pmid 11073453 url http: www.sciencemag.org cgi pmidlookup?view long&pmid 11073453 doi 10.1126 science.290.5494.1155 4% (2 45) H1-M52 in a sample of Uzbeks from Samarkand, 4% (2 53) H1-M52 in a sample of Iranians from Samarkand, 3% (2 70) H1-M52 in a sample of Uzbeks from Khwarazm Province Khorezm

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singing in a quintet led by her husband, Sergey Nikitin (Sergey Nikitin (musician)). They worked together as biophysicists (biophysics) (both have Ph.D.s in Physics) as well as singers, creating many popular songs. Together they recorded more than 15 CDs and Vinyls (see works (Sergey Nikitin (musician)#Works)). - 24. November 18, 2007 Dushanbe, Tajikistan WikiPedia:Dushanbe Commons:Category:Dushanbe


'''Dushanbe''' ( ). As of 2014, Dushanbe has a population of 778,500.

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