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; World Champion (Athletics (track and field)): 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, European Champion (European Championships in Athletics): 1986; Champion of the USSR: 1984, 1985. * Nikita Khrushchev, General Secretary (General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) and Premier (Premier of the Soviet Union) of the Soviet Union 1953–1964 (born in Kalinovka (Kalinovka, Khomutovsky District, Kursk Oblast), Kursk Oblast

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the different track and field sports, Donetsk especially has a big name in pole vaulting. Sergey Bubka, regarded by many as the greatest pole vaulter in history, grew up in the city, and also started in 1992 an annual pole vaulting event in Donetsk, called Pole Vault Stars. Bubka himself set the world indoor record (Men's pole vault indoor world record progression) at the event three times (1990, 1991, 1993). His indoor world pole vault record of 6.15m, set in the Donetsk

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champion Feofanova into bronze with reigning Olympic (2000 Summer Olympics) champion Dragila taking silver. The IAAF considered all three records to be over-all (outdoor) records, hence the indoor and outdoor records now stood at 4.86 m At an indoor meeting on 12 February in Donetsk, Ukraine, Isinbayeva set a new indoor world record. She cleared 4.91 m. In March she successfully defended her World Indoor title in front of a homeland crowd in Moscow, Russia. During the 2006

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-pro-russia-forces.html?hpw&rref world&_r 0 Ukrainian Officials in East Act to Blunt Pro-Russian Forces , The New York Times (MARCH 7, 2014) Donetsk became one of the centers of the 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine. On 7 April 2014, pro-Russian activists seized control of Donetsk's government building and declared the "Donetsk People's Republic",

leading opposition

election the status of the Russian language in Ukraine was brought up again by the opposition parties. The leading opposition party, Party of Regions, promised to introduce two official languages, Russian and Ukrainian, on the national and regional levels. Russian language is legalized. Party of Regions information server On the national level such changes require modifying Article 10

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; №193 за 24.08.2006. Ринат Ахметов: "Я не хочу умирать!" and his mother, Nyakiya Akhmetova, was a shop assistant. Rinat Akhmetov has an older brother, Igor, who as well worked as a coal miner but had to resign due work related health complications (Occupational disease). Rinat Akhmetov Fights Against TB with Brother’s Disease in Memories DATE OF BIRTH 21 September 1966 PLACE OF BIRTH Donetsk, Donetsk

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East Germany '') have completed their higher education at either one of the two main universities in Donetsk. Donetsk is also the home of the Donetsk National Medical University, which was founded in 1930 and became one of the largest medical universities in the Soviet Union. There are also several scientific research institutes and an Islamic University within Donetsk. Donetsk is also the home of the Prokofiev Donetsk State Music Academy, a music conservatory founded in 1960. Twinnings Donetsk participates in international town twinning schemes to foster good international relations. Partners include: class "wikitable" - valign "top" * WikiPedia:Donetsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Donetsk Oblast Donetsk commons:Донецк

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the Laureus World Sports Award for Sportswoman of the Year in recognition of her achievements – it was also the fifth time she had been nominated for the award in as many years. Isinbayeva wins prestigious world sports award again. IAAF (27 May 2009). Retrieved on 30 May 2009. '''FC Metalurh Donetsk''' ( WikiPedia:Donetsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Donetsk Oblast Donetsk commons:Донецк

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in the Donbas (about 40%) and the Crimea (about 30%). Soviet conspiracy theories and political culture in Ukraine:Understanding Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Region by Taras Kuzio (23 August 2011) Currently there are three major new airport terminals under construction in Donetsk, Lviv and Kiev, a new airport has already opened in Kharkiv


'''Donetsk''' ( ; former names: '''Oleksandrivka''', '''Yuzivka''', '''Stalinе''', see also: cities' alternative names (Names of European cities in different languages: C-D#D)) is an industrial city in Ukraine on the Kalmius River. Administratively, it is a centre of Donetsk Oblast, while historically, it is the unofficial capital and largest city of the larger economic and cultural Donets Basin (''Donbas'') region. The city of Donetsk is adjacent to another major city of Makiivka and along with other surrounding cities forms a major urban sprawl and conurbation in the region. Donetsk is a major economic, industrial and scientific centre of Ukraine with a high concentration of companies and a skilled workforce.

The city was first mentioned in 1779 as Oleksandrivka, by the Ukrainian cossacks after ruining of the Zaporizka Sich by the Russian Emperatrice Katherine II in 1775. In 1869 Welsh (Wales) businessman, John Hughes (John Hughes (businessman)) constructed a steel plant and several coal mines (coal mining) in the region; the town was thus named '''Yuzivka''' (Юзівка) in recognition of his role in its founding ("Yuz" being a Russian or Ukrainian approximation of Hughes). During Soviet (Soviet Union) times, the city's steel industry was expanded. In 1924 it was renamed ''Stalinе'' (Сталіне), and in 1932 the city became the centre of the Donetsk region. Renamed Donetsk in 1961, the city today remains the centre for Ukraine's coal mining and notable steel industry centre.


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