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transit expansion package for November Roads & Transit vote publisher Sound Transit date 2007-04-26 accessdate 2007-04-27 The ballot measure was defeated by voters. History Community Transit service began October 4, 1976. The original

member cities were Lynnwood (Lynnwood, Washington), Edmonds (Edmonds, Washington), Mountlake Terrace (Mountlake Terrace, Washington), Brier (Brier, Washington), Woodway (Woodway, Washington), Marysville (Marysville, Washington), and Snohomish (Snohomish, Washington). Monroe (Monroe, Washington) and Lake Stevens (Lake Stevens, Washington) joined the system in 1977, and two years later they were joined by Stanwood (Stanwood, Washington), Granite Falls, Washington Granite Falls

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Offering Is A Success work Seattle Post-Intelligencer page E1 date July 7, 1991 George Rathmann, seen as a guiding father to Icos, left the company in February 2000, and was replaced as CEO and chairman by Paul Clark, a former executive at Abbott Laboratories.

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of the city of Bothell (Bothell, Washington). The population was 25,742 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census). The creek with the same name flows through the community. Early life One of seven children, Murray was born in Bothell, Washington, to Beverly A. (née McLaughlin) and David L. Johns. Patty Murray Genealogy Her mother was an accountant. Her father fought in World War II

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Inglemoor, Woodinville, and Bothell High Schools, even though the stadium was originally Bothell High School's and serves as its most important tenant. Football games at Pop Keeney have become a major cultural and, to an extent, spiritual, gatherings for the community. In November 2006, Bothell High School's football team tied the national record for most overtime periods (9) in a quarter-final game against Pasco, which they won 43-40. The previous record was set in Michigan in 1977, between

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; In 2007, about 5,000 to 7,000 people gathered for a parade and outdoor concert at the Veterans Memorial Amphitheater at Bothell Landing in honor of local American Idol contestant Blake Lewis. 'Idol' mania hits home as Blake Lewis returns, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 11, 2007 Demographics

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http: transportation 313393_sound27.html title Sound Transit expansion ballot-bound publisher Seattle Post-Intelligencer author Larry Lange date 2007-04-26 accessdate 2007-04-27 These changes included almost in new light rail lines, four new parking garages, two new Sounder stations, a streetcar (Tram) line connecting First Hill (First Hill, Seattle, Washington), Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington Capitol Hill

, and the International District (International District, Seattle, Washington), a transit center in Bothell (Bothell, Washington), and two expansion studies, one for studying rapid transit across the SR-520 (State Route 520 (Washington)) floating bridge and the other studying the use of the Woodinville Subdivision between Renton (Renton, Washington) and Woodinville (Woodinville, Washington).


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be preserved; that no tree must unwittingly be cut down; that the natural wild flowers must remain; that the streams, the springs, the lake front, the nodding willows, the stately cedar, the majestic fir, the quivering cypress and the homelike maple and all the flora and fauna with which Nature has blessed this lakeshore, must not be defiled by the hand of man. Alan J. Stein transcribing Ole Hanson, " Lake Forest Park brochure

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. On August 2, 2006 Russell officially announced its sale to Berkshire Hathaway. Bridle Trails State Park borders the freeway on the east side, while Watershed Park and Northwest University (Northwest University (Washington)) are on the western side of the freeway as it approaches NE 70th Place, serving Houghton (Houghton, Washington) and Snyders Corner (Snyders Corner, Washington) before approaching a full cloverleaf with former SR 908 (Washington State Route 908) serving

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North_America United_States Washington Localities B Bothell '''Washington's 1st congressional district''' encompasses part of Northwest Seattle (Seattle, Washington) and largely suburban areas north and east of Seattle including Shoreline (Shoreline, Washington), Edmonds (Edmonds, Washington), Lynnwood (Lynnwood, Washington), Mountlake Terrace (Mountlake Terrace, Washington), Bothell (Bothell, Washington), Kirkland (Kirkland, Washington) and Redmond (Redmond, Washington) as well as Bainbridge Island (Bainbridge Island, Washington) and part of the Kitsap Peninsula. Until he stepped down on March 20, 2012, it was represented by Democrat (United States Democratic Party) Jay Inslee from Bainbridge Island. Inslee resigned to focus on his run for Governor of the state Congressman Inslee to step down and focus on run for governor, Reuters ; the seat will remain vacant until a special election that will coincide with the November 2012 general election. RCW 29A.28.041 Congress — Special election, Revised Code of Washington

Bothell, Washington

'''Bothell''' Prior to annexation and the 2000 census (2000 United States Census), the northern portions of Bothell which lie in Snohomish County were considered a part of the Alderwood Manor-Bothell North (Alderwood Manor-Bothell North, Washington) census-designated place.

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