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% Asian (Asian (U.S. Census)), 0.01% Pacific Islander (Pacific Islander (U.S. Census)), 1.67% from other races (Race (United States Census)), and 1.47% from two or more races. Hispanic (Hispanic (U.S. Census)) or Latino (Latino (U.S. Census)) of any race were 6.00% of the population. Significant pockets of Croatian, Bosnian (Bosnians), Irish (Irish people), Ghanaian, German (Germans), Greek (Greeks), Colombian, and Syrian communities are present in Westwood. Campbell is home to the majority of Youngstown's Greek (Greek people)-American population,

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of the word. Festival program consists of around 70 titles from all over the world, from documentaries (Documentary film) to feature films, from short to long films, from guerilla made films to co-productions. The only criteria in their selection is that they fit in the open-minded atmosphere of the festival with their innovations. *Serbia - Basketball Federation of Serbia *Croatia - Croatian Basketball Federation *Bosnia and Herzegovina - Basketball Federation

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as a dissident. The Bosnian government received money and arms. Following massacres (Wiktionary:massacre) on Bosnian Muslims by Serb and, to a lesser extent, Croat forces, Arab volunteers came across Croatia into Bosnia to join the Bosnian Army. They were organized into detachment called ''El-Mudžahid''. The number of the ''El-Mudžahid'' volunteers is still disputed, from around 300 SENSE Tribunal:ICTY - WE FOUGHT WITH THE BH ARMY, BUT NOT UNDER ITS COMMAND

name "Islam, Bosna, Sloveni:Evropska izgubljena bitka " to 1,500. These caused particular controversy: foreign fighters, styling themselves '' mujahiddin '', turned up in Bosnia around 1993

disputed, from around 300 SENSE Tribunal:ICTY - WE FOUGHT WITH THE BH ARMY, BUT NOT UNDER ITS COMMAND name "Islam, Bosna, Sloveni:Evropska izgubljena bitka " to 1,500. ref name "SENSE tribunal"

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, and fell under the command of General Lewis MacKenzie. November Company was ordered to break through to and seize Sarajevo International Airport for UNPROFOR to use for transporting food and supplies to civilians in the city. :* - General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, announces that studies (feasibility study) will begin on connecting all of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates by rail for both

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'''Agram Township''' is a township in Morrison County (Morrison County, Minnesota), Minnesota, United States. It is named after Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, which in German (German language) was formerly named Agram. In Croatia, the word ''Toplice'' implies a spa town. The most famous spa towns in Croatia are Daruvar, Šibenik and Sisak. Also in the 2000 Census, 3.1% of Palisades Park's residents identified themselves as being of Croatian ancestry. This was the second highest percentage of people with Croatian ancestry in any place in New Jersey with 1,000 or more residents identifying their ancestry. Croatian Communities, EPodunk. Accessed August

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of Saint Lazarus is divided into three main obediences (''Malta, Orléans'' and ''Paris'') with own grand masters, and participate in worldwide humanitarian efforts. For example, it has been engaged in a major charitable program to revive Christianity in Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), and the Near East (near east): Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian territories (Palestine). Millions of dollars worth of food, clothing, medical equipment and supplies have been distributed in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Croatia. Because of this experience, the European Community commissioned the order to transport more than 21.000 tons in food to the hungry in Russia. The order organized food-aid and managed reconstruction-projects after the Tsunami Catastrophe in Indonesia. http: (Paris obedience) http: (Orleans obedience) http: (Malta obedience)


is now challenging Savile Row with its innovative designs publisher Business Week date 2004-05-17 accessdate 2008-04-07 The company was named after the Italian name for the Croatian island group, the Brijuni islands. The party has been led by Zmago Jelinčič since its founding in 1991. Jelinčič has often shifted the focus of the party's ideology in order to suit changing popular sentiment in Slovenia. In the early 1990s the party led

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to him and a gallery of his works. '''Paul I Šubić of Bribir''' (

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Composition of macro geographical (continental) regions, geographical sub-regions, and selected economic and other groupings publisher UN Statistics Division accessdate 7 March 2012 , ''The World Factbook'' (Central Europe)

Geografická poloha Moravy trans_title Moravia's Geographical Location work Frankovia, Moravania a Maďari: Boj o stredný Dunaj, 788-907 date 30 April 2005 language Slovak accessdate 2010-08-24

: The Struggle for the Middle Danube, 788-907 (Middle Ages Series) publisher University of Pennsylvania Press year 1995 month January isbn 0-8122-3276-3 ref Bowlus

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and Hungary are the depositories of the treaty in recognition of their special contribution to the Open Skies process. "Depository" countries maintain treaty documents and provide administrative support. Etymology The word ''psychology'' literally means, "the study of the soul (soul (spirit))" (ψυχή (wikt:ψυχή), ''psukhē'', meaning "breath", "spirit", or "soul"; and -λογος ''-logos'' (wikt:-logos), translated as "study of" or "research" Psychology (wikt:psychology) ). Online Etymology Dictionary. (2001). "Psychology". The Latin word ''psychologia'' was first used by the Croatian humanist (humanism) and Latinist (Croatian latinistic literature) Marko Marulić in his book, ''Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae'' in the late 15th century or early 16th century.


Tourism (Tourism in Croatia) dominates the Croatian service sector and accounts for up to 20% of Croatian GDP. Annual tourist industry income for 2011 was estimated at €6.61 billion. Its positive effects are felt throughout the economy of Croatia in terms of increased business volume observed in retail business, processing industry orders and summer seasonal employment. The industry is considered an export business, because it significantly reduces the country's external trade imbalance.

The bulk of the tourist industry is concentrated along the Adriatic Sea coast. Opatija was the first holiday resort since the middle of the 19th century. By the 1890s, it became one of the most significant European health resorts.

Croatia has unpolluted marine areas reflected through numerous nature reserves and 116 Blue Flag beaches.

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