What is Cienfuegos known for?

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'''. This is a big, modern resort-hotel at Rancho Luna, on the coast, opposite Castillo de Jagua. Lunch was awful, unless you like jello and canned vegetables. The hotel looked like it was maybe a quarter full. Casa Particulares: *

dance contest

audience participation, for example, a dance contest for kids where the winners get kisses from the dolphins. You can also swim with the dolphins for about 50 CUC. * '''Castillo de Jagua'''. This is an 18th-century fortress built to protect Cienfuegos against (English) pirates. There's an abandoned nuclear power plant behind the castle, built by the Soviets but never finished.

guitar including

quartet, the Romeros. Celedonio made a large number of recordings, both solo and with the Romeros, which appeared on the Delos (Delos International) and Philips labels. He also wrote over 100 compositions for guitar, including a dozen concertos. Hood commanded the gunboat during the Spanish-American War, and carried information of the arrival of the Spanish (Spanish Navy) Caribbean Squadron off Santiago (Santiago de Cuba), Cuba, to Commodore Winfield

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and Mark Lanegan of The Screaming Trees, who covered Miami's opening track "Carry Home"—have been influenced by The Gun Club. Cuba * Juragua Nuclear Power Plant, Cienfuegos – Construction of two 417 MW VVER-440 V213 reactors suspended in 1992 following the collapse of the Soviet Union Biography He learned to play the piano at the music high school of Cienfuegos. He studied medicine but abandoned his studies due to financial


(streets). Nice location in Punta Gorda, big room with a refrigerator, air conditioner, and bathroom. Very nice family. Good food and laundry. 25 CUC, plus 4 CUC for breakfast and 10 CUC for dinner. Plus Nadia is a lawyer if you need legal advice! Stay safe Before 2003 Cienfuegos had a reputation for teenage prostitutes. Girls would skip school to go to the airport three times a week for the flights from Canada and meet Canadian men. Beginning in 2003 the police cracked down on prostitution

and now Cienfuegos has a reputation for the most vigorous anti-prostitution police patrolling in Cuba (and there are no longer flights from Canada). After dark be careful at nightclubs, restaurants, or on the streets; simply asking an innocent young woman for directions could get her arrested. Don't bring a Cuban guest into your casa unless she signs the guest book; several home owners lost their homes because tourists brought "girlfriends" home for the night

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metres she still holds the Pan American Games record (List of Pan American Games records in athletics) in the event. Ivkov fell out of the top 40 after 1975, and appeared less frequently in major events. But he still had some notable results later in his career. He was 2nd at Štip 1977 with 8.5 13, behind Hort. At Bor (Bor, Serbia) 1984, he shared 2nd-4th places with 8.5 13 behind winner Slobodan Martinovic. He won the tournament at Cienfuegos 1985 with 10 13. In the 1991 Yugoslav Championship at Kladovo, he shared 4th-7th places with 9 13. Ivkov shared 2nd-9th places in the 1998 World Senior Championship at Grieskirchen on 8 11 behind champion Vladimir Bagirov. His most impressive late-career feat was a shared 1st-2nd place in the strong Tigran Petrosian Memorial at Moscow 1999 with 5 9, along with Portisch. Ivkov tied 2nd-4th places in the 25th anniversary Paul Keres Memorial at Vancouver with 7.5 10, behind winner Vladimir Epishin. He was awarded the International Arbiter title in 1986.

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Torriente was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He was a talented slugger on Rube Foster's great Chicago American Giants teams of 1918-1925. He was a terrific pull hitter, though he could hit with power to all fields. He was stocky and slightly bowlegged, but had deceptive power, along with a strong, accurate arm from center field. He was considered to be a complete player

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Cuban president Fidel Castro.


'''Cienfuegos''' ( from Havana, and has a population of 150,000. The city is dubbed ''La Perla del Sur'' (Pearl of the South). ''Cienfuegos'' literally translates to "One Hundred fires". Cien meaning one hundred, and fuego(s) meaning fires.

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