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been an NBC station based in the state. However, since 1978, WNNE has broadcast programming from that network into parts of western New Hampshire (the region previously served by WRLH) from across the state line in Vermont (and was, for a time early in its existence, licensed to Hanover (Hanover, New Hampshire)). Much of this area is considered part of the Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Plattsburgh (Plattsburgh, New York) market, although WMUR is still available. The rest

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This became polluted over the years and was a focus for cleanup in 2009 under the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Superfund program. Evaluation of Pine Street Canal Late 20th century to present In 1978 the ice cream enterprise Ben & Jerry's was founded in Burlington in a renovated gas station. It became a national brand, with retail outlets

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Post The large transient student population votes in local, as well as state and national elections, resulting in a considerable impact on local elections. "Editorial: Student voters add to ballot participation" ''Burlington Free Press'' (October 24, 2008) The city signed up 2,527 new voters in the six weeks from September 1, 2008, the highest number for that time frame in over nine years. ref name "BFP081024

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log of the New England Inter-state routes is included in the book showing rough mileage. Within the state of Vermont, Route 15 followed modern US 2 (US 2 (VT)) US 7 (US 7 (VT)) to Winooski (Winooski, Vermont) then modern VT 15 to Danville (Danville, Vermont) then modern US 2 to Lunenburg (Lunenburg, Vermont), where it crossed into Lancaster, New Hampshire. ''Official Automobile Blue Book, Vol. 1'', 1926 edition, (Automobile Blue Books Inc., Chicago

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- - Firehouse Gallery (The Firehouse Gallery) Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Art Operated by Burlington City Arts, contemporary art - - Robert Hull Fleming Museum Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Art, Anthropology part of the University of Vermont, includes art and artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas http

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Charleston , South Carolina - ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center 120px (File:ECHOBurlington.JPG) Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Multiple Natural history, maritime history and ecology of Lake Champlain - - Ethan Allen Homestead Museum Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Historic house Ethan Allen Homestead ref

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, headquartered in Burlington, provides social services to state residents, and runs Vermont's first and the area's only methadone maintenance program, the Chittenden Clinic. thumb right 267px One of the four buildings in the Edmunds School complex (File:Edmunds School Burlington Vermont.jpg) thumb 267px University of Vermont (File:UVM Old Mill building 20040101.jpg) – Old Mill building thumb 267px Main campus, Burlington College (File:BurlingtonCollege1.jpg) Education

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, he provided the libretto of Harrison Birtwistle's opera ''Down by the Greenwood Side (Down by the Greenwood Side (opera))'' and directed the short film ''Love Love Love'' (based on, and identical length to, the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" Pwyll ap Siôn ''The Music of Michael Nyman''. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate Publishing, 2007. p. 83 ) before settling into music criticism, where he is generally acknowledged to have been the first

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"Džuli" ("Julie"). His national victory was somewhat unexpected because most observers saw popular folk singer Lepa Brena, a regional representative of Vojvodina (TV Novi Sad), as a clear favourite. '''Seventh Generation, Inc.''' is an American (United States) company that sells cleaning, paper, and personal care products. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Burlington, Vermont. The company focuses its marketing

Burlington, Vermont

'''Burlington''' is the largest city in the State (U.S. state) of Vermont and the shire town (county seat) south of Montreal.

Burlington had a population of 42,417 at the 2010 census. The city is the hub of the Burlington-South Burlington metropolitan area, consisting of the three northwestern Vermont counties of Chittenden, Franklin (Franklin County, Vermont) and Grand Isle (Grand Isle County, Vermont) and encompassing the cities of Burlington, South Burlington (South Burlington, Vermont), and Winooski (Winooski, Vermont); the towns of Colchester (Colchester, Vermont), Essex (Essex, Vermont), and Williston (Williston, Vermont); and the village of Essex Junction (Essex Junction, Vermont). According to the 2012 U.S. Census estimates, the metro area had an estimated population of 213,701, approximately one third of Vermont's total population.

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