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* '' Butterflies

;ref name "Film" * The Full Monteverdi, a 2007 British film written and directed by John La Bouchardière, was partly filmed in Cheltenham. * The House of Eliott, a British television series produced

and broadcast by the BBC between 1991 and 1994, was partly filmed in Cheltenham. * Vanity Fair (1998 TV serial), a BBC serialised adaptation of William Makepeace Thackery's novel of the same name, was partly filmed in Cheltenham. The Thistle (Thistle Hotels) Golden Valley Hotel was used by the ITV soap opera Crossroads (soap opera) Crossroads

comedy including

National Opera from 1986-92. Since the early 1990s, when Estonia regained its independence, Sander has performed in a number of European venues in English-language comic operas (especially those of Gilbert and Sullivan) and Edwardian musical comedy, including principal roles in amateur productions at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival. Review

book early

to book early to find a room, possibly as early as the previous year. Many people accept rooms anywhere within about a 50 mile radius. It's also famous for recently housing the top secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) responsible for signals intelligence (SIGINT) for UKUSA by Britain's best computer scientists and mathematicians, in its doughnut shaped building (designed that way for security reasons). Get in By train Frequent rail links to London Paddington, Bristol

professional performance

of Sander in a role at the Festival He also sang the role of the Spanish Officer in a concert production of ''The Contrabandista'' in 2002 at Cheltenham, England, at the Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Festival, with professional soloists and the Cotswold Savoyards (the first modern professional performance of this comic opera) Sir Arthur Sullivan Society Magazine, #55, Autumn 2002, pp. 2-3 and with orchestras such as Estonian Dream Big Band Article noting Sander's performance with EDBB at Filharmoonia and Wanemuine Symphony Orchestra, with whom he has performed at and hosted Andrew Lloyd Webber galas. Hirv, Tui. EPL article on Andrew Lloyd Webber gala concert, 31 July 2006 wikipedia:Cheltenham commons:Cheltenham

title sports

The Colossus Mark 1 was dismantled and parts returned to the Post Office. Two Colossus computers, along with two replica Tunny machines, were retained, moving to GCHQ's new headquarters at Eastcote in April 1946, and moving again with GCHQ to Cheltenham between 1952 and 1954. Copeland, 2006, p. 173-175 One of the Colossi, known as ''Colossus Blue'', was dismantled in 1959; the other in 1960. In their later years, the Colossi were used for training, but before that, there had been attempts to adapt them, with varying success, to other purposes. Horwood, 1973 Jack Good relates how he was the first to use it after the war, persuading NSA that Colossus could be used to perform a function for which they were planning to build a special purpose machine. Colossus was also used to perform character counts on one-time pad tape to test for non-randomness. *Wotton-under-Edge Bath (Bath, Somerset), Cheltenham, Dursley, Gloucester and Stroud are larger urban centres that border on, or are virtually surrounded by, the Cotswold AONB. thumb right 250px Map of Cotswolds roads from 1933 (Image:Cotswold roads 1933.jpg) The Cotswolds lies between the M5 (M5 motorway), M40 (M40 motorway) and M4 motorways. The main non-motorway roads through the area are the A46 (A46 road): Bath (Bath, Somerset) – Stroud – Cheltenham; the A419 (A419 road): Swindon – Cirencester – Stroud; the A429 (A429 road): Cirencester – Stow-on-the-Wold – Moreton-in-Marsh; and the A40 (A40 road): Oxford – Burford – Cheltenham. These all roughly follow the routes of ancient roads, some laid down by the Romans (Roman Britain), such as Ermin Street and the Fosse Way. * Estonia has an embassy in London and three honorary consulates (in Cheltenham, Paisley and Wales). Estonian embassy in London * The United Kingdom

field events

significant places and events. ;Festivals Every year, Cheltenham Festivals organises music (Cheltenham Music Festival), jazz (Cheltenham Jazz Festival), literature (Cheltenham Literature Festival) and science (Cheltenham Science Festival) festivals in the town, attracting names with national and international reputations in each field. Events take place at venues including the town hall (Cheltenham Town Hall), the Everyman Theatre (Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham), The Playhouse

educational independent

tbat location_country location Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England origins '''Cheltenham College''' is a co-educational independent school, located in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. One of the public schools (Public school (UK)) of the Victorian (Victorian era) period, it was opened in July 1841. An Anglican foundation, it is known for its classical, military and sporting traditions. Kohler's UK subsidiary is the Cheltenham-based

;Article noting Sander's performance with EDBB at Filharmoonia and Wanemuine Symphony Orchestra, with whom he has performed at and hosted Andrew Lloyd Webber galas. Hirv, Tui. EPL article on Andrew Lloyd Webber gala concert, 31 July 2006 wikipedia:Cheltenham commons:Cheltenham

including food

date Sep 2011 Economy thumb Cavendish House (File:Cavendish-house-cheltenham-20081003.jpg) department store on the Promenade. Cheltenham has light industry, including food processing, aerospace, electronics and tourism businesses. The Government's electronic surveillance (Surveillance) operation Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), renowned for its "doughnut-shape" building, is in Cheltenham. Vertex Data Science, GE-Aviation

family live

, was sales director of a company selling waste compactors and baling machines. James married Claire Neate, a music video producer (film producer), in April 2003 in Cheltenham. They have five children: three boys, Geronimo and twins Artemis and Galileo, and daughters Sable and Beatrix. The family live in Kingham in Oxfordshire on a 200-acre (0.81 km2) organic (organic farming) cheese farm. On 26 August 1643, all being ready, Essex started. Through Aylesbury and round the north

roles amp

, Gloucestershire, England death_date Grady was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. After a classical training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School,roles&type perform&id 357''Who's Who at Complicite'', (Complicite) his career has spanned more than 40 years, and includes theatre roles at the Royal Shakespeare Company and London's Royal National Theatre, as well the West End



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