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radio industry

, Dorset. He grew up in the New Forest and now lives in Fulham, west London. His first steps into the radio industry were as teaboy and Broadcast Assistant on local radio stations such as 2CR and Power FM. DATE OF BIRTH 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Bournemouth, Dorset, England DATE OF DEATH History and classification ''Formicium'' was originally described from isolated fossil forewings, with full queens, drones, and workers being described from Germany later. Until 2011, the genus included five species, however the two German species have been moved from ''Formicium'' and placed in the related genus ''Titanomyrma'' as ''T. giganteum'' and ''T. simillimum'' respectively. The wingspan of the females is among the largest known among ants. The species ''Formicium mirabile'', named by Theodore D. A. Cockerell (Theodore Dru Alison Cockerell) in 1920, and ''Formicium brodiei'', named by John O. Westwood (John Obadiah Westwood) in 1854, are both known from fore-wings found in middle Eocene of Bournemouth, Dorset, England. The third species named, ''Formicium berryi'' was named by Frank M. Carpenter in 1929 from the middle Eocene Claiborne Formation in Puryear, Tennessee, USA, though he misidentified the formation as the Wilcox Formation. ''F. berryi'' was the first described occurrence of the genus and, until 2011, the subfamily, in North America. Released January 1997 Recorded July 1996 at Red Dog Studios in Bournemouth, England Genre Doom metal, stoner metal (stoner rock) birth_date Wikipedia:Bournemouth Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Dorset Bournemouth Commons:Bournemouth


, which his uncle Alan (Alan Stevenson) had built (1838-1844). In the wintertime Stevenson traveled to France and lived at Davos-Platz The physician who treated Stevenson there was Dr. Carl Rüedi. and the Chalet de Solitude at Hyères, where, for a time, he enjoyed almost complete happiness. "I have so many things to make life sweet for me," he wrote, "it seems a pity I cannot have that other one thing—health. But though you will be angry to hear

musical quot

West End musical", ''Evening Standard'', p. 3. Sometimes the use of the phrase by politicians is echoed in media reports on political events, or indeed the news medium itself employs the phrase as part of its own editorializing, in the expectation that its readers will infer that it is referring to them: * "Meanwhile, the aspirations of ordinary, hardworking families will be the focus of attention for Tories (Conservative Party (UK)) in Bournemouth this week

regular place

Lloyd (comic artist) David Lloyd 's ''V for Vendetta'', at the invitation of Lloyd, an admirer of his work. Playing career Burns began his professional career with Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.) but never made a first team appearance for the club before joining Port Vale (Port Vale F.C.) in October 1935. He failed to nail down a regular place and played just two Second Division (Football League Second Division) games

sports personality

in the Parachute Regiment (Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)), 1943-46. He began his career at the Corporation in the 1950s, writing scripts for the ''Television Newsreel'' programme before going on to create and edit the popular sports programme ''Sportsview''. While editing ''Sportsview'', in 1954 he hit upon the idea of creating the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, a glittering ceremony which is still held every December by the Corporation and seen as one of the major events in UK (United Kingdom) sport. In the UK, stag weekend trips are becoming mini-holidays with the groups taking part in various day-time activities as well as the expected night out on the town. Popular locations include Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Blackpool, Newcastle upon Tyne and London. Plot Set at the fictional Bayview Retirement Home near Bournemouth, the show was based around Diana Trent and her relationship with Tom Ballard, a former accountant with semi-feigned dementia (Senile dementia). He has been exiled there for the convenience of his family. Although the script of the series makes great play of its Bournemouth setting, the location filming for the first three series was largely carried out in and around Brighton and Worthing. The first genuine appearance of Bournemouth town centre and the nearby suburb of Boscombe is in the 1992 Christmas special. The stage show ''Hi-de-Hi'' was made into a musical (musical theatre), called ''Hi-de-Hi - The Holiday Musical'', in the early years of the show. Labelled as a "summer pantomime" by its critics, the production featured most of the TV cast plus several new characters. It did not follow the television storylines, but it was a success nonetheless. It did a summer season in Bournemouth in 1983, a Christmas season in London in 1983 and a summer season in Blackpool in 1984. It was short lived, however, when some of the cast complained that filming the TV series and doing the summer show limited their offers of acting jobs elsewhere. '''Bournemouth University''' is a university in and around the large south coast town of Bournemouth, UK (although its main campus is actually situated in neighbouring Poole). It has several well respected (John Kimble, 1999) departments including The School of Applied Sciences (which focuses upon Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Geography and Forensic Sciences), The School of Health and Social Care, The School of Tourism, The Business School, School of Design, Engineering & Computing and The Media School. From November 2006 to January 2007, Amanda took a starring role in the pantomime adaption of ''Jack and the Beanstalk'' in Canterbury. From December 2007 to January 2008, she appeared as the Fairy Godmother in the pantomime adaption of ''Cinderella'' at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Wikipedia:Bournemouth Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Dorset Bournemouth Commons:Bournemouth

top rock

hours price content One of the area's top rock music venues is next door. * * '''Chaplin's''' Wine Bar and Cellar bar, Boscombe High Street. This two-in-one venue offers some

sharp line

. In the London basin, wherever the junction of the Bagshot beds with the London clay is exposed, it is clear that no sharp line can be drawn between these formations. The Lower Bagshot Beds may be observed at Brentwood (Brentwood, Essex), Billericay and High Beach in Essex; outliers, capping hills of London clay, occur at Hampstead, Highgate and Harrow (Harrow, London). In Surrey, considerable tracts of London clay are covered by heath-bearing Lower Bagshot Beds, as at Weybridge, Aldershot, Woking etc. The Ramsdell clay, N.W. of Basingstoke, belongs to this formation. In the Isle of Wight, the lower division is well exposed at Alum Bay (660 ft.) and White Cliff Bay (140 ft.). Here it consists of unfossiliferous sands (white, yellow, brown, crimson and every intermediate shade) and clays with layers of lignite and ferruginous sandstone. Similar beds are visible at Bournemouth and in the neighborhood of Poole, Wareham (Wareham, Dorset), Corfe Castle (Corfe Castle, Dorset) and Studland. Wikipedia:Bournemouth Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Dorset Bournemouth Commons:Bournemouth

game industry

CK0LT_XeHc_TiAK-mcGRBA&ved 0CEgQ6AEwBQ ''Dragon Quest'' became a national phenomenon in Japan, inspiring spinoff media and figurines. The video game industry has called it as Japan's national game.

guitar main

birth_place Boscombe, Bournemouth, England instrument Bass (Bass guitar), double bass, vocals, guitar, Born in Boscombe, Bournemouth, he attended the state grammar school Bournemouth School in Charminster. In 1988 James met future bandmate Graham Coxon at Goldsmiths College, where James studied French. Introductions with Coxon’s old school friend Damon Albarn and Dave Rowntree soon took place; at the time


name "momen2" Esslemont is related to 19th Century Liberal (Liberal Party (UK)) Member of Parliament Peter Esslemont - John's great-grandfather is Peter's grandfather. He graduated in medicine in 1898 with honorable distinction. Unfortunately, Esslemont had contracted tuberculosis during his college days and this caused him to give up his promising career in medical research. He traveled internationally and married Jean Fraser to whom he was drawn by their mutual interest

family and was educated at Ferryhill School, Robert Gordon's College, and the University of Aberdeen. Esslemont is related to 19th Century Liberal (Liberal Party (UK)) Member of Parliament Peter Esslemont - John's great-grandfather is Peter's grandfather. He graduated in medicine in 1898 with honorable distinction. Unfortunately, Esslemont had contracted tuberculosis during his college days and this caused him to give up his promising career


'''Bournemouth''' World Heritage Site. According to the 2011 census, the town has a population of 183,491 making it the largest settlement in Dorset. With Poole to the west and Christchurch (Christchurch, Dorset) in the east, Bournemouth forms the South East Dorset conurbation, which has a total population of over 400,000.

Before it was founded in 1810 by Lewis Tregonwell, the area was a deserted heathland occasionally visited by fishermen and smugglers. Initially marketed as a health resort, the town received a boost when it appeared in Dr Granville's (Augustus Granville) book, ''The Spas of England''. Bournemouth's growth really accelerated with the arrival of the railway and it became a recognised town in 1870. Historically (Historic counties of England) part of Hampshire, it joined Dorset with the reorganisation of local government in 1974 (Local Government Act 1972). Since 1997, the town has been administered by a unitary authority, giving it autonomy from Dorset County Council although it remains however part of the ceremonial county. The local council is Bournemouth Borough Council.

The town centre has notable Victorian architecture and the spire of St Peter's Church (St Peter's Church, Bournemouth), one of three Grade I listed churches in the borough, is a local landmark. Bournemouth's location has made it a popular destination for tourists, attracting over five million visitors annually with its beaches and popular nightlife. The town is also a regional centre of business, home of the Bournemouth International Centre or BIC, and a financial sector that is worth more than £1,000 million in Gross Value Added.

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