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, was sales director of a company selling waste compactors and baling machines. James married Claire Neate, a music video producer (film producer), in April 2003 in Cheltenham. They have five children: three boys, Geronimo and twins Artemis and Galileo, and daughters Sable and Beatrix. The family live in Kingham in Oxfordshire on a 200-acre (0.81 km2) organic (organic farming) cheese farm. On 26 August 1643, all being ready, Essex started. Through Aylesbury and round the north

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in the Scots Guards in 1865. He apparently did not take soldiering very seriously, being more interested in ornithology which in those days consisted of collecting specimens and eggs (egg (biology)). He resigned his commission in 1869 and from that point onwards lived the life of traveling naturalist and country gentleman. He visited to various parts of the world studying aspects natural history including ornithology, botany, entomology and big game. Anon (1923) Obituary

: Henry John Elwes, F. R. S. The Geographical Journal 61(4):311 He combined horticulture with entomology and big game hunting with estate management and raising prize-winning show livestock, and sitting on the District council (Districts of England). He would later to ascribe his interest in plants to his wife, Margaret Lowndes, whom he married in 1871. His first garden was at Miserden, near Cirencester; he later moved to Preston House, Cirencester, before inheriting the Colesbourne estate on the death of his father in 1891. DATE OF BIRTH 16 May 1846 PLACE OF BIRTH Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England DATE OF DEATH 26 November 1922 "Long Way to the Light" was recorded in Warwick on October 16, 2003. "Peace Of Iona," "Bring 'em All In," and "The Whole of the Moon" were recorded in Belfast two days later. "Glastonbury Song" is from a concert at Plymouth on October 29 of that year. "Medicine Bow" was recorded in Basingstoke on October 13. "The Pan Within" is taken from a Dublin show on 21 October. "Open" is taken from two concerts, one in Liverpool on October 26, 2004, and from a later concert in Galway on November 23. "The Return of Jimi Hendrix" is from November 25 in Cork (Cork (city)). Both "My Dark Side" and "Fisherman's Blues" were recorded in Cheltenham on October 30, 2003. "A Song for the Life" is from a November 27, 2004 show in Athlone. "Come Live with Me" is also from two separate concerts, the same Galway show as "Open," and the same Cork show as "The Return of Jimi Hendrix." '''Uckington''' is a village west of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Not having a church, Uckington was formerly a hamlet (hamlet (place)) in the parish of Elmstone-Hardwicke but is now a civil parish in its own right. The two villages share a village hall. Uckington is in the borough of Tewkesbury, the Cheltenham post town, and on the Coombe Hill (Coombe Hill, Gloucestershire), Cheltenham, telephone exchange. Nearby villages include Elmstone-Hardwicke and Boddington (Boddington, Gloucestershire). thumb right St Mary Magdelene Church, Elmstone Hardwicke (File:Elmstone Hardwicke Church - - 45931.jpg) '''Elmstone Hardwicke''' is a village and sizeable parish north-west of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, England. wikipedia:Cheltenham commons:Cheltenham

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, Cheltenham, Hereford, Leominster, Stourbridge and Kidderminster, they extend from the southern boundaries of Birmingham in the north to Bristol in the south. Traditionally rugby union and cricket playing areas, there is a Three Counties Showground situated in the Worcestershire town of Malvern (Malvern, Worcestershire) that holds an annual agricultural show, and the area is also referred to in the names of local businesses and in the Three Counties Cider and Perry Association - the popular apple and pear derived alcoholic beverages some of the finest of which are made in this area. From her twenties on, Josephine was very active in feminist movements. This was particularly spurred by the accidental death of her six-year-old daughter Eva in 1863 when the Butlers were living in Cheltenham, where George served as vice principal at Cheltenham College. In 1866 George Butler was appointed headmaster of Liverpool College, and the family moved to Liverpool. Josephine now became involved in the campaign for higher education for women, and in 1867 together with Anne Jemima Clough, later principal of Newnham College, Cambridge, she was instrumental in establishing the North of England Council for Promoting the Higher Education of Women. However, she had also been very closely involved with the welfare of prostitutes; as a passionate Christian, she abhorred the sin, but she also regarded the women as being exploited victims of male oppression, and she attacked the double standard of sexual morality. So when a national campaign was begun in 1869 to repeal the Contagious Diseases Acts, she was an obvious woman to lead it. Amies was brought up in Worcestershire and went to the University of Exeter in Devon and subsequently the University of Kansas, where he was awarded a scholarship in Art History (Art history). He declined the scholarship in favour of work in music TV in the UK at The Powerstation, where he was on the air with Chris Evans (Chris Evans (broadcaster)), Boy George, Steven Wells and Suggs (Suggs (singer)). He started DJing (disc jockey) in art college in Cheltenham (he was in the same class as British (United Kingdom) artist Tim Noble (Tim Noble and Sue Webster)) and after leaving the UK he worked behind the decks in Arizona at top 40 radio station KRQ alongside Jimmy Kimmel. He later worked at MCA Records in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) and then moved to work in the news department at MTV Europe partly thanks to work appearances with Quentin Tarantino and Traci Lords at MCA. C *Cainscross, Calcot (Calcot, Gloucestershire), Calcott's Green, Cam (Cam, Gloucestershire), Cambridge (Cambridge, Gloucestershire), Cashes Green, Chaceley (Chaceley, Gloucestershire), Chalford, Charlton Kings, Chaxhill, Chedworth, Cheltenham, Chipping Campden, Churchdown (Churchdown, Gloucestershire), Churchend, Cinderford, Cirencester, Clapton-in-the-Hill, Clearwell, Coaley, Coaley Peak, Coalway, Coberley, Cold Ashton, Cold Aston, Coldharbour (Coldharbour, Gloucestershire), Coleford (Coleford, Gloucestershire), Colesborne, Coln Rogers, Coln St. Aldwyns, Coln St. Dennis, Colthrope, Compton Abdale, Condicote, Coombe (Coombe, Gloucestershire), Coombe Hill (Coombe Hill, Gloucestershire), Corse (Corse, Gloucestershire), Cowley (Cowley, Gloucestershire), Cranham (Cranham, Gloucestershire), Cutsdean 1941 * wikipedia:Cheltenham commons:Cheltenham

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worked at MCA Records in Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California) and then moved to work in the news department at MTV Europe partly thanks to work appearances with Quentin Tarantino and Traci Lords at MCA. C *Cainscross, Calcot (Calcot, Gloucestershire), Calcott's Green, Cam (Cam, Gloucestershire), Cambridge (Cambridge, Gloucestershire), Cashes Green, Chaceley (Chaceley, Gloucestershire), Chalford, Charlton Kings, Chaxhill, Chedworth

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. Initially working as an articled clerk in an accountancy firm, in 1963 he became a reporter at the ''Hounslow, Brentford and Chiswick Post''. In 1966, Whitaker scored his first scoop when he went undercover working as a cloakroom attendant in the newly opened Playboy Club in London.

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of the painter, Sir William Beechey (William Beechey)), and was educated at Marlborough College (for two years, before falling ill) and Cheltenham College. He later claimed that he was far too lazy to pursue an artistic career himself, and although he expressed an interest in a stage career, his father, who loathed his own profession, expressly forbade it (although he continued to be involved in amateur dramatics all his life and was also a talented singer). He therefore joined

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in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania, United States, highlighting Cheltenham as the "Official Twin." Notable people * HMS ''Cheltenham'' (HMS Cheltenham), a Racecourse class minesweeper of 1916 * Acclaim Cheltenham, a game studio that made ''Extreme-G 3'' and ''XGRA: Extreme-G Racing Association'' * List of spa towns in the United Kingdom * Cheltenham (UK

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to book early to find a room, possibly as early as the previous year. Many people accept rooms anywhere within about a 50 mile radius. It's also famous for recently housing the top secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) responsible for signals intelligence (SIGINT) for UKUSA by Britain's best computer scientists and mathematicians, in its doughnut shaped building (designed that way for security reasons). Get in By train Frequent rail links to London Paddington, Bristol

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held in the second half of a lunch break, the make-up of which changes from term (academic term) to term, and which vary from table tennis to bridge (contract bridge). However, in recent years though these lunchtime activities have not diminished they have moved away from their house competition orientation, leaving only the main house events, music, drama, sporting,and academic. The King's School song, written by former headmaster Maurice Wheeler, is reputed to be the only school song



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