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Crowsnest Pass , Willow Creek No. 26 (Willow Creek No. 26, Alberta), Blood 148 (Blood 148, Alberta), Cardston County (Cardston County, Alberta) '''Macleod''' is a federal electoral district (electoral district (Canada)) in Alberta, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1908 to 1968 and since 1988. It is a rural riding in southwest Alberta, representing the municipal districts of Foothills (Foothills No. 31, Alberta), Willow Creek No. 26

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: history ?MIval EpisContent.html&series_id 1&episode_id 13&chapter_id 3&page_id 3&lang E CBC article - Blairmore elections story&xid 353033 Blairmore the Red - Crowsnest Pass Promoter, Nov. 9 2007 (''See Blairmore, Alberta for more information'') *Crowsnest Pass was the site of the Bellevue, Alberta#Bellevue Café shootout last train robbery in Canada (1920

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Kootenay *Hazell *Hillcrest (Hillcrest, Alberta) or Hillcrest Mines *Savanna *Sentinel Demographics

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Coleman isbn 0-88925-046-4 page 241 url http: loc_hist page.aspx?id 3559659 ) are other former communities (abandoned, or much reduced) within the municipality's boundaries. History The municipality owes its existence to coal mining, the area's primary industry since the first mine opened in 1900. Its ethnic and cultural diversity comes from the many European and other immigrants attracted to the area by the mines. Through the years coal mining suffered

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loose and decimated part of the Village of Frank (the Frank Slide (Frank Slide)). In 1914, the Hillcrest mine disaster occurred in the Hillcrest Mine, killing 189 men. Serious spring floods occurred in 1923 and 1942. Periodic forest fires have swept the valley, including one in the summer of 2003 that threatened the entire municipality. The area was a centre for "rum-running" during the prohibition of 1916 - 1923, when liquor was illegally brought across the provincial border

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, it currently has two gravel sections. thumb 150px right The logo of the Calgary Royals, used until 2010 (File:Calgary Royals Logo.svg) The Calgary Jr. "A" Royals were born in 1972-73 as The Pass Red Devils, playing out of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. The Red Devils franchise lasted four years before relocating to the nearby community of Pincher Creek (Pincher Creek, Alberta) to become the Pincher Creek Panthers. The franchise lasted only two seasons in Pincher Creek before


, Alberta Municipality of Crowsnest Pass to Highway 541 (Alberta Highway 541) to the southwest of Longview (Longview, Alberta), and a short central segment from Highway 579 (Alberta Highway 579) west of Cremona (Cremona, Alberta) to south of the Red Deer River. The southern segment is preceded and succeeded by the first and second segments of Highway 40 respectively, while the central segment is preceded by the third segment of Highway 40 and succeeded by Highway 734. - Municipality of Crowsnest Pass (Crowsnest Pass, Alberta) M.D. of Ranchland No. 66 (Ranchland No. 66, Alberta) 0 Preceded by   -

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Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

The '''Municipality of Crowsnest Pass''' is a specialized municipality (Specialized municipalities of Alberta) located in the Crowsnest Pass of the Rocky Mountains in southwest Alberta, Canada. The municipality formed as a result of the amalgamation of five municipalities – the Village of Bellevue (Bellevue, Alberta), the Town of Blairmore (Blairmore, Alberta), Town of Coleman (Coleman, Alberta), the Village of Frank (Frank, Alberta) and Improvement District No. 5 (which included the Hamlet of Hillcrest (Hillcrest, Alberta)) – on January 1, 1979. Today, Blairmore and Coleman remain the two largest communities while Frank is the smallest. Crowsnest, Passburg, and Sentinel (Sentry Siding ) are other former communities (abandoned, or much reduced) within the municipality's boundaries.

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