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military family

Huìzhàn ) was a major engagement in the Second Sino-Japanese War in and around the Chinese (China) city of Changde in the province of Hunan. During the battle, Japan (Imperial Japan) used extensive biological (biological weapons) and chemical weapons. **Sun Yi (孫奕), Chamberlain for the Imperial Clan in Eastern Wu **Sun Hui (孫恢), Grand Administrator of Wuling, in modern Changde, Hunan She was born into a military (People's Liberation Army) family in Beijing

national nature

, Wuling (Wuling Mountains) and Xuefeng Mountains to the west, and Hubei province to the north. Near the border with Hubei province in Shimen county (Shimen County) is Huping Mountain ( .

National Natural Reserve Complex in Shimen county was selected as one of several potential sites. Climate It has a monsoon-influenced, four-season humid subtropical

huge variety

. From bumper cars to a miniature roller coaster to paddle boats, there are attractions here for both the young and the young at heart. Buy *

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: col col68094 index.html publisher Changde City Government accessdate 8 December 2013 date 2013-07-30 Public Bike Service thumb One of Changde's many public bike rental stations on Renmin street. (File:Changde Public Bike Rental Station.jpg) Changde also has

national natural

National Natural Reserve Complex in Shimen county was selected as one of several potential sites. Climate It has a monsoon-influenced, four-season humid subtropical

international sporting

; ref Tourism thumb Changde Poetry Wall (File:Changde Poetry Wall.jpg) Changde is home to several tourist attractions. A few of them are located within the city but the most important of them are in the counties outside the city. Inside the city tourist areas include Liuye Lake, Taiyang Mountain, Changde Poetry Wall, and Walking street. Liuye Lake is now a national AAA tourism area with facilities for local, national, and international sporting

music called

: c 2007 08 28 1303797.htm publisher 红网综合 accessdate 20 December 2013 language Chinese date 2007-08-28 Arts In the 17th century, folk music from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces began influencing the popular music scene in Changde's Yuan and Li river district. A unique style of theatrical folk music called Changde Sixian ( ; lit. "Changde strings") evolved from this combination. It includes short expressive sections of lyrics spoken

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Water Since the Yuan river has a minimum channel depth of over two meters year-round, it is navigable by thousand-ton ships. Yuanguan port in Changde is the second largest port in Hunan province covering an area of 200 mu (Chinese units of measurement) (13 hectares). Construction of the new port began in 1999 and the first and second stages were completed in 2008 with two thousand-ton berths, two five-hundred-ton berths and one three-hundred-ton berth. Since 2012, The port of Changde is linked directly to the port of Shanghai.

prominent early

author2 Yongyi Song author3 Yuan Zhou * Liu Yuxi - famous Tang Dynasty poet worked as a minor government official in Changde (then Langzhou) for nine years * Lin Boqu - Prominent early leader of the Chinese Communist Party born in Shujing, Linli county, Changde

religious reasons

, they speak Chinese as their native language, and Arabic for religious reasons at the mosque. Unit 731 and its affiliated units (Unit 1644, Unit 100, et cetera) were involved in research, development, and experimental deployment of epidemic-creating biowarfare weapons in assaults against the Chinese populace (both civilian and military) throughout World War II. Plague-infested fleas, bred in the laboratories of Unit 731 and Unit 1644, were spread by low-flying


'''Changde''' (

The area has been inhabited by humans since around 8,000 years ago. In that time, the city has changed names several times, but it has been known as Changde since the twelfth century. The city is well known for the Battle of Changde during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–45) and the atrocities committed then by the Imperial Japanese Army.

In the past decade, the city has seen a massive construction boom. New highrises have sprung up, roads were rebuilt and new schools, parks and museums have opened. Locals and tourists often visit the Changde Poetry Wall, covered in a variety of poems mostly from ancient China. The wall stretches for

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