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to the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs (TCU Horned Frogs), University of Texas at Arlington Mavericks (UT Arlington Mavericks), and University of North Texas Mean Green (North Texas Mean Green) respectively. In 2014 Dallas hosted the final four games. The college Cotton Bowl Classic football game was played at the Cotton Bowl (Cotton Bowl (stadium)) through its 2009 game (2009 Cotton Bowl Classic), but has moved to AT&T Stadium. Recreation thumb A local league baseball game at Reverchon Park (File:Reverchon Park.jpg) The city of Dallas maintains and operates 406 parks on Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas

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about watching his own ancestor be murdered, especially since he never got to know the man himself, he has only met him once. Wang reassures him that every field historian has moments of doubt such as this. When she departs for their home time, she says something that Fitzgerald does not quite catch. He decides to get it over with and journeys to Dealey Plaza in Dallas. However, when he glances up to the Texas School Book Depository and sees Lee Harvey Oswald raise a gun

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rapcore band based in the Dallas Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas) area in Texas. Fronted by Matt Leslie, it had an intense following at Club 412, a local church-sponsored lounge and music venue located in southwest Fort Worth. Stylistic comparisons were often drawn between their sound and that of secular rock acts popular at the time such as Korn. The band was signed on Pluto Records and then were picked up by national label Metro One. After releasing their second album, Beautiful Loneliness, on the Metro One label, Travail received a nomination for the 2001 Dove Awards in the Hard Music Recorded Song category http: www.tollbooth.org news 2001n.html . Before touring much under the new label, however, Travail broke up. Their most requested song, "Judge Me" is still a very popular song and the video for "Return" is still a popular video among those who enjoy the rapcore nu metal genre. Guitarist Aaron Wiese later joined the band Spoken (Spoken (band)), but left in 2008. * Chicago (Chicago Midway International Airport) * Dallas Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas), Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport) * Denver (Stapleton International Airport then replaced by Denver International Airport) Jack Martin also told bail bondsman Hardy Davis that he had heard on television that Ferrie's New Orleans library card had been found in Oswald's possession when he was arrested in Dallas. Davis reported this to Ferrie's employer, the lawyer G. Wray Gill. FBI interview of W. Hardy Davis, November 27, 1963, Warren Commission Document 75, p. 216. (In fact, no such library card was found among Oswald's possessions.) Warren Report, Appendix 11: Reports Relating to the Interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Dallas Police Department, Reports of Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Warren Commission Hearings, vol. 24, p. 17, CE 1986, FBI report dated November 25, 1963, concerning items in possession of Lee Harvey Oswald when apprehended. Warren Commission Hearings, vol. 26, p. 587, CE 3042, FBI report of laboratory examination of items possessed by Lee Harvey Oswald for possible espionage significance. Oswald had his own New Orleans library card, and used it to check out thirty-four books between May and September 1963, when he moved back to Dallas. Warren Commission Hearings, vol. 25, p. 928, CE 2650, Secret Service report dated December 10, 1963, and FBI report dated February 25, 1964, of checks of public libraries in New Orleans, La., and Dallas, Tex., and a list of books knowns to have been checked out by Lee Harvey Oswald. Ferrie subsequently visited both Oswald’s former New Orleans landlady and a former neighbor about this report. David Ferrie, House Select Committee on Assassinations – Appendix to Hearings, Volume 10, 12, pp. 113–114. Ferrie was able to produce his library card for FBI agents who interviewed him on November 27, 1963. FBI interview of David Ferrie, November 27, 1963, Warren Commission Document 75, pp. 199–200, 294. In 1981, the fraternity celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in Dallas, Texas, featuring a presentation of the ''New Thrust Program'' consisting of the ''Million Dollar Fund Drive'', the Leadership Development and Citizenship Institutes, and the quest to obtain a national holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day) for fraternity brother Martin Luther King, Jr. Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas

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and his wife founded the ''Ivan "Pudge" Rodríguez Foundation'', whose purpose is to help families in Puerto Rico, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Rodríguez has also stated that the Make-a-Wish Foundation is one of his charities of choice. ref name "tid-bits" >

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playoffs seventeen times, including two Stanley Cup Finals appearances. In the fall of 1993, the franchise moved to Dallas, Texas, and is now known as the Dallas Stars. left thumb Southwest Collection Special Collections Library (File:TTUSWlibrary.JPG) Situated on , Texas Tech has the second largest contiguous university campus in the United States.

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Pfeiffer earned an Academy Award nomination for Actress in a Leading Role and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance as Lurene Hallett in the nostalgic independent drama ''Love Field (Love Field (film))'' (1992). The film that had been temporarily shelved by the financially-troubled Orion Pictures. It was finally released in late 1992, in time for Oscar consideration. The ''New York Times'' review wrote of Pfeiffer

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financial enterprise, due to the repeated failure of crops, the lack of markets for the crops they did produce, and the frequent flooding of the Rio Grande; Newbrough's wife, Francis van de Water Sweet, had married Howland in 1893 "to put an end to malicious gossip" but the cost of maintaining the colony proved too high. In 1901, the colony folded, and the children were sent to orphanages in Dallas and Denver.

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the USSR, scoring 0.5 2 on board three against Paul Keres. History Kerr-McGee was initially focused mostly on off-shore oil exploration and production, being one of the first companies to use drillships in the Gulf of Mexico, and later one of the first

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Edwards attended the University of Surrey, where he conducted the college orchestra along with an ensemble that he formed on his own. At twenty-three years old, he won a conducting competition which sent him to the University of Surrey in England and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. ref name

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. Instead, large signs situated at the intersection of Harry Hines Boulevard and Royal Lane proclaim the area as the Asian Trade District. The signs also feature depictions of a red and blue "taeguk," a symbol that is prominently featured on the national flag of South Korea, thereby acknowledging the specifically Korean affiliation of the district. This area in the northwest part of the city is characterized by a large number of Korean-owned businesses serving the city's sizable Korean American community. Although, Korean business is undoubtedly the most dominant in the area, there are isolated Chinese and Vietnamese businesses as well. ''Texas Country Reporter'' showcases Texas people and places, with an emphasis on rural areas and a style similar to that of Charles Kuralt's "On the Road" reports for CBS News. Originally called ''4 Country Reporter'', it debuted in 1972 on Dallas television station KDFW, Channel 4 and was first hosted by John Mclean, then Jeff Rosser, then Bob Philips. In 1986, Phillips left KDFW and began selling the show in syndication, adopting the ''Texas Country Reporter'' name. In the Dallas market, KDFW didn't pick up the syndicated version, but rival station WFAA Channel 8 picked it up, calling the show ''8 Country Reporter''. Around this time, Dairy Queen became the show's main sponsor, which allowed Phillips to be the chain's spokesman in its ads as he promoted food items at its Texas-based restaurants. Early life Michael Martin Murphey was born on March 14, 1945 in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas, the son of Pink and Lois (Corbett) Murphey. Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas


'''Dallas''' The United States Census Bureau's estimate for the city's population increased to 1,257,676, as of 2013.

The city is the largest economic center of the 12-county Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington (Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex) metropolitan area, which had a population of 6,810,913 as of July 1, 2013. and was 14th in world rankings of GDP by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Located in North Texas, Dallas is the main core of the largest inland metropolitan area in the United States that lacks any navigable link to the sea.

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