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name "GamesTm-Retro" The total budget for the game was about $600,000, according to Schafer. ref>

, 2007 page 10 it was released in Europe on April 15 that year. It would later be ported to the Sega Mega Drive Genesis (Mega Drive) under the name ''Championship Pro-Am'' and was released by Tradewest in 1992. ref>

magazine Retro Gamer issue 4 date May 2004 page 19 issn 1742-3155 oclc 489477015 publisher Imagine Publishing location Bournemouth The 2009 book ''Vintage Games'' compared the game to ''Spy Hunter'', noting that game emphasized collecting power-ups and weapons and not just on racing. It added how the trend of combining racing with vehicular combat would reappear in future games such as ''Super Mario Kart'' and ''Rock n' Roll Racing''. ref


work Bournemouth Statistics – Economy year 2011 author Business Register and Employment Services publisher Bournemouth Borough Council accessdate 29 March 2013 - !scope "col" Agriculture & Fishing Energy & Water Manufacturing Construction Distribution, Hotels & Restaurants Transport & Communication Banking, Finance & Insurance Public admin, Education & Health Other Industry - !scope "row"

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in ''Dick Whittington'' as Fairy Bowbells, this time at the Stag theatre, Kent. In 2010, Kumble returned to ''Peter Pan'', this time playing the role of Tiger Lily (Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)) at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre.

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by Rare employees Tim Stamper (Tim and Chris Stamper) and Mark Betteridge. Stamper worked on the game's graphics and concepts, while Betteridge worked on the game program itself. Most of the ideas behind the game came from Betteridge, who had challenged himself to get the smallest file size for a NES game possible. According to Rare member Brendan Gunn, Betteridge found out how to develop cheap backgrounds that took up little space. After thinking about what and how to move objects

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''. Jane Austen regularly visited seaside resorts and in her uncompleted novel ''Sanditon'' stated "The Sea air and Sea Bathing together were nearly infallible, one or the other of them being a match for every Disorder..." Jane Austen, ''Sanditon'', pp 329-330 op cit In the United Kingdom the '''party conference season''' refers to the period of three weeks in September and October of each year which contains the annual

political party conferences. They have in the past taken place in seaside resorts such as Blackpool, Brighton and Bournemouth, largely because there was plenty of cheap accommodation available in such towns at the end of the summer holiday season, but increasingly they have also taken place in major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Aux2 4.35m (1) Title Bournemouth to Plymouth OriginalAirDate

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. Pro-Am'' publisher GamesRadar date September 21, 2010 accessdate July 20, 2011 url http: f game-music-of-the-day-rc-pro-am a-201009211650825040 The game has continued to be well-received by contemporary video game publications. Allgame's Chris Couper stated that ''R.C. Pro-Am'' is among the best NES games, due to its realistic nature. He commented that the game's challenge and sounds contributed

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CK0LT_XeHc_TiAK-mcGRBA&ved 0CEgQ6AEwBQ ''Dragon Quest'' became a national phenomenon in Japan, inspiring spinoff media and figurines. The video game industry has called it as Japan's national game.

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News'', April 26, 1970, page 7b playing in Bournemouth (losing to Wade in the quarterfinals), and playing in Berlin (Berlin, Germany) (losing to Masthoff in the semifinals). The Italian Open victory was the first important clay court title of King's career. Along the way, she defeated Masthoff in a three-set quarterfinal and Wade in a three-set semifinal, saving two match points at 4–5 in the second set. The twelfth game of that set (with King leading 6–5) had 21 deuces and lasted 22 minutes, Wikipedia:Bournemouth Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Dorset Bournemouth Commons:Bournemouth

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in Sundridge House, Bournemouth and is buried in Bournemouth, Dorset, England. url http: ark: 67531 metadc3609 m1 1 high_res_d dissertation.pdf title John Nelson Darby: His Contributions to Contemporary Theological Higher Education (Dissertation Prepared for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy), pp.20-21 Stage adaptations A live production of ''Last of the Summer Wine'', known informally as the "summer season", was produced


'''Bournemouth''' World Heritage Site. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 183,491 making it the largest settlement in Dorset. With Poole to the west and Christchurch (Christchurch, Dorset) in the east, Bournemouth forms the South East Dorset conurbation, which has a total population of over 400,000.

Before it was founded in 1810 by Lewis Tregonwell, the area was a deserted heathland occasionally visited by fishermen and smugglers. Initially marketed as a health resort, the town received a boost when it appeared in Dr Granville's (Augustus Granville) book, ''The Spas of England''. Bournemouth's growth really accelerated with the arrival of the railway and it became a recognised town in 1870. Historically (Historic counties of England) part of Hampshire, it joined Dorset with the reorganisation of local government in 1974 (Local Government Act 1972). Since 1997, the town has been administered by a unitary authority, giving it autonomy from Dorset County Council although it remains however part of the ceremonial county. The local council is Bournemouth Borough Council.

The town centre has notable Victorian architecture and the spire of St Peter's Church (St Peter's Church, Bournemouth), one of three Grade I listed churches in the borough, is a local landmark. Bournemouth's location has made it a popular destination for tourists, attracting over five million visitors annually with its beaches and popular nightlife. The town is also a regional centre of business, home of the Bournemouth International Centre or BIC, and a financial sector that is worth more than £1,000 million in Gross Value Added.

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