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web url http: friends.htm title Forgotten Friends publisher ChicagoTelevision accessdate 6 February 2011 birth_date She was born in Dayton, Ohio. After following her sister into a short stage career as a singer dancer, she was given her first movie role as Buster Keaton's leading lady in the film '' Steamboat Bill

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. Infantry under Lieutenant Colonel James Miller (James Miller (general)), the army marched north from Urbana (Urbana, Ohio) on 10 June. On instructions from Eustis, Hull ignored an earlier route established by Anthony Wayne, and created a new route to Detroit across the Black Swamp (Great Black Swamp) area of northwest Ohio. Elting, pp. 24-26 On 26 June, he received a letter from Eustis, dated 18 June, warning him that war was imminent and urging that he should

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, Galician (Galicia (Spain))-born father, Francisco Estevez, and an Irish mother, Mary Anne (née (Married and maiden names) Phelan). He is one of ten children, nine boys and one girl. DATE OF BIRTH February 13, 1950 PLACE OF BIRTH Dayton, Ohio, United States DATE OF DEATH Tate is also known for its drumline which has competed in annual world championship competitions in Dayton, Ohio. The school's colorguard is known as the "Tate

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of Commerce * Greater Dayton CVB Category:Populated places established in 1796 Category:Cities in Ohio Category:Wright brothers Category:County seats in Ohio (Category:Dayton, Ohio) Category:Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Category:Dayton metropolitan area Category:Cities in Montgomery County, Ohio

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(PEG) cable television station, Whitewater Community Television. Whitewater Community Television home page. In April 1923, General Motors created the General Motors Chemical Company (GMCC) to supervise the production of TEL by the DuPont company. Kettering was elected as president, and Midgley was vice president. However, after two deaths and several cases of lead poisoning at the TEL prototype plant in Dayton, Ohio, the staff at Dayton

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, listening and speaking. Parker advocated many of the current language experience and process writing approach methodologies. He believed that children should write across the content areas on subjects that interested them, for enjoyment and that the proper form would come with practice. All writing should be natural and connected to authentic and meaningful activities, using the child’s own vocabulary; in other words, experience based writing. Parker was a teacher, principal and a lecturer, who

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for a few years he lived in Fairfield and Hamilton, Ohio, where his parents owned and operated a pair of Cassano's Pizza King franchises. As a little boy, he would don an apron and red bow tie and make pizzas with his folks. When Gallagher was 11 years old, his father died on Christmas Day, 1971 from leukemia. His mother died ten years later of bladder cancer. He attended Chaminade-Julienne High School in downtown Dayton (graduating in 1978), where he was active in the school radio

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entry.php?rec 694 title Dayton Aviation History accessdate July 4, 2009 publisher Ohio History Central In 2008, 2009, and 2010, ''Site Selection'' magazine (Site Selection (magazine)) ranked Dayton the No. 1 mid-sized metropolitan area in the nation for economic development.

July 29, 2009

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other northern Ohio districts, including the 9th district (OH-09) and the 11th district (OH-11). Through most of the 1970s and 80s a localized version of this series also ran in Dayton, Ohio on WKEF television, which was at the time owned by Springfield Television Corporation in Massachusetts, but this version featured several different hosts during its run, including at one time future conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher. '''David

Dayton, Ohio

'''Dayton''' ( Dayton is situated within the Miami Valley (Miami Valley (Ohio)) region of Ohio just north of the Cincinnati–Northern Kentucky metropolitan area.

Ohio's borders are within Dayton also plays host to significant research and development in fields like industrial, aeronautical (aeronautics), and astronautical (astronautics) engineering that have led to many technological innovations. Much of this innovation is due in part to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and its place within the community. With the decline of heavy manufacturing, Dayton's businesses have diversified into a service economy that includes insurance and legal sectors as well as healthcare and government sectors.

Other than defense (United States Department of Defense) and aerospace, healthcare accounts for much of the Dayton area's economy. Hospitals in the Greater Dayton area have an estimated combined employment of nearly 32,000, a yearly economic impact of $6.8 billion. Many hospitals in the Dayton area are consistently ranked by ''Forbes'', ''U.S. News & World Report'', and HealthGrades for clinical excellence.

Dayton is also noted for its association with aviation; the city is home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Orville Wright (Wright brothers), poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, and entrepreneur John H. Patterson (John Henry Patterson (NCR owner)) were born in Dayton. Dayton is also known for its many patents, inventions, and inventors that have come from the area,

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