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in spring and autumn. The waters of Dubai are home to more than 300 species of fish, including the hammour. The typical marine life off the Dubai coast includes tropical fish, jellyfish, coral, dugong, dolphins, whales and sharks. Various types of turtles can also be found in the area including the Hawksbill turtle (Hawksbill) and Green Turtle, which are listed as endangered species. home articles entertainment events-and-festivals

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Azmat went on to pursue his career as a solo singer. Ali Azmat Explains Going Solo Retrieved on April 19, 2011. Later the same year, he released his debut solo album, ''Social Circus (Social Circus (album))''. Social Circus Review Retrieved on July 25, 2010. Social

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Wind'') is a 1987 Malayalam (Malayalam film) satirical film (satire) film directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and written by Sreenivasan (Sreenivasan (actor)). The story revolves around two impecunious young Malayali men, Ramdas aka (Pseudonym) Dasan (Mohanlal) and Vijayan (Sreenivasan (Sreenivasan (actor))) who not being able to find any job in Kerala, plan to go to Dubai to make their fortunes, but get deceived and they end up in Tamil Nadu. Being jobless

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Skillset Media Academy status by the Government Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills) thumb left Rahman on stage at Sydney concert 2010 (File:02ARRahman Sydney Concert 2010.jpg) Since 2004, Rahman has performed three successful world tours to audiences in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and India. Commons:Category:Dubai Wikipedia:Dubai Dmoz:Regional Middle East United Arab Emirates Dubai

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stands at around $9.2 billion per annum (2009). Iran Daily - Domestic Economy - 01 24 09 Fifteen percent of all imports to Iran are through Kish. Dubai, United Arab Emirates small>


August 2008 accessdate 3 August 2008 url http: 2008 08 03 emirates-a380-arrives-in-new-york accessdate 30 December 2011 Qantas followed on 19 September 2008, starting flights between Melbourne and Los Angeles in October 2008.<

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to Pakistani television (Media in Pakistan). Foreign governments, particularly those that own marketable commercial products or services, often promote their interests and positions through the advertising of those goods because the target audience is not only largely unaware of the forum as vehicle for foreign messaging but also willing to receive the message while in a mental state of absorbing information from advertisements during television commercial

http: http: article 2007 03 22 us-dubai-marvel-idUSL2171124120070322 archivedate September 28, 2011 deadurl no In early 2007 Marvel and developer the Al Ahli Group announced plans to build Marvel's first full theme park, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by 2011. :Foreign governments, particularly those that own marketable commercial products or services, often promote their interests and positions through

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates years_active 2004 - 2009 The '''Dubai Desert Rock Festival''' was an event celebrating various styles of rock and metal music on one stage in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At the time, it was the only festival of its kind in the Middle East. As well as live music, extreme sports were also featured as crowd attractions. Dubai Desert Rock was originally a one-day festival, but it was expanded over two days in 2007 and 2008


is located south of Deira, while the Palm Deira (Palm Deira#The Palm, Deira) is located north of Deira in the Persian Gulf. Much of Dubai's real-estate boom is concentrated to the west of Dubai Creek, on the Jumeirah coastal belt. Port Rashid, Jebel Ali, Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah and theme-based free-zone clusters such as Business Bay are all located in this section. Climate Dubai has a hot desert climate. Summers in Dubai


Music Conference . House Music can now even be heard in the Middle East in cities such as Dubai & Abu Dhabi at events like Creamfields headlined by international DJs and producers including Deadmau5 and David Guetta as well as local based DJs such as Greg Stainer. thumb right Atrium Lobby of the Jin Mao Tower Shanghai Grand Hyatt (File:Shanghai Grand Hyatt Atrium.jpg), Shanghai, China thumb right Lobby of the Burj al Arab (File:Burj al Arab lobby March 2008panob.jpg) in Dubai, United Emirates thumb right Savoy Hotel (File:Savoy Hotel, London.jpg), London, England *The Library Hotel in New York City, is unique in that each of its ten floors is assigned one category from the Dewey Decimal System. * The Burj al-Arab hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, built on an artificial island, is structured in the shape of a boat's sail. * The Jailhotel Löwengraben in Lucerne, Switzerland is a converted prison now used as a hotel. Underwater hotels Some hotels have accommodation underwater, such as Utter Inn in Lake Mälaren, Sweden. Hydropolis, project cancelled 2004 in Dubai, would have had suites on the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida requires scuba diving to access its rooms. Arab states of the Persian Gulf India and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf enjoy strong cultural and economic ties. This is reflected in the fact that more than 50% of the oil consumed by India comes from the Persian Gulf countries Commons:Category:Dubai Wikipedia:Dubai Dmoz:Regional Middle East United Arab Emirates Dubai


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Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature (Federal National Council). The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa. D Long, B Reich. p.157 The city of Dubai is located on the emirate's northern coastline and heads up the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Dubai is to host World Expo 2020.

Dubai has emerged as a global city and business hub of the Persian Gulf region.

As of 2012, Dubai is the 22nd most expensive city in the world and the most expensive city in the Middle East.

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