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, 2004, commons:Calgary

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of holding cards, spectators donned colored ponchos, which created images throughout the stadium. The poncho stunt was similar to a precursor to card stunts often performed at college football games in Pac-10 (Pacific-10 Conference) schools. During such stunts, rooting sections would often wear colored hats or jackets and arrange themselves in such a way as to display a school logo or other design. By 1950, General Distributors sales amounted to $1 million. In 1952, the company obtained exclusive Canadian rights for Paper Mate pens. Albert negotiated the sale of Papermate in Canada to the Gillette (brand) Company of Boston, Massachusetts in 1955 whereby Gendis continued to distribute the Papermate pen in Canada until 1962 when Gillette fully took over. Then, in 1955, Cohen accomplished feat of landing the Canadian distribution rights to Sony products. Spotting an ad in a Japanese newspaper seeking a distributor for a new portable transistor radio, Cohen met with Sony co-founder, Akio Morita. On the basis of a handshake deal, Cohen cemented a partnership that would last for decades. The Cohen brothers scattered across Canada in order to manage the national business, each brother establishing himself in a major city: Morley (Montreal), John (Toronto), Joe (Vancouver), Harry (Calgary), and both Sam and Albert setting up headquarters (Winnipeg). Gendis' stake in Sony of Canada was sold back to Sony Corporation of Tokyo, Japan in 1995 for $207,000,000. This was a crowning achievement for Albert, the man who launched Sony's first national export business. In recognition of his forty year association with Sony, Albert received the Sony Lifetime Achievement Award in Tokyo in 2000. left thumbnail White City At Sk Hwy 48 (Image:Hwy1WhiteCity.jpg) From the Alberta border (eastbound from Medicine Hat and Calgary, Highway 1 is a four–lane divided highway with a speed limit of 110 kilometre per hour (70 mph). (Short stretches through the infrequent urban areas are at 90–100 kilometre per hour (55–65 mph) though) At Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), the highway meets the city in the south and has two official courses: through the city along Albert Street north to Victoria Avenue, then east, or on the Trans–Canada Bypass around the southeastern portion of the city. The bypass section is a controlled-access highway and is often called the Ring Road. Traffic continuing east along the Trans–Canada Highway exits at Victoria Avenue. After Regina, Highway 1 continues onward to Brandon (Brandon, Manitoba) and Winnipeg. Alberta to Swift Current Travelling west along the highway on the Alberta side, Highway 1 reaches Calgary, Alberta. Travelling east, the highway begins near Walsh, Alberta and crosses into Saskatchewan entering into the Rural Municipality (R.M.) (Rural Municipality) of Maple Creek (Maple Creek No. 111, Saskatchewan) which was established December 10, 1917. commons:Calgary

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Forsythe (actor) William Forsythe , Bob Balaban, and Michael Jeter and Bob Everett. Filmed in Calgary, Alberta. 2008 WFC 2008 was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Viz Media licensed the ''Hunter × Hunter'' anime for distribution in the Region 1 (DVD region code) market, with English voice-work handled by The Ocean Group (Ocean Productions) at Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. commons:Calgary

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. A number of marching bands are based in Calgary. They include the Calgary Round-Up Band, the Calgary Stetson Show Band, the Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts, and the four-time World Association for Marching Show Bands champions, the Calgary Stampede Showband, as well as military bands including the Band of HMCS Tecumseh, the Regimental Band of the King's Own Calgary Regiment, and the Regimental Pipes and Drums of The Calgary Highlanders. There are many other civilian pipe bands

in the city, notably the Calgary Police Service Pipe Band. Calgary Marching Bands: Round-Up Band, Stetson Show Band, Calgary Stampede Showband, World Association for Marching Show Bands left thumb upright 0.75 Glenbow Museum (File:Glenbow Museum in Spring 1.JPG) Calgary is also home to a choral music community, including a variety of amateur, community

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-03 using his speed and shot to earn positions as a First-Team All-Star in both 1924 and 1925. He was a key member of the Tigers' team that won the 1923–24 WCHL championship,

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of the Alpha Flight character Snowbird (Snowbird (comics)). While there, he also published his first comic book, ''ACA Comix'' #1, featuring "The Death’s Head Knight". The John Byrne Gallery: "Images from John’s College Days". Retrieved December 2, 2005. The Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, Minnesota has recently begun summer "bike-ins," inviting only

+They+fighting+losing+battle+Edmonton+airport 2631105 story.html uses television and radio ads featuring "addicts" recovering from their "Calgary habit", and advises Edmontonians that, "When you head south, so does your air service". Edmonton International Airport – Edmonton International Airport. (2011-02-28). Retrieved on 2011-04-23. http

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Stampede . Every year since 1979, the world’s top blacksmiths compete in Calgary, Alberta; performing their craft in front of thousands of spectators to educate and entertain the public with their skills and abilities. The competition consists of a series of forging, horseshoeing and team events, which sees competitors earn points to qualify as one of the top 10 finalists as they compete for $35,000 in prize money. The winner is crowned ''The World Champion Blacksmith''. The competition

at these Games—men's and women's Super G (Super Giant Slalom skiing) in alpine skiing (Alpine skiing at the 1988 Winter Olympics), team events in Nordic combined (Nordic combined at the 1988 Winter Olympics) and ski jumping (Ski jumping at the 1988 Winter Olympics), and women's 5000 metres in speed skating (Speed skating at the 1988 Winter Olympics) —and two events returned to the program—men's and women's Alpine skiing combined combined

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web url http: liveWorkPlay Live demographics.cfm archiveurl http: web 20110722120139 http: live-work-play live demographics archivedate 2011-07-22 title Calgary Economic Development publisher Calgary Economic Development date accessdate August 29, 2011 in 2008. The city has undertaken numerous land annexation procedures over the years to keep up with growth; the most recent was completed

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sold the team to local media mogul Frank Griffiths for $9 million. Rossiter 1994, p. 33. Also in the summer of 1974, the Canucks were re-aligned within the league and placed in the new Smythe Division. They responded with their first winning record (38 wins, 32 losses and 10 ties), finishing first in the division with 86 points. Media Guide 2008, pp. 146–82. Making their debut in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Canucks lost the opening series of the 1975 post-season (1975 Stanley Cup playoffs) in five games to the Montreal Canadiens. Head coach and general manager Phil Maloney (the third GM in team history after Poile and Hal Laycoe) recalled the importance of a successful season for the Canucks in that year specifically, as the rival league World Hockey Association had established another major professional team in the city – the Vancouver Blazers. Competing for the same hockey market, the Canucks emerged over the Blazers as the latter relocated to Calgary, Alberta, the following season (1975–76 WHA season). Rossiter 1994, p. 39. The Canucks posted a second consecutive winning record and made the playoffs in 1975–76 (1975–76 NHL season), but lost to the New York Islanders in a two-game preliminary series. On February 24, 2009, Calgary billionaire W. Brett Wilson had entered discussions with Predators majority owner David Freeman with intentions to invest in their third sports franchise together. Wilson confirms that progress has been made in his plans to invest in the team, with a "handshake agreement" but to date, nothing in writing. The long disputed 27 per cent share that belonged to minority shareholder William J. "Boots" Del Biaggio III, was expected to be purchased by Wilson, with his eventual share in the Predators to be "nominal". Avison was born in Galt (Cambridge, Ontario), Ontario, and grew up in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan, and Calgary, Alberta., "Margaret Avison: Biography," Canadian Poetry Online,, Web, Apr. 2, 2011. the daughter of a Methodist minister. As a teenager she was hospitalized for anorexia (Anorexia nervosa). Also in her capacity as vicereine, in 1986 Sauvé accepted on behalf of the "People of Canada" the Nansen Medal, and, two years later, opened the XV Olympic Winter Games (1988 Winter Olympics) in Calgary, Alberta. But, one of her favourite events that she hosted was the annual Christmas party for the Ottawa Boys & Girls Club (Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada) and its French-language counterpart, the Patro d'Ottawa; the children came to Rideau Hall to visit with Santa (Santa Claus) and attended a lunch in the Tent Room, which Sauvé personally hosted and wore a paper party hat to celebrate the special occasion. commons:Calgary

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;" Its high personal and family incomes, low unemployment and high GDP per capita


leader_title4 MLAs (Legislative Assembly of Alberta) leader_name4 title List of MLAs frame_style border:none; padding: 0; list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Moe Amery 2 Manmeet Bhullar 3 Neil Brown (Neil Brown (Canadian politician)) 4 Wayne Cao 5 Christine Cusanelli 6 Alana DeLong 7 Jonathan Denis 8 Gordon Dirks 9 Mike Ellis (Mike Ellis (Canadian politician)) 10 Kyle Fawcett 11 Heather Forsyth 12 Rick Fraser (Rick Fraser (politician)) 13 Yvonne Fritz 14 Kent Hehr 15 Sandra Jansen 16 Linda Johnson (Linda Johnson (politician)) 17 Darshan Kang 18 Donna Kennedy-Glans 19 Jason Luan 20 Ric McIver 21 Jim Prentice 22 Dave Rodney 23 David Swann 24 Jeff Wilson (Jeff Wilson (politician)) 25 Teresa Woo-Paw established_title Established established_date 1875 established_title2 Incorporated   - Town (List of towns in Alberta)  established_date2 November 7, 1884 established_title3  - City (List of cities in Alberta) established_date3 January 1, 1894 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes  (2011) area_total_km2 825.29 area_metro_km2 5107.55 area_urban_km2 704.51 population_as_of 2011 population_footnotes population_total 1096833 (3rd (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population)) population_density_km2 1329.0 population_metro 1214839 (5th (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada)) population_density_metro_km2 237.9 population_urban 1095404 population_density_urban_km2 1554.8 population_demonym Calgarian population_blank1_title Municipal census (Municipal census in Canada) (2014 (Alberta municipal censuses, 2014)) population_blank1 1195194 blank_name_sec2 GDP blank_info_sec2 US$ (American dollar) 97.9 billion blank1_name_sec2 GDP per capita blank1_info_sec2 US$ 69,826 timezone MST (Mountain Time Zone) utc_offset −7 timezone_DST MDT utc_offset_DST −6 latd 51 latm 03 latNS N longd 114 longm 04 longEW W coordinates_display title elevation_footnotes elevation_m 1045 postal_code_type Postal code span postal_code T1Y to T3R (List of T postal codes of Canada) area_code 403 (Area code 403), 587 (Area code 587) website footnotes


The economy of Calgary includes activity in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors. http: industries The Calgary CMA is home to the second-most corporate head offices in Canada among the country's 800 largest corporations.

Calgary anchors the south end of what Statistics Canada defines as the "Calgary–Edmonton Corridor".

In 1988, Calgary became the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games (1988 Winter Olympics).

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