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in the north Croatian region of Međimurje (Međimurje County). Roman Empire period presence of Jews in Croatia date to the 2nd century, in Pannonia to the 3rd to 4th century. A finger ring with a Menorah (Menorah (Temple)) depiction found in Augusta Raurica (Kaiseraugst, Switzerland) in 2001 attests to Jewish presence in Germania Superior. ''The Kaiseraugst Menorah Ring. Jewish

numerous poor

of numerous poor and abandoned children, in 1923, Petković acted quickly and opened ''Kolijevka'' Children’s Home in Subotica, Home for sick and neglected children , after which she opened numerous centers for children in Croatia (in Slavonia particularly), Serbia, and the Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia). Today Subotica still has that Children's Home, although the nuns of Petković's Order aren't in that Home anymore

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. 200px left thumb Town has a long tradition in steel production (FIle:SteelMill interior.jpg) It is derived from the 16th century city Ragusa Seafaring Lore & Legend: A Miscellany of Maritime Myth, Superstition, Fable & Fact by Peter D. Jeans (now Dubrovnik, in Croatia), a major


, Croatia, Switzerland, Malta, San Marino, the Vatican City and Slovenia also receive Mediaset broadcasts. His political beliefs and his polemic character attracted many Polish and Italian (Italian people) students, making his theories important in Poland, Italy and other crown states (today Croatia, Czech Republic). But the fact that he published his works in German (German language) meant that he was also an important figure in German-speaking countries

time involvement

or elsewhere is not known. After four years at St. Mark's, he became abbot of a monastery at Veglia (now Krk, Croatia), on an island off the coast of Dalmatia, a position which still required his part-time involvement at St. Mark's. He resigned from St. Mark's in 1619, and his position was taken by Alessandro Grandi. Negri died at Veglia. Coverage area The traditional Eurail pass covers 21 countries, as of 2009: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic

top acts

(Yugoslavia 1977-1991) instrument '''Prljavo kazalište''' (meaning in Croatian language: ''Dirty Theatre'') is a rock and roll band from Zagreb, Croatia. Since its formation in 1977 (1977 in music), the group changed several music styles (music genres) and line ups but remained one of the top acts of both the Croatian (Croatian rock) and the former Yugoslav rock scenes. In the 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, Titoist (Titoism) Yugoslavia advocated

Music PGP RTS '''Parni valjak''' ("Steamroller") 1975 is a Croatian and former Yugoslav (SFRY) rock (rock (music)) band. They were one of the top acts of the former Yugoslav Rock scene (yu rock), and currently one of the top rock-and-roll bands in Croatia. In December 2005, Parni valjak made a farewell tour of Croatia and Slovenia on their 30th birthday. Their last public performance in 2005 was a concert on New Year's Eve in Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, though they stated that more concerts may be held in future. In November 2009, they began a reunion tour in Croatia. '''Atomsko sklonište''' (trans. ''Atomic Shelter (Fallout shelter)'') is a Croatian and former Yugoslav (SFRY) hard rock band, formed in Pula in 1977. The band is known primarily for its strong anti-war lyrics. Atomsko sklonište at Discogs Radio Free Europe: ''Rokom protiv turbo folka'' (Rock'n'Roll vs. Turbo Folk), by Omer Karabeg, 14.03.2009 Atomsko sklonište home page: "IZ SVEG SRCA", Interview with Bruno Langer *the one & only reason for the existence of wiki pages on Zahumlje, Duklja and Travunia is Serbian political propaganda. I'll reiterate: De Administrando Imperio is, as far as early ethnic composition of contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia (especially Dalmatia) is concerned- virtually unanimously dismissed by all historians except Serbian propagandists. This goes for other sources, too: Chronicle of the Priest of Dioclea, Ioannes Scylitza, Nicifor Brieniy etc. Early ethnic composition can be only surmised- and this too is completely irrelevant since the historical evidence and analysis of these regions' (Zahumlje, Duklja) medieval history doesn't give a unanimous answer: there are traits of culture, history and socio-economic ties that «point» both to the Croat and to the Serb side, not placing the regions into either fold permanently. «Ethnic» or «political» borders on the pics are purely fictitious- as are their sources, as well as interpretations based upon them. One could juggle with maps indefinitely- for instance, one could go to http: : '''''A gdje si ti?''''' (

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Air Force Tech. Sgt. Shelley Kelly, a flight attendant, who died while being transported to a hospital. Pilot error, poor equipment blamed for Brown plane crash, from Published 7 June 1996; accessed 12 September 2008. The final Air Force investigation attributed the crash to pilot error and a poorly designed landing approach. Department of Defense

news article Speculations as to the circumstances surrounding the plane crash that caused Brown's death include many government cover-up and conspiracy theories, largely based on Brown having been under investigation by independent counsel for corruption (political corruption). Frieden, Terry, "Independent Counsel: No Conclusions On Brown Probe",

largest major

Records''' is the largest major (major label) record label in Croatia, based in Dubrava (Dubrava, Zagreb) in Zagreb. Several European railways produced designs based on the S100. JŽ added to their Class 62 (JŽ Class 62) by ordering several similar examples from Đuro Đaković (factory) of Slavonski Brod, Croatia. These differed in minor details, principally the use of plate frames instead of bar frame (Locomotive_frame#Types_of_frame)s, resulting in a higher

people singing

;falcon") physical education movement, which was based on Pan-Slavic ideals and active across Austria-Hungary. In 1905, the erection of a monument (Prešeren Square) to the Slovene (Slovenes) poet France Prešeren in Ljubljana was celebrated by a large gathering of people singing ''Hey, Slavs''. During the First World War, the song was often used by Slav soldiers from the opposite sides of the frontline to communicate common nationalist sentiment and prevent bloodshed


Commercial School in Rijeka and Budapest. Soon he was professor of bookkeeping in the same school in Rijeka, but year later he resigned. During the clash between Liberalism and radicalism in Hungary, Zanella emerged as the local leader of the Kossuthist (Lajos Kossuth) faction in Fiume. He became the leader of the Autonomist Association, known also as Autonomist Party in Fiume, after Michele Maylender resigned in 1901. With Zanella the party abandoned its liberal

stance and turned to the Kossuthist independence party for support. Embracing a staunch Italian nationalist stance (in its vehemence typical of the Kossuthists political style) his popularity grew especially among the lower and middle classes, eventually becoming elected mayor (Podestà) of Fiume in 1914, but the nomination was vetoed by the Emperor Franz Joseph. During World War I, Zanella fought in a Hungarian unit on the Russian front where he promptly deserted to the Russians. In 1916 he


Tourism (Tourism in Croatia) dominates the Croatian service sector and accounts for up to 20% of Croatian GDP. Annual tourist industry income for 2011 was estimated at €6.61 billion. Its positive effects are felt throughout the economy of Croatia in terms of increased business volume observed in retail business, processing industry orders and summer seasonal employment. The industry is considered an export business, because it significantly reduces the country's external trade imbalance.

The bulk of the tourist industry is concentrated along the Adriatic Sea coast. Opatija was the first holiday resort since the middle of the 19th century. By the 1890s, it became one of the most significant European health resorts.

Croatia has unpolluted marine areas reflected through numerous nature reserves and 116 Blue Flag beaches.

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