What is Brandenburg known for?

political victory

in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern not long after the Fall of the Wall (Berlin Wall#The fall of the Wall). Netto has since expanded in the states of Brandenburg, Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein, and there are a total of 293 stores end of May 2009. On July 26, 1295, Jakub Świnka concluded his first major political victory: despite lack of papal acceptance, he crowned Przemysł II (Przemysl II of Poland) the King of Poland in the cathedral of Gniezno. Although

extensive building

Holy Roman Emperor. In 1356 he issued the Golden Bull of 1356, defining and systematizing the process of election to the Imperial throne (Imperial election), with the Czech king among the seven electors. Charles also made Prague into an imperial capital. Extensive building projects undertaken by the king included the founding of the New Town southeast of the old city. The royal castle, Hradčany, was rebuilt. Of particular significance was the founding of Charles University in Prague

main roles

fairytale). Main roles were played by Libuše Šafránková and Pavel Trávníček. The film was shot at the DEFA studios in Babelsberg (Brandenburg), in the Barrandov studios in Prague, and various places in Bohemia in what was then Czechoslovakia, like the Švihov castle in western Bohemia, and the Bohemian Forest, as well the Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony. File:Luther46c.jpg thumb Painting of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder Lucas Cranach

international singing

and the first European to attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Awards In 2005, the young singer won the international singing competition Kammeroper Schloss Rheinsberg for the role of “Hänsel” and was presented a prize by Vera and Volker Doppelfeld. For the remaining year, the young singer also played the role of the "HΣnsel" at the theatres Brandenburg, Potsdam and Frankfurt an der Oder (Frankfurt (Oder)). She was laureate of the 9th International Mozart

manufacturing business

of Owosso (Owosso, Michigan). Herman served in the Union Army then returned to Owosso, where he established a brick manufacturing business. He married Eva Graham and in 1871 their daughter Edith was born. Their son, Frederick Carl, was born in Owosso in 1874. Eva died in 1880 when Frederick was six years old, and in about 1881 the family moved to Florida. Herman started another brick manufacturing

business in Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida). The four years in Florida left an enduring impression on young Frederick; years later, when he contemplated a return to the United States from Europe, he concentrated on Florida. #Schlettstadt (Sélestat) (Sélestat) (annexed by France, 1670s) #Soest (Soest, Germany) (to Duchy of Cleves Brandenburg, 1609) #Solothurn (became a Swiss Canton, 1481, independence recognized 1648

unique landscape

through Brandenburg. In addition, there are well maintained roads. Public transport to many rural destinations is poor. There are a few railroad connections within Brandenburg and there are public buses, but travelers should check timetables for connections. See * Potsdam with its spectacular royal palaces and parks, the Dutch Quarter is a lovely city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. * The Spreewald, a unique landscape with hundreds of small irrigation canals, a UNESCO biosphere

causing great

with them as well as the Scandinavian raiders. Duckett, pg. 109 If this weren’t bad enough, 993 saw disease, famine and pestilence affect the land, causing great misery, while 994 and 995 saw fruitless campaigns against the northern Slavs and the Vikings. Duckett, pg. 109 The only bright spots were the reconquest of Brandenburg in 993 and the defeat of the Obotrites in 995. ref

supporting red

;traffic light coalition" government of Brandenburg (consisting of the "red" (SPD), "yellow" (FDP), and "green" (Alliance 90 The Greens) parties) to oversee the process of "conversion" — the transition of local economies that had been based on supporting Soviet military (Red Army) bases to a civilian economy. In this job, he drew on experiences from Rhineland-Palatinate, whose economy was heavily influenced by Military of the United

young white

and to prevent storks disrupting electricity supplies through nesting on pylons. Three young White Storks are on the top of the nest and two Eurasian Tree Sparrows are perching on the side of the nest. A large population of White Storks breeds in central and eastern Europe. In a 2004 05 census, there were 52,500 pairs in Poland, 30,000 pairs in Ukraine, 20,000 pairs in Belarus, 13,000 pairs in Lithuania (the highest known density of this species in the world), 10,700 pairs in Latvia, and 10,200 in Russia. There were around 5,500 pairs in Romania, 5,300 in Hungary and an estimated 4,956 breeding pairs in Bulgaria. WikiPedia:Brandenburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Brandenburg Commons:Category:Brandenburg

quot driving

Melpomene. Melpomene had been captured by the Royal Navy west of the port of Queenstown, now Cobh, in County Cork. He was interned first at Templemore in Tipperary, then in Oldcastle, County Meath, and finally on the Isle of Man. Therefore, Nissen was familiar with the area. *"Driving through Brandenburg (w:Brandenburg), one can delight in direction signs showing, instead of Stettin (w:Stettin), strange words that look as if some


'''Brandenburg''' ( ) is one of the sixteen federated states (states of Germany) of Germany. The capital is Potsdam.

It lies in the east of the country and is one of the federal states that was re-created in 1990 upon the reunification (German reunification) of the former West Germany and East Germany. Brandenburg surrounds but does not include the national capital and city-state Berlin.

Originating in the medieval Northern March, the Margraviate of Brandenburg grew (Brandenburg-Prussia) to become the core of the Kingdom of Prussia, which would later become the Free State of Prussia. The eastern third (East Brandenburg) of historic Brandenburg (''Ostbrandenburg Neumark'') was ceded to Poland in 1945 (Oder-Neisse border).

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