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Hellenic theatre, etc. ** Revolución Park ** Constitución Civic Center: Culiacán's civic center located in eastern city at the Malecón Viejo (Old Waterfront), facing the Tamazula river. It has the Culiacán Library, the Culiacán Zoo, the second Dancing Fountains in city where people go when it is hot, sports courts, a big run track and a Hellenic theater. ** Las Riveras Park (The Riversides Park): A park located around the Tamazula river, between Forum Culiacán Complex, the Isla de Orabá park (Orab Island park) the Malecón Viejo (Old Waterfront) and the Malecón Nuevo (New Waterfront). It has only pedal boats and a tyrolean across the river. Also a bike path, including recreational games. Here is celebrated Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day and the Holy Week. * '''Water parks:''' Splash Club! is one of the largest water parks in the state of Sinaloa. * '''Nearby towns and villages:''' ** La Primavera (The Spring) is a small and private urbanized zone in the south of city. Contains many houses, two schools, a little mall next to a full of ducks channel, a sport club and a channels group connected to the biggest lake in Culiacán, where anyone can fish and go camping. ** El Conchal and other small villages with a population of 500 or less are located 8 kilometers from El Dorado. There people live on fishing and tourism. People charge 350 pesos to give boat group tours. Sports The city is home to two professional league sport teams: baseball with the Tomateros de Culiacán from the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico, two championships in Caribbean series in 1996 and 2002; and soccer with Dorados de Sinaloa, who play at the Estadio Banorte (Estadio Carlos González). Duck, dove and goose hunting season goes from early November through March. Culiacán also holds a yearly international marathon. Notable people from Culiacán Entertainment *Yolanda Andrade, TV host *Paul Rodriguez, Hollywood actor and talk show host *Chalino Sánchez, Corridos *Luis Campos, Drummer (Collinz Room, Noelia) *Sheyla Tadeo, actress, comedienne and singer *Cesar Millan, Dog trainer Sports *Julio César Chávez, boxer with six world championships in three weight divisions Wikipedia:Culiacán

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Francisco Vásquez de Coronado set out from Culiacán to explore what is now the southwestern United States. Settlers from Europe came to Culiacán, and in the following centuries, Culiacán continued to be a quiet town. It was only after the federal government built dams in the adjacent areas in the 1950s that agriculture exploded and the city began to grow exponentially. Some of Mexico's largest agricultural conglomerates operate in the vast and fertile coastal plains. The agro-industrial

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roof. His elegant roof design called for six vaulted (Vault (architecture)) domes (''bovedas'') to be built. Hoping to get a rematch with Sanchez, Gómez went back to the super bantamweight division, where he got a dispense from the WBC (World Boxing Council) to make 2 preparation bouts before defending his title again. He did so and won 2 non title bouts in a row, both by knockout in the 2nd round, one over Jose Luis Soto, who was a stablemate

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. Another bus station is located near the border with frequent services to Ensenada (Ensenada, Baja California), and other major cities including Mazatlán, Culiacán, Hermosillo, and Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco). Major bus lines operating in Tijuana include Azul y Blanco de Magallanes (Blue & White) and Transporte Efectivo Express de Tijuana - TEEXTI; modernizing system originally intended to phase out the other lines that partially introduced but ceased and merged with Azul y Blanco. record1 68-0 (55 KOs) hometown1 Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico recognition1 WBC World Junior Welterweight Champion - 2001 (2001 in baseball) Wikipedia:Culiacán

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style Orthodox (Orthodox stance) '''Julio César Chávez Carrasco''' (born February 16, 1986 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico) is a Mexican (Mexican people) professional boxer (Boxing) and the current WBC (World Boxing Council#Current WBC world title holders) Middleweight Champion.

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the growing population. Hoping to construct an edifice of truly magnificent proportions, the padres retained the services of ''maestro albañil'' (master stonemason) Isídro Aguilár of Culiacán. Camphouse, p. 30 Aguílar took charge of the church's construction and set about incorporating numerous design features not found at any other California Mission, including the use of a domed roof structure made of stone (Rock (geology)) as opposed to the typical flat wood

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Perla Judith Beltrán Acosta , Miss Mexico 2009, 2009 Miss World, Miss World top model Arts *José Limón, pioneering modern dancer and choreographer Gallery Image:Culiacan3.png Cathedral in Culiacán Image:Culiacan4.png Culiacán's downtown Image:Culiacan8.png Culiacán street Image:Culiacan9.png Culiacán River by Sinaloa Blvd Image:Culiacan12.png "La Plazuela Rosales" See also * Aguaruto


content Located near the intersection of Francisco I. Madero & Venustiano Carranza Boulevards. Splurge Connect Stay safe Downtown Culiacán is safe to walk around during the daytime and evenings (before midnight). Traveling around the outskits ("colonias") of Culiacán at night is not recommended. Traffic in Culiacán can be extremely aggressive, much more so than in many other parts of Mexico. Locals will attribute this to the "''sinaloense''"


Station) to travel across all Mexico (North, Center and South) and to the United States (Arizona and California). This replaced the old bus terminal in the southern city. Roads and expressways Though there are several high speed roads, most of the city's streets are rather narrow and traffic jams are common at rush hours. Main roads Culiacán has several roads (avenues, boulevards, streets, etc.) but some of these are the main quick connection to another points to the city. summary "" style "width:500px;" - style "text-align:left; vertical-align:top; width:33%;" * Álvaro Obregón Ave * Francisco I. Madero Blvd. * Paseo Niños Heroes * El Dorado Ave * Aeropuerto * Emiliano Zapata Blvd. * Benjamín Hill Ave * Calzada de las Torres * México 68 * Plan Mar de Cortes * Heroico Colegio Militar * Revolución Ave * Sanalona Way * Rolando Arjona Amabilis Blvd. * Universitarios * José Limón Blvd. * Las Américas style "text-align:left; vertical-align:top; width:33%;" * Diego Valadez Ríos * Manuel J. Clouthier * Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla * José Vasconcelos * Gabriel Leyva Solano Blvd. * Xicoténcatl * Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez * Enrique Sanchez Alonso Blvd. * De los Insurgentes * Pedro Infante Blvd. * Rotarismo Road * Ciudades Hermanas * Patria Ave * Constituyentes Emiliano García * Nicolás Bravo * 21 de Marzo Ave * Las Minas Bridges and tunnels The city has a total of thirteen bridges: six across the Tamazula River, two spanning the Humaya River and the longest one with others four crossing Culiacán River. Efforts to solve traffic problems have been made but most of the city streets and bridges are now crowded and insufficient to handle regular and rush hours traffic; a forty km h speed limit in most parts of the city worsens the situation. It was recently published that there are 300,000 cars in Culiacán making the per capita number of cars one of the highest in the country considering the 745,000 inhabitants. On Feb. 17, 2014, investigators from Mexico and the United States learned Joaquín Guzmán Loera, or El Chapo, was utilizing underground sewage tunnels in Culiacán by constructing hatches connecting to the drainage network in the bathtubs of his city "stash houses." Wikipedia:Culiacán


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The city is located in a valley at the confluence of the Tamazula (Tamazula River) and Humaya Rivers, where the two meet to form the Culiacán River, and is located 55 meters above sea level. It is located in the center of the state with almost equal distance to the other urban centers of the state: Los Mochis to the north, and Mazatlán to the south.

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