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difficult years

politics during the Napoleonic Wars, becoming a supporter of Francis Burdett. His talent for public speaking became noted in the electoral politics of Bristol, where he denounced the complacency of both the Whigs (British Whig Party) and the Tories, and proclaimed himself a supporter of democratic radicalism. It was thanks to his particular talents that a new programme beyond the narrow politics of the day made steady progress in the difficult years that followed

studies bright

George Mackenzie on a summer expedition to Iceland where he conducted naturalist (natural history) studies. Bright then continued his medical studies at Guy's Hospital in London and in September 1813 returned to Edinburgh to be granted his medical doctorate (Doctor of Medicine). His thesis was ''De erysipelate contagioso'' (''On contagious erysipelas''). '''Colin Trevor Pillinger''', CBE (Order of the British Empire), (born in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire

producing popular

offices in West London and Bristol. It was founded in 1993 and has established an outstanding reputation for producing popular and innovative programmes across programming genres (television genre) of Entertainment, Factual Entertainment, Comedy, Documentaries, and Daytime & Features. On the outskirts of Rowde is the site of the Caen Hill flight of locks (Caen Hill Locks) of the Kennet and Avon Canal. The canal rises 237 feet by means of 29 locks, 16 of them in a straight

albums life

''Heligoland (Heligoland (album))'', on the tracks "Splitting the Atom" and "Girl I Love You." In the mid-1990s he also worked with Mad Professor, releasing the albums ''Life Is For Living'' and ''Roots and Branches''. He continues to record new music, with the ''Living in the Flood'' album released in 1999 on Massive Attack's Melankolic record label, and ''Mek It Bun'' in 2002. He also featured on the world music project, 1 Giant Leap, and on the Easy Star All-Stars 2006 album, ''Radiodread''. Commons:Category:Bristol Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Bristol Wikipedia:Bristol

range bass

to Northolt Junction (South Ruislip station), which is the start of the Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway line, split at Old Oak junction. In 1880, the Butt family moved to the port city of Bristol in England's West Country, and Clara was educated at South Bristol High School, where her singing ability was recognised and her talent as a performer encouraged. At the request of her headmistress, she was trained by the bass (bass (vocal range)) Daniel Rootham (father

political story

the jukebox's unveiling and a ''South Bank Show (The South Bank Show)'' documentary about the jukebox. When a major political story breaks, ''Breakfast'' has a presenter bringing the morning news on location. Dermot Murnaghan has presented from the election (UK general election) campaign (election campaign) from Bristol, http

life deep

the generous patronage of the Prince Regent (George IV of the United Kingdom), was sent abroad to paint portraits of allied leaders for the Waterloo chamber at Windsor Castle, and is particularly remembered as the Romantic (Romanticism) portraitist of the Regency (British Regency). Lawrence's love affairs were not happy (his tortuous relationships with Sally and Maria Siddons became the subject of several books) and, in spite of his success, he spent most of life deep in debt. He never

work blue

Comic auctioned to raise money for Comic Relief.


Harbour Festival. The '''Port of Bristol''' comprises the commercial, and former commercial, docks situated in and near the city of Bristol in England. The '''Port of Bristol Authority''' was the commercial title of the Bristol City, Avonmouth, Portishead and Royal Portbury Docks when they were operated by Bristol City Council (Politics of Bristol), which ceased trade when the Avonmouth and Royal Portbury Docks were leased to '''The Bristol Port Company''' in 1991. Early years HMS ''Hermione'' was the lead ship of a six ship class of frigates designed by Edward Hunt, termed the ''Hermione'' class (Hermione class frigate). She was launched on 9 September 1782 from Teast's (Sydenham Teast) of Bristol, having cost £ (Pound Sterling)11,350.14s (Shilling (British coin)).4d (Penny (British pre-decimal coin)) Commons:Category:Bristol Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Bristol Wikipedia:Bristol

research radio

as a result of commercial pressures to achieve greater audience numbers and a particular audience type sought by advertisers. '''James Logan''' (October 20, 1674 – October 31, 1751), a statesman (politician) and scholar, was born in Lurgan, County Armagh


) population_density_urban_km2 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_blank1_title Ethnicity url http: ons rel census 2011-census key-statistics-for-local-authorities-in-england-and-wales rft-table-ks202ew.xls title 2011 Census: Ethnicgroup, local authorities in England and Wales work Census 2011 publisher Office for National Statistics accessdate 12 December 2012 population_blank1 84.0% White (77.9% White British) 6.0% Black 5.5% Asian 3.6% Mixed Race 0.3% Arab 0.6% Other population_density_blank1_km2 population_density_blank1_sq_mi blank_name_sec2 GDP blank_info_sec2 US$ (American dollar) 47.7 billion blank1_name_sec2 GDP per capita blank1_info_sec2 US$ 42,326 timezone GMT (UTC (UTC±00:00)) timezone_DST BST (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 elevation_footnotes url http: weather weather.php3?s 062730&refer title Historical Weather for Bristol, England, United Kingdom work Weatherbase publisher Canty & Associates accessdate 3 August 2007 date June 2011 elevation_m 11 elevation_ft 36 blank_name_sec1 GVA (Gross Value Added) blank_info_sec1 2012 blank1_name_sec1  • Total blank1_info_sec1 £ (GBP)11.7bn ($19.4bn) (8th (List of UK cities by GVA)) blank2_name_sec1  • Growth blank2_info_sec1 1.6% blank3_name_sec1  • Per capita blank3_info_sec1 £27,100 ($44,900) (5th (List of UK cities by GVA)) blank4_name_sec1  • Growth blank4_info_sec1 0.6% postal_code_type Postcode postal_code BS (BS postcode area) area_code 0117, 01275 iso_code GB-BST blank1_name ONS code (ONS coding system) blank1_info 00HB (ONS) E06000023 (GSS) blank2_name OS grid reference (Ordnance Survey National Grid) blank2_info blank3_name NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) 3 blank3_info UKK11 website footnotes '''Bristol''' ( Retrieved 26 January 2015 It is England's sixth and the United Kingdom's eighth most populous city, and the most populous city in Southern England outside London.

Bristol received a Royal charter in 1155. It was part of Gloucestershire until 1373 when it became a county (Historic counties of England) in its own right. From the 13th to the 18th century, it ranked among the top three English cities after London, along with York and Norwich, on the basis of tax receipts, url http: town-rank.shtml title The Ranking of Provincial Towns in England 1066–1861 work Delving into building history publisher Jean Manco accessdate 13 January 2010 date 25 July 2009 last Manco first Jean until the rapid rise of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham in the Industrial Revolution. It borders the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire, with the historic cities of Bath (Bath, Somerset) and Gloucester to the south east and the north respectively. The city is built around the River Avon (River Avon, Bristol) and also has a short coastline on the Severn Estuary which flows into the Bristol Channel.

Bristol's prosperity has been linked with the sea since its earliest days. The Port of Bristol was originally in the city centre before being moved to the Severn Estuary at Avonmouth; Royal Portbury Dock is on the western edge of the city. In recent years, the economy has depended on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries and the city centre docks have been regenerated as a centre of heritage and culture.

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