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, and attended primary school there. His family later moved to Christchurch, where Low briefly attended Christchurch Boys' High School. However following the death of his eldest brother Low was taken out of school, as his parents believed that he had been weakened by over studying. Low's first cartoon was published in 1902, when he was 11 years old, a three-picture strip in the British comic ''Big Budget''. publisher Christchurch City Council

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Geographer year 1948 volume 4 issue 1 pages 104 doi 10.1111 j.1745-7939.1948.tb01515.x who independently conceived DST in 1905 during a pre-breakfast ride, when he observed with dismay how many Londoners slept through a large part of a summer's day. An avid golfer

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to Palmerston and back once or twice a week. From 1880 until 1989, the town acted as the junction between the main line and a branch line that ran inland, the Dunback and Makareao Branches. Later years Jennings is now involved in an international charity, Bright Hope World, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Early life and career Comfort was born to a Jewish mother and a father who he described as "a Gentile who was open to the things of God". ref name cz >

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in Australia as well, where he prepared ''Public Life'' studies for the city centres of Melbourne (Melbourne city centre) (1994 and 2004), Melbourne 'Places for People' Perth (Perth, Western Australia (suburb)) (1995 and 2009),Projects Current-Plans-and-Studies City of Perth - Public Spaces Public Life Adelaide (Adelaide city centre) (2002) City of Adelaide - Public Spaces and Public Life 2002 Sydney (Sydney central business district) (2007), Sydney CBD Public Life and Public Spaces Survey Auckland (2008) http: SiteCollectionDocuments Auckland_Public_Life_Survey_July_2010_Pages_1-24.pdf and Christchurch. Commons:Category:Christchurch WikiPedia:Christchurch Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Canterbury Christchurch

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great-grandfather had founded a forestry firm, "H. Baigent and Sons". His secondary schooling was at Nelson College, and then he moved on to Canterbury University, Christchurch, initially intending to study science and continue in the family career of forestry, but then switched to studying comparative religion and philosophy, studying Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. He traveled to Australia and Southeast Asia, occasionally living on the street

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varied suggestions have been promoted for rebuilding the central city

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lacquer discs, 20000 open reel tapes, 10000 analogue and digital tape cassettes and supporting documentation, artifacts and photographs. Archivist and oral historian Jim Sullivan draws on much of the Sound Archives material for his Sunday night radio programme, ''Sounds Historical'', on Radio New

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Athletes AthleteProfile.aspx?Print &ContactID 27186&id 3774 title Bradley Shaw Profile at author publisher date accessdate 15 February 2010 and at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Home Games In past seasons the Breakers had been based at Trusts Stadium in Waitakere and have played matches in the Pacific Centre in Manukau, while they have also taken NBL games to Christchurch Westpac Arena, Wellington Queens Wharf Events Centre and Hamilton Mystery Creek in their inaugural season. A bid was also made to host several matches in the South Island, but since the franchise was based in Auckland this did not eventuate. Early career Born in Ladbrooks, near Christchurch, as the son of a schoolmaster who later became a farmer at Waimate, Kippenberger received his education at Christchurch Boys' High School and later at Canterbury University College. National (New Zealand National Party) northwest Christchurch, Rangiora and Kaiapoi - Nicknamed "Haybag", he made his Test debut against England (England national cricket team) at Christchurch in March 1951. He played against the touring West Indies team in 1951-52, but his job obliged him to miss the tour to South Africa in 1953-54. He played at home again against the touring English team in 1954-55, and toured to Pakistan and India in 1955-56. He missed playing in New Zealand's first Test victory, against the West Indies (West Indian cricket team) at Auckland in March 1956, and played his last four Tests on the tour to England in 1958, ending his Test career in the 4th Test at Old Trafford. He was never on the winning side in a Test Match. '''John Gordon Leggat''' (27 May 1926 in Wellington – 9 March 1973 in Christchurch) has played nine Tests (Test cricket) for New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team) in the 1950s. He died suddenly in 1973. Richards has also appeared as Patrick in Tony McCaffrey’s (A Different Light Company) production of ''The Night Season'' by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, at the University Theatre, Christchurch and as Claudius in both ''Hamlet'' and ''Rosencranz & Guildenstern'' for the Court Theatre, Christchurch, in April 2006. In 2007 he appeared as Creon in Tolis Papazoglou’s production of ''Antigone'', at Studio 77 in Wellington. He is noted for having taken four wickets in five balls on the opening day of the Test Match (Test cricket) against Pakistan (Pakistan cricket team) at Edgbaston in June 1978, the wicketless third ball being a no ball. Bowling at pace from the City End, the second ball of his nineteenth over was top edged by Wasim Raja to wicket-keeper Bob Taylor (Bob Taylor (cricketer)) before his third ball nipped back though the gate to remove Wasim Bari's off stump. Old's fourth ball, the no-ball, was edged by Iqbal Qasim into the ground but Qasim nicked a late outswinger to the keeper off the next legitimate delivery, before Sikander Bakht (Sikander Bakht (cricketer)) found the safe hands of Graham Roope at second slip. Old thus equalled the record of four wickets in five balls set by Maurice Allom on his Test debut at Lancaster Park, Christchurch in 1929-30, a feat which has since been repeated by Pakistan's Wasim Akram. '''Robert Wickham Anderson''' (born 2 October 1948 in Christchurch) has played nine Tests (Test cricket) and two One Day Internationals for New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team). '''William Edward "Bill" Merritt''', born on 18 August 1908, and died at Christchurch, New Zealand on 9 June 1977, was a cricketer who played for Canterbury (Canterbury cricket team), Northamptonshire (Northamptonshire County Cricket Club) and New Zealand (New Zealand cricket team). The Clerks of Christ Church have performed in venues as far apart as Christ Church, Oxford, and Christchurch, New Zealand (where they toured in 2002, 2003 and 2004); as various as Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons (Raymond Blanc's restaurant and hotel) and Dorchester (Dorchester Abbey) and Douai (Douai Abbey) Abbeys; as well as performing for the memorial service of Lord Jenkins (Roy Jenkins), the Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and in the presence of The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair M.P. In July 2004 The Clerks of Christ Church made their film debut in Sir Richard Eyre's ''Stage Beauty'', starring Billy Crudup and Claire Danes. Biography Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Thain was part of the rock trio The New Nadir, and with the drummer Peter Dawkins (Peter Dawkins (musician)), he travelled from New Zealand to London, and once jammed (jam session) with Jimi Hendrix before the trio split in 1969. Under the transition plan which they had developed, the ANG would continue to augment the Navy during the October, 1996 - March, 1997 operating season for the U.S. Antarctic Program. At the end of the October, 1997 - March, 1998 season, the ANG would assume command of the program. During the third year of the transition program, October, 1998 to March, 1999, the Navy would augment the ANG before the latter took over the entire program the following year. There would be 7 LC-130s in theater. They would stage from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Traditional Guardsmen, technicians, and the cadre of AGRs specifically brought on board to support "Operation Deep Freeze" would all be involved in the mission. When fully transitioned to the ANG, the 109th would have ten LC-130s in its inventory. These would include upgrades of four LC-130 aircraft in-service with the unit plus three new aircraft and three that would be transferred from the Navy. ANG estimates of the savings to be realized by consolidating the operation in the hands of the 109th AW ranged from $5 million to $15 million a year. The actual transition to Air Guard control began in March, 1996. '''James Andrew Cheyne Ryan''' (born 10 February 1983 in Christchurch) is a New Zealand rugby union footballer. He plays lock. Career DATE OF BIRTH 10 February 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH Christchurch, New Zealand DATE OF DEATH Location Little River is approximately 30 minutes drive from Akaroa on Banks Peninsula, a major South Island tourist destination, and 45 minutes drive from Christchurch. It is on State Highway 75 (New Zealand State Highway network), which links Christchurch and Akaroa. Little River is a great place to visit for walks and mountain biking, and is a very popular stop over for its cafe and art gallery. Commons:Category:Christchurch WikiPedia:Christchurch Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand Canterbury Christchurch

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acts playing in various locations around the central city almost weekly. Christchurch is considered the New Zealand home of Drum and Bass and to a lesser extent Dubstep and various other "Bass Heavy" genres. Some of New Zealand's top performing acts such as Shapeshifter (Shapeshifter (band)), Tiki Taane and Truth (Truth (Dubstep Artist)) are from Christchurch. Venues and clubs such as The Bedford, Ministry, and Double Happy and many

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High School''' is a state co-educational secondary school located in Upper Riccarton, a suburb of Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2006 the Rangers secured a playoff position and eventually finished third. The Rangers lost a close play-off match in Christchurch to the Canterbury Bulls 26-20 and then lost to the Tamaki Leopards 25-24 in extra time the following weekend to be elimiminated from the play-offs. The population of New Zealand is approximately 4.4&nbsp


image_flag Chch FLAG.jpg flag_size image_seal seal_size image_shield Chch COA.JPG shield_link Coat of arms of the City of Christchurch image_map mapsize map_caption pushpin_map New Zealand pushpin_label_position right pushpin_map_caption pushpin_mapsize coordinates_region NZ subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Island (List of islands of New Zealand) subdivision_name1 South Island subdivision_type2 Region (Regions of New Zealand) subdivision_name2 Canterbury (Canterbury, New Zealand) subdivision_type3 Territorial authority subdivision_name3 Christchurch City Council government_footnotes government_type leader_title Mayor (Mayor of Christchurch) leader_name Lianne Dalziel established_title Settled by the UK established_date 1848 established_title1 established_date1 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2 1426 area_land_km2 area_water_km2 area_water_percent area_urban_km2 607.73 elevation_footnotes tags -- elevation_m elevation_max_m 920 elevation_min_m 0 population_as_of population_footnotes population_note population_total population_density_km2 auto population_urban population_density_urban_km2 auto population_blank1_title Demonym population_blank1 Cantabrian timezone NZST (Time in New Zealand) utc_offset +12 timezone_DST NZDT utc_offset_DST +13 coor_type latd 43 latm 31 lats 48 latNS S longd 172 longm 37 longs 13 longEW E coordinates_display y postal_code_type postal_code area_code 03 website footnotes blank_name Local iwi blank_info Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Mamoe thumb 400px right High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets in Christchurch, 1923 (File:High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets in Christchurch, 8 May 1923.jpg)

'''Christchurch''' (

The city was named by the Canterbury Association, which settled the surrounding province of Canterbury (Canterbury Province). The name of Christchurch was agreed on at the first meeting of the association on 27 March 1848. It was suggested by John Robert Godley, who had attended Christ Church, Oxford. Some early writers called the town ''Christ Church'', but it was recorded as ''Christchurch'' in the minutes of the management committee of the association. ''A History of Canterbury'', Vol. 1 – Sir James Hight & Straubel, C.R.; Canterbury Centennial Association and Whitcombe and Tombs, Christchurch 1957, Page 121 Christchurch became a city by Royal Charter on 31 July 1856, making it officially the oldest established city in New Zealand.

The river that flows through the centre of the city (its banks now largely forming an urban park) was named Avon (Avon River (Canterbury)) at the request of the pioneering Deans brothers to commemorate the Scottish Avon (River Avon (Falkirk)), which rises in the Ayrshire hills near what was their grandfathers' farm and flows into the Clyde.

The usual Māori (Māori language) name for Christchurch is '''Ōtautahi''' ("the place of Tautahi"). This was originally the name of a specific site by the Avon River near present-day Kilmore Street and the Christchurch Central Fire Station. The site was a seasonal dwelling of Ngāi Tahu chief Te Potiki Tautahi, whose main home was Port Levy on Banks Peninsula. The Ōtautahi name was adopted in the 1930s. Prior to that the Ngāi Tahu generally referred to the Christchurch area as Karaitiana, Ōtautahi (from the Christchurch City Library website) a transliteration of the English word Christian. The city's name is often abbreviated by New Zealanders to '''Chch'''. "Chch ready...", The Southland Times "...injured in Chch bus crash", The Star In New Zealand Sign Language, the city's name is the fingerspelled letter C (made by forming the hand into a C shape) signed twice, with the second to the right of the first, while mouthing "Christchurch".

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