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reached the number one spot in New York by overtaking the news station WINS (WINS (AM)), who had enjoyed a ten-year reign. He was reaching over one million listeners a week there, Colford, p. 203. and hosted a live victory parade in Times Square to celebrate. Colford, p. 205. In October 1992, Stern became the first person to have the number one show in New York and Los Angeles simultaneously, WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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: html about OrchestraHistory.asp A Brief History of the Cleveland Orchestra. Cleveland Orchestra. Retrieved on 2007-07-22. The city is also home to the Cleveland Pops Orchestra. There are two main art museums in Cleveland. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a major American art museum, Cleveland Museum of Art. Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. 1997-06-14. Retrieved on 2007-07-22. ref>

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Publishing Co. page E1 – Arts & Life * ref

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WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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; Early years Gansey, who grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Olmsted Falls (Olmsted Falls, Ohio), was a three-time All-State player at Olmsted Falls High School, including first-team honors in his final two years. He is the school's all-time leading scorer at 1,909 points for his career. In his senior season, he averaged 27.2 points, 10.5 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 3.3 steals per game, and was named the state's Division II Player of the Year, finishing second in Mr. Basketball voting behind LeBron James, current Miami Heat star. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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of attendees remaining by the end of the concert. Although many of the tickets were given away for free, approximately three-quarters of the seats at his Chicago performance remained empty. Desperate K-Fed Can't Give It Away - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors Four of the eight scheduled tour performances (Cleveland, Atlantic City, Anaheim, and San Diego) were ultimately cancelled. All Federline Shows Canceled Due to Poor Ticket Sales Liner Notes: Get out, rock out Current research projects in the Science Research & Engineering Program represent a cross section of the cutting edge research that is occurring in the Cleveland area, such as work on gene therapy, MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) nanotechnology (Microelectromechanical systems), BioMEMS, and microelectrochemical sensor development, as well as research into cures for many life-threatening diseases. One project, called PEACE, addresses a real erosion problem in low earth orbit, and will fly in space twice, once as a short term exposure experiment aboard the space shuttle, and another time as a long term exposure experiment aboard the International Space Station. http: mission_pages station science MISSE_PEACE_Feature_prt.htm That version is in space now. After the show's closing on Broadway, Rivera toured with it throughout the United States during 2006 and 2007. Major changes were made for the touring version of the show: The numbers "Can Can", "Don't 'Ah Ma' Me", and "Where You Are" were all dropped, as were the Act II-opening Tango sequence and the character of "Young Chita Young Lisa." Of the Broadway cast, only Richard Amaro, Lloyd Culbreath, and Richard Montoya went on tour with Rivera. Notably, however, Rivera's daughter, Lisa Mordente, joined the tour as dance captain and female swing. Cities on the tour included Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Boston. The tour concluded on June 10, 2007 in Norfolk, Virginia. Born on February 27, 1930 in Cleveland, Ohio, Schleyer graduated as the Valedictorian from his class at Cleveland West Technical High School in 1947. Schleyer received his A.B. (Bachelor of Arts) degree from Princeton University in 1951 Magna Cum Laude; he earned his PhD degree from Harvard University in 1957, having studied under Paul Doughty Bartlett. Porter Airlines lists proposed routes from Toronto to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia currently in the United States. Other Canadian routes are also being considered. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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November 2014). Cleveland is the site of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, established by poet and philanthropist Edith Anisfield Wolf in 1935, which recognizes books that have made important contributions to understanding of racism and human diversity. Anisfield-Wolf Book Award home page (accessed 25 Nov. 2014) Presented by the Cleveland Foundation, it remains the only American book prize focusing on works that address

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, and the station transmitter resides in neighboring Broadview Heights (Broadview Heights, Ohio). Soundtrack The film score was by Dave Grusin, and the original soundtrack album was issued on Decca Records.Winning-Original-Soundtrack release 1611672 Dave Grusin - Winning (Original Soundtrack. From Discogs. Retrieved 2012-02-11. The opening moments of the film's theme, "500 Miles," was used by WEWS-TV

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centers in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Site-based classes are held at 11 education and conference centers: Indianapolis (2), Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN), Shelbyville (Shelbyville, IN), Kokomo (Kokomo, IN), and Columbus, Indiana; Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) and Lexington, Kentucky; and Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton, Ohio. Classes are also held at more than 80 off-campus locations in Indiana. http: aboutCaps 6-Pack Festival BW&BK organized and put on the BW&BK 6 Pack Festival in Cleveland, USA in the spring of 2003, 2004 and 2005. The festival featured, over the years, Katatonia, Candlemass, Trouble (Trouble (band)), Soilwork, Kataklysm, Shadowkeep and other metal luminaries. * Clearview Cinemas * Northcoast PCS a cell phone provider, owned a wide amount of PCS licenses over the US. Only the Cleveland license was built out, it was spun off as Revol; the rest of the licenses were sold to Verizon Wireless. Lundgren then proclaimed he had received a call from God to move to Kirtland, Ohio, a Lake County suburb, located twenty (20) miles east of Cleveland, Ohio. According to Lundgren, he was told by God that he and his supporters would soon witness the second coming of Christ if they moved to Kirtland. Lundgren was attracted to Kirtland because it was the home of the Kirtland Temple, built by Joseph Smith and Smith's followers. Lundgren would tell his followers that on May 3 (no year specified - May 3 was also Lundgren's birthday), that the "second coming" would happen at the Kirtland Temple and that he and his followers would have to seize the Kirtland Temple by force and hold it for the second coming. The conspiracy involved burglarizing adjacent church-homes and committing murder as part of the "Kirtland Temple Takeover." Lundgren called the land around the temple, "The Vineyards," which had to be "redeemed" or "cleansed" for he and his followers to take the temple. West Philadelphia was a recent scene of the Urban Indian culture, especially of the Lenni-Lenape or Delaware Indian tribe. Their community of University City, Philadelphia is called "Lenapehoking" for the indigenous name for the region. Also the Iroquois Confederacy formed communities here and in Boston, New York City, Washington DC and Cleveland by the BIA relocation program during the mid 20th century. Although minuscule in number, many of them (their moniker the "Mohawks") arrived as skyscraper construction workers. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States Early life and sports career Growing up in Hungary, he performed in an acrobatic act with his brothers. He also played soccer and became a champion speed skater (speed skating). WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland



As of the 2013 Census Estimate (United States Census Bureau), the city proper had a total population of 390,113, making Cleveland the 48th largest city (List of United States cities by population) in the United States, and the second largest city in Ohio (List of cities in Ohio) after Columbus (Columbus, Ohio). Cleveland is part of the larger Cleveland-Akron-Canton, OH Combined Statistical Area (Combined Statistical Area), which in 2013 had a population of 3,501,538, and ranked as the country's 15th largest CSA (Table of United States Combined Statistical Areas).

Residents of Cleveland are called "Clevelanders (List of people from Cleveland, Ohio)". Nicknames for the city include "The Forest City", "Metropolis of the Western Reserve (Connecticut Western Reserve)", "The Rock and Roll Capital of the World", "C-Town", and the more historical "Sixth City" (at its peak in the 1950s, Cleveland was actually the fifth most populous U.S. city). Due to its proximity to Lake Erie, the Cleveland area is often referred to locally as "The North Coast".

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