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Cleveland Cavaliers pregame festivities at Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland's major professional sports teams include the Cleveland Indians (Major League Baseball), Cleveland Browns (National Football League), and Cleveland Cavaliers (National Basketball Association). Local sporting facilities include Progressive Field, FirstEnergy Stadium (FirstEnergy Stadium (Cleveland)), Quicken Loans Arena

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organization. He has a career major league ERA (Earned run average) of 5.03 over eight seasons, including time spent with the Anaheim Angels (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays Rays (Tampa Bay Rays) and Toronto Blue Jays, who selected Glover in the 15th round of the 1994 Major League Baseball Draft. He also played for the Yomiuri Giants of Nippon Professional Baseball and the Sydney Storm of the Australian Baseball League (Australian Baseball League (1989-1999)). Flintoff and Dunn Alamanac DATE OF BIRTH December 3, 1976 PLACE OF BIRTH Cleveland, Ohio Emigration As part of the wider Italian mass-emigration, many of Gildone's inhabitants left the town in search of economic betterment. The first emigrants left around the turn of the twentieth century and mainly settled in Brooklyn, NY and Cleveland, OH (there is a plaque in Gildone's main church St Sabino, commemorating the financial contribution of the Gildonese émigré community of Cleveland towards the church's restoration in 1923). Following the Second World War, in light of stricter immigration laws into the United States, Gildonesi emigrants sought new lives elsewhere. A vast amount relocated to Montreal, where in fact, the number of Gildonesi and their descendants exceeds the current population of the town itself. The traditions of Gildone continue to survive in the émigré community of Montreal, such as the August pepper feast and anniversary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which are maintained by the local Associazione Gildonese. Other major Gildonese communities exist in Melbourne, Toronto, Belgium, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Caracas, with minor communities in Western Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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, 2013 (accessed 25 Nov. 2014) The African-American avant garde poet Russell Atkins also lived in Cleveland. K. Prufer (ed.), ''Russell Atkins: On the life and work of an American master''. Warrensburg, Mo.: Pleiades Press (2013). ISBN 978-0964145443 Cleveland was the home of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, who created the comic book character Superman in 1932. Superman. Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. 1997-07-22. Retrieved on 2007-07-03. Both attended Glenville High School, and their early collaborations resulted in the creation of "The Man of Steel". Brad Ricca, ''Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster--the Creators of Superman,'' Macmillan St. Martin's Press (June 4, 2013) ISBN 978-0312643805 D. A. Levy wrote: "Cleveland: The Rectal Eye Visions". Mystery author Richard Montanari's first three novels, ''Deviant Way'', ''The Violet Hour'', and ''Kiss of Evil'' are set in Cleveland. Mystery writer, Les Roberts (Les Roberts (mystery novel writer))'s ''Milan Jacovich'' series is also set in Cleveland. Author and Ohio resident, James Renner set his debut novel, ''The Man from Primrose Lane'' in present-day Cleveland. Harlan Ellison, noted author of speculative fiction, was born in Cleveland in 1934; his family subsequently moved to the nearby suburb of Painesville (Painesville, Ohio), though Ellison moved back to Cleveland in 1949. As a youngster, he published a series of short stories appearing in the ''Cleveland News (Cleveland Press)''; he also performed in a number of productions for the Cleveland Play House. The Cleveland State University Poetry Center serves as an academic center for poetry. Cleveland continues to have a thriving literary and poetry community, Larry Smith, Mary E. Weems, and Nina Freedlander Gibans, editors, ''Cleveland Poetry Scenes,'' Bottom Dog Press (2008); ISBN 978-1933964171 J. Burroughs (ed.), ''Songs in the Key of Cleveland: An Anthology of the 2013 Best Cleveland Poem Competition,'' Crisis Chronicles Press (2014) ISBN 978-1940996073 with regular poetry readings at bookstores, coffee shops, and various other venues. A calendar of Cleveland area poetry events can be found at Clevelandpoetics (accessed 25 November 2014). Cleveland is the site of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, established by poet and philanthropist Edith Anisfield Wolf in 1935, which recognizes books that have made important contributions to understanding of racism and human diversity. Anisfield-Wolf Book Award home page (accessed 25 Nov. 2014) Presented by the Cleveland Foundation, it remains the only American book prize focusing on works that address racism and diversity. Jacqueline Marino, "The Biggest Little-Known Book Award," ''Belt Magazine'', Sept. 9, 2013 (accessed 25 Nov. 2014) Cuisine thumb upright right The historic West Side Market (File:WSmarket.jpg) is in Cleveland's Ohio City (Ohio City, Cleveland) neighborhood. Cleveland's melting pot of immigrant groups and their various culinary traditions have long played an important role in defining the local cuisine. Examples of these can particularly be found in neighborhoods such as Little Italy (Little Italy, Cleveland), Slavic Village, and Tremont (Tremont, Cleveland). Local mainstays of Cleveland's cuisine include an abundance of Polish and Central European contributions, such as kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogies. Cleveland also has plenty of corned beef, with nationally renowned Slyman's, on the near East Side, a perennial winner of various accolades from ''Esquire Magazine'', including being named the best corned beef sandwich in America in 2008. WikiPedia:Cleveland Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Localities C Cleveland commons:Cleveland

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Kent State University. DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Cleveland, Ohio DATE OF DEATH '''''Welcome to Collinwood''''' (also known as '''''The Pride of the East Side''''') is a 2002 American crime (crime film) comedy film about five small-time criminals, from the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, who try to organize one last big job (Robbery). The story is a remake of the 1958 Italian film '' Big Deal on Madonna Street I soliti ignoti

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Trickey title Sex, Celebrity & Carnival Charm url http: ME2 dirmod.asp?sid E73ABD6180B44874871A91F6BA5C249C&nm Arts+%26+Entertainemnt&type Publishing&mod Publications%3A%3AArticle&mid 1578600D80804596A222593669321019&tier 4&id 44B3F0C527FF4A42BF3E5958046C401C work Cleveland Magazine date July 2006 accessdate 2009-02-17 Conceived as a way to energize a city hit hard by the Great Depression in the United States Great

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in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo (Buffalo, New York), forcing long-time AHL clubs in those cities to fold) and especially the 1972 formation of the twelve-team World Hockey Association (WHA). With these events, the number of major-league teams competing for players rose from six to thirty in just seven years. Player salaries at all levels shot up dramatically with the increased demand and competition for their services. Absorption of IHL teams In 2001–02, the AHL's membership

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recorded at The Phantasy Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland). Long out of print, the EP is now extremely rare, but was re-released in 1997 (1997 in music) with extra tracks as ''!!!Fuck You!!! and Then Some''. * All-in-Wonder, computer graphics card * Absolute Intense Wrestling, independent wrestling promotion in Cleveland, Ohio Steinbrenner, Martin, Jackson, and Munson: the Bronx Zoo era

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and appreciation of the rich diversity of human culture." April 21, 2004 saw both the 10th anniversary of Harvey Danger and their first show since 2001. With Nada Surf opening and Elliot again filling in on drums, the band played Seattle's Crocodile Cafe to a rapturous audience. Die-hard fans and long time message board members flew cross-country, from as far away as Middletown, NY (Middletown, Orange County, New York), Cleveland, Florida and Baltimore to witness the long awaited


. The Thousand Islands have long been a center for recreational boating. Large steam yachts, many designed by Nathanael Herreshoff required distinctive yacht houses. The region was known also for innovative power boating during this period. Three local yacht clubs hosted the Gold Cup Races of the American Power Boat Association for nine consecutive years. The Antique Boat Museum of Clayton (Clayton (village), New York) retains one of the world's major collections

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a role on Broadway (Broadway theatre). In 1942, White made his Broadway debut in ''The Moon is Down'', followed by a successful performance in the role of a sanitarium (Sanatorium) orderly in the popular play ''Harvey (Harvey (play))''. He would later reprise his role in the 1950 (1950 in film) film version (Harvey (film)) and the 1972 television movie.



As of the 2013 Census Estimate (United States Census Bureau), the city proper had a total population of 390,113, making Cleveland the 48th largest city (List of United States cities by population) in the United States, and the second largest city in Ohio (List of cities in Ohio) after Columbus (Columbus, Ohio). Cleveland is part of the larger Cleveland-Akron-Canton, OH Combined Statistical Area (Combined Statistical Area), which in 2013 had a population of 3,501,538, and ranked as the country's 15th largest CSA (Table of United States Combined Statistical Areas).

Residents of Cleveland are called "Clevelanders (List of people from Cleveland, Ohio)". Nicknames for the city include "The Forest City", "Metropolis of the Western Reserve (Connecticut Western Reserve)", "The Rock and Roll Capital of the World", "C-Town", and the more historical "Sixth City" (at its peak in the 1950s, Cleveland was actually the fifth most populous U.S. city). Due to its proximity to Lake Erie, the Cleveland area is often referred to locally as "The North Coast".

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