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* Chuí, Brazil and Chuy, Uruguay * Cuiabá and Várzea Grande, Mato Grosso, Brazil * Florianópolis and São José, Santa Catarina, Brazil Organizational structure 300px thumb Indymedia collective at Mato Grosso Federal University (Image:Indymedia Cuiabá.jpg) in Cuiabá, Brazil hosting a free radio broadcast in 2004. IMC is formed of local collectives which are expected to be open and inclusive of individuals from a variety of different local anti-capitalist points of view (point of view (literature)), whether or not these have any definite political philosophy, so that even those without internet access can participate in both content creation and in content consumption. Editorial policies, locally chosen by any Indymedia collective, generally involve removing articles which the Indymedia editors believe promote racism, sexism, hate speech, and homophobia. Other Southeastern Brazilian (Southeast Region, Brazil) parades are held in Cabo Frio—RJ (Rio de Janeiro (state))—, Campinas—SP (São Paulo (state))—, Vitória (Vitória, Brazil)—capital of ES (Espírito Santo)—, and Belo Horizonte and Uberaba—Minas Gerais. Southern Brazilian (South Region, Brazil) parades take place in Curitiba, Florianópolis, Porto Alegre and Pelotas, and Center-Western (Center-West Region, Brazil) ones happen in Campo Grande, Cuiabá, Goiânia and Brasília. Across Northeastern Brazil (Northeast Region, Brazil), they are present in all capitals, namely, in Salvador, Aracaju, Maceió, Recife, João Pessoa, Natal (Natal, Brazil), Fortaleza, Teresina and São Luís, and also in Ceará's hinterland (Sertão) major urban center, Juazeiro do Norte. Northern Brazilian (North Region, Brazil) parades are those from Belém, Macapá, Boa Vista and Manaus. The region started to be settled in the end of the 18th century, with the opening of a road that led to the gold mines in Cuiabá and Goiás. Leaving from Piracicaba, passing through Rio Claro, the hills, fields and by typical vegetations of the Brazilian countryside, settlers established in the region. São Carlos' history has a start in 1831, when the "Pinhal" (Pines) allotment was demarkated. TAM – Transportes Aéreos Regionais (KK) On November 11, 1975, the Government of Brazil created the Brazilian Integrated System of Regional Air Transportation and divided the country in five different regions, for which five newly-created regional airlines received a concession to operate air services. Founded by Rolim Adolfo Amaro (Rolim Amaro) wikipedia:Cuiabá commons:Cuiabá


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, the highway stops in Porto Jofre, 144 km (89 miles) from where it began, and at least that far from the opposite edge of the Pantanal. The other irony is that the project, which if completed would likely have destroyed the Pantanal (by skewing the ecosystem's drainage pattern), has instead, in its unfinished state, become one of the great wildlife-viewing areas of the world. Ditches on either side of the roadbed have become favorite feeding grounds for kingfishers, capybara, egrets, jabiru

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of luck) jaguars. It is also strongly recommended that you take the time to explore the Pantanal as it was meant to be seen, on the back of a horse. *'''Canoeing''' one of the North Pantanal's small rivers is a great way to spot monkeys and giant river otters. *After exploring the Pantanal, consider a 1-day or overnight trip to the '''Chapada dos Guimarães''', the highlands to the north of Cuiabá. The beautiful red-rock formations, plateaus, and canyons offer excellent hiking and fabulous views

, great waterfalls and swimming holes, and some excellent birdlife, including red macaws. Buy The main commercial district in Centro is concentrated around the Praça da República. You'll find many stores selling clothing and shoes, as well as stationery, toiletries, film, batteries, and food. There are 3 great malls: * wikipedia:Cuiabá commons:Cuiabá

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Estado.jpg thumb right Historical Museum of Mato Grosso. There is a very rich local culture based on Portuguese, African and Amerindian influences. Cuiabá is home to an interesting Indian (native American) influenced cuisine, native dances, craftwork and music. Local dance and music were traditionally connected to the worship of Catholic (Catholic Church) saints, like Saint Benedict (Benedict of Nursia) (the city's patron (Patron saint)), but today is secular. In August 2007, an important Italian wind orchestra performed the ''Orchestra Fiati Giovanile Italiana e Coro "I Music Piemonteis"'' conducted by Ugo Bairo and his choir, conducted by Carmelo Luca Sambataro. Museums *Museum Hill of the Box Of water; *Memorial of Mato Grosso; *Museum of the Image and Sound of Cuiabá; *Artisan's home; *Museum of Rio Cuiabá and Municipal Aquarius; *Memorial of the Waters; *Museum of the Education and Teatro Maria of Arruda Müller; *Museum of Sacred Art of Cuiabá; *Museu Couto Magalhães; *Memorial Papa João Paulo II; *Historical and Geographical institute of Mato Grosso and Museu Barão of Melgaço; *Institute of the Historical and Environmental Patrimony National–Cuiabá; *Palace of the Instruction; *Museum of the History of Mato Grosso; *Cine Teatro of Cuiabá and Museum of the Movies; *SESC Arsenal and Museum of the Swampland. Carnival The four-day period before Lent leading up to Ash Wednesday is carnival time in Brazil. As with other capitals (Capital (political)) in Brazil, there are parties everywhere (os Bailes de Carnaval). Also like many other cities in Brazil, Cuiabá holds its own off-season Carnaval ("Carnaval fora de época", or "micareta"), called Micarecuia. Transportation International airport thumb right Marechal Rondon International Airport Marechal Rondon International Airport (CGB) (File:Vista externa aeroporto rondon.JPG). Marechal Rondon International Airport connects Cuiabá with many Brazilian cities and also operates some international flights. The runway at Marechal Rondon International Airport was opened to traffic in 1956. In February 1975, Infraero took over the airport's administration and began various upgrades to meet the needs of the airport complex. In 1996, Marechal Rondon Airport, located wikipedia:Cuiabá commons:Cuiabá

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Cuiabá, Brazil 3–0 0 Friendly (Exhibition game) -style "background-color:#ccffcc" After extensive preparations, the Langsdorff Expedition departed with 40 people and 7 boats from Porto Feliz, by the Tietê river on June 22, 1826 and reached Cuiabá, in Mato Grosso on January 30, 1827. The expedition was then divided into two groups: the first one, with Langsdorff and Florence, was able to reach Santarém (Santarém, Brazil) on the Amazon

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Monstro Discos , Senhor F (:pt:Senhor F), Mondo 77, Trama (:pt:Trama (gravadora)), Travolta Discos, Deckdisc (:pt:Deckdisc), Urban Jungle (:pt:Urban Jungle), Fora do Eixo Discos, Escárnio e Osso). It's a moment of intense creativity. The Brazilian indie scene with the support of the internet, MTV and the festivals gain a captive audience. Part is influenced by the Hard rock, Hardcore, Metal, part is influenced by the 1990s rock, after the Strokes and Radiohead ''boom

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, great waterfalls and swimming holes, and some excellent birdlife, including red macaws. Buy The main commercial district in Centro is concentrated around the Praça da República. You'll find many stores selling clothing and shoes, as well as stationery, toiletries, film, batteries, and food. There are 3 great malls: *


'''Cuiabá''' (

The city was founded in 1719, during the gold rush, City in Focus: Cuiabá, Brazil

Cuiaba is the heart of an urban area that also includes the state's second largest city, Várzea Grande. Thermal electric and hydroelectric plants located in the area have been expanded since the completion of a natural gas pipeline from Bolivia in 2000. The city is the seat of the Federal University of Mato Grosso and the largest football stadium of the state, Arena Pantanal. Cuiaba - Britannica

The city is a rich mix of European, African and native American influences and numerous museums reflect this. Cuiabá is also notable for its cuisine, dance, music and craftwork (Handicraft). Known as the ''"Southern gate to the Amazon"'', Cuiabá experiences a hot humid tropical climate. Cuiabá was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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