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. The market near the river has traditional African spices, incense, and fruits such as guava, sour sop and custard apple. Eat *'''Paradiso restaurant''' found on the road to Harar near the edge of town is regarded as the best Italian in town. It is most famous for lasagna and the roasted goat meat with rice. The traditional Ethiopian dishes are also of high quality. *'''Samrat Hotel''' has good variety(including an Indian menu) and good looking food in large quantities. It does not taste

local history

Italian control left Addis Ababa: it brought Italy's 46th Infantry Regiment and finally closed the pincers of the two Italian invasion forces. The occupation of the town was more or less a formality, Nordic Africa Institute. "Local History in Ethiopia". Accessed 1 Mar 2008. although resistance fighters known as ''Arbegnoch'' ("Patriots"


brigade of the King's African Rifles captured Asella on 10 April 1941, after pursuing General De Simone (Carlo De Simone) south from Dire Dawa and forcing their way past the Awash River and a dug-in Italian position. Brigade headquarters were afterwards set up in the town. "Local History in Ethiopia" (pdf) The Nordic Africa Institute website (accessed 7 December

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: www.ethnologue.com show_language.asp?code gax title Oromo, Borana-Arsi-Guji publisher ethnologue.com)

medical career

in Awash about that time. Richard Pankhurst, ''Economic History of Ethiopia'' (Addis Ababa: Haile Selassie I University, 1968), p. 334. The fourth post office in Ethiopia (after Harar, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa) was established in Awash on 1 September 1923, but it may not have been much of a point of origin and arrival but rather a place on the line between the capital and the coast. Early life and medical career Born in the capital city of Addis Ababa, Asrat Woldeyes was about three years old when his family moved to the eastern Ethiopian town of Dire Dawa. He was eight years old at the time of the Italian invasion (Second Italo-Abyssinian War). His father, Ato Weldeyes Altaye, was captured and murdered along with thousands of other civilians following the attempted assassination of the Italian General Graziani (Rodolfo Graziani) on February 19, 1937 in Addis Ababa. His mother died shortly afterwards. '''Awash National Park''' is one of the National Parks (National parks in Ethiopia) of Ethiopia. Located at the southern tip of the Afar Region, this park is 225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa (and a few kilometers west of Awash), with its southern boundary along the Awash River, and covers at least 756 square kilometers of acacia woodland and grassland. The Addis Ababa - Dire Dawa highway passes through this park, separating the Illala Saha Plains to the south from the Kudu Valley to the north. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has amazing waterfalls. In the upper Kudu Valley at Filwoha are hot springs amid groves of palm trees (Arecaceae). History Asella town got its start before the Second Italian-Abyssinian War. The Italian occupiers wanted to make Asela into a provincial capital, but they were unable to build more than one two-story building and some warehouses of masonry. The 6th brigade and two companies of the 5th brigade of the King's African Rifles captured Asella on 10 April 1941, after pursuing General De Simone (Carlo De Simone) south from Dire Dawa and forcing their way past the Awash River and a dug-in Italian position. Brigade headquarters were afterwards set up in the town. "Local History in Ethiopia" (pdf) The Nordic Africa Institute website (accessed 7 December 2007) Commons:Category:Dire Dawa

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very good though. *'''African Village''' has good traditional food. *'''Peacock Hotel''' has some nice ice cream and pool tables. Drink Sleep Budget Basic accommodations are in abundance. Mid-range *'''Ras Hotel''', close to downtown in Dire-Dawa is quite pricey for the offerings. *'''African Village''' is near Tsehay (pronounced say hey) hotel. It offers traditional looking huts and has a communal courtyard for meeting other people. The prices are reasonable

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spelling in brackets): Degehabur (Dhagaxbuur), Kebri Dahar (Qabridahare), Ferfer (Feerfeer), Shilavo (Shilaabo), Geladin (Geladi), Kelafo (Qalaafe), Werder (Wardheer) and Shinile (Shiniile). The region borders Kenya to the south-west, the Ethiopian regions of Oromia, Afar (Afar Region) and Dire Dawa (Diridhawa) to the west, Djibouti

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-05-05 Commons:Category:Dire Dawa

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''' currently consists only of a line from Djibouti to Dire Dawa. The line continues from Dire Dawa to Addis Ababa, but is no longer operational. A new rail network is planned. In 1912, Afeworq moved to Eritrea where he established an import-export business. On the death of Emperor Menelik, he attempted to ingratiate himself with his successor, Emperor Iyasu V (Iyasu V of Ethiopia), by writing poems lauding the young man; when Iyasu was deposed in a coup four years later, writes Bahru Zewde, "With the amazing dexterity for volte-face that was to be the hallmark of his career and character, Afäwärq composed an equally condemnatory poem on Iyyasu." Bahru Zewde, ''Pioneers'', p. 55 This latter tactic apparently succeeded in reconciling him with the new authorities, for in 1917 or 1918 he was back in Addis Ababa. By 1922 he had become the ''Nagadras'' of Dire Dawa in 1922, then between 1925 and 1930 Afaworq served as president of the special court that heard cases involving foreigners and Ethiopians. He was appointed ''charge d'affairs'' in Rome for the Ethiopian government, a position which Bahru Zewde notes that, due to "his known predilection for the Italians and his record of treason" might not have made him the best candidate for this position, but Bahru goes on to quote the American representative in Ethiopia, Addison E. Southard, who observed Haile Selassie wanted "to get rid of Afawork locally who has the reputation for being an obstreperous and fire-eating old gentleman with potentialities for stirring ... trouble." Regardless of his deeper allegiances, Afawork found himself in a difficult situation, being forced to rely on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy)) to send his telegrams home. Bahru Zewde, ''Pioneers'', p. 56 birth_date Commons:Category:Dire Dawa


), pp. 19f. Aleqa Gebre Igziabiher Elyas's narrative supports Marcus in that Iyasu fled to the desert where his Afar supporters helped him. Gebre-Igziabiher Elyas ''Prowess, Piety, and Politics: The Chronicle of Abeto Iyasu and Empress Zewditu of Ethiopia (1909-1930)'', translated by Edward Molvaer (Köln: Rüdiger Köppe, 1994), p. 366, with a list of his 17 supporters. In either case, Harar failed him as a base of support and he took refuge in the desert. Most

historical studies

in holding Dire Dawa (17–18 August 1977) against the Somali Army was decisive in winning the Ogaden War. Tareke, Gebru. "The Ethiopia-Somalia War of 1977 Revisited" in the ''International Journal of African Historical Studies'', Vol. 33, No. 3 (2000), pp. 645–647. Accessed 13 May 2009. The war led to Somali diaspora widespread dislocation

Dire Dawa

'''Dire Dawa''' ( ) is one of two chartered cities (Administrative divisions of Ethiopia) (''astedader akabibi'') in Ethiopia (the other being the capital, Addis Ababa). It is divided administratively into two woredas, the city proper and the non-urban woreda of Gurgura.

Dire Dawa lies in the eastern part of the nation, on the Dechatu River, at the foot of a ring of cliffs that has been described as "somewhat like a cluster of tea-leaves in the bottom of a slop-basin." C.F. Beckham and G.W.B. Huntingford, ''Some Records of Ethiopia, 1593-1646'' (London: Hakluyt Society, 1954), p. 224 n.1. At a latitude and longitude of , it is the second largest city in Ethiopia.

The city is an industrial centre, home to several market (market (place))s and the Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport. Haramaya University is 40 kilometers away.

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