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glamorous realities of a small law firm. ''The Practice'' would be the first of four successful series by Kelley that were set in Boston, proximal to his hometown of Belmont, Massachusetts. Receiving critical applause (along with two Emmys (Primetime Emmy Award) for Outstanding Drama Series (Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series)) but low ratings in its starting seasons, it eventually became a popular top 10 program. ref name

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at Bowdoin College, studied law in Boston, and in 1833 began practicing law at Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was cashier and manager of the Fort Wayne branch of the state chartered Bank of Indiana and President of the larger organization from 1835 to 1857, and president of its successor, the private owned Bank of Indiana from 1857 to 1863. Notwithstanding his early opposition to the "National Banking Act of 1862", he was selected by Salmon P. Chase to be the first Comptroller of the Currency in 1863. During McCulloch's 22 months in office, 868 national banks were chartered and no failures occurred. As the first Comptroller, McCulloch recommended major changes in the banking law and the resulting National Banking Act of 1864 (National Banking Act) remains the foundation of the national banking system. Merrill's other Broadway credits include ''Take Me Along'' (1959), ''Carnival!'' (1961), ''Breakfast at Tiffany's (Breakfast at Tiffany's (musical))'' (1966), ''Henry, Sweet Henry'' (1967), ''Sugar (Sugar (musical))'' (1972) (reworked as ''Some Like It Hot'' for a 1992 production in London's West End (West End theatre) starring Tommy Steele and a 2002-03 United States national tour starring Tony Curtis as Osgood Fielding, Jr.), and ''The Red Shoes (The Red Shoes (musical))'' (1993). He also wrote the book and lyrics for the Angela Lansbury vehicle ''Prettybelle'' (1971) and the music and lyrics for the Robert Preston musical ''The Prince of Grand Street'' (1978), both of which closed during their Boston tryouts. He was nominated for the Tony Award eight times, but never won. In 2006, O'Malley made a guest appearance on ''My Name Is Earl'', as a police officer with bowling aspirations, and made several more guest appearances on the show. O'Malley has a recurring role in ESPN commercials (television advertisement) in which he plays "The Rick", a rabid Boston sports fan. In 2008, O'Malley appeared in the NBC drama ''My Own Worst Enemy (My Own Worst Enemy (TV series))''. * Shahid Hussain Bokhari, professor at Ohio State University, Ohio, USA * Adil Najam, Professor of International Relations at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA * Ishfaq Ahmad, a visiting Professor of Nuclear Physics at University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA and former chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) alias origin Boston, United States genre Straight edge hardcore, heavy metal (heavy metal music), punk rock commons:Boston

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gentle, husky but curvy, and seem to be referring to fertility as well. His works were to be seen as strong, beautiful, powerful women. “the breasts, the abdomen, the thighs, the buttox- upon each of these elements the sculptor lavishes a powerful and incisive massiveness, a rounded voluminousness, that answers not to the descriptions of nature but to an ideal prescribed by his own emotions.”(pg. 13, Kramer). Biography Holmes was born January 21, 1887, in Lincoln, Maine to a poor family. He left school and his family in Maine for Boston, Massachusetts (Boston) at age 15. From 1908 to 1910 he worked in a store to pay for his tuition at the Leland Powers School of Expression in Boston. There he was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy's ''Science and Health'', as well as Christian Science. (1971) ''The Library Journal Book Review''. R.R. Bowker Company. p 132. Harbison was previously the principal guest conductor for Emmanuel Music in Boston; after founding director Craig Smith (Craig Smith (conductor))'s untimely death in 2007, Harbison was named Acting Artistic Director. poptime '''Self-identified "Irish"''' '''36,278,332''' 11.9% of the US population (2008) '''Self-identified "Scotch-Irish"''' '''3,538,444''' commons:Boston

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(broadcasting) public affairs television program that produces and broadcasts in-depth documentaries (documentary film) about various subjects. Produced at WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts and distributed through the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States, the program has been critically acclaimed and received numerous awards. Some programs are made by independent filmmakers and broadcast as part of the ''Frontline'' series. Since the series debut, there have

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in nearby Easton (Easton, Massachusetts), and eventually at her own shows. Working with her then manager Gabriel Unger, McKenna released four critically acclaimed independent CDs: ''Paper Wings and Halo'' (produced by Seth Connelly), ''Pieces of Me (Pieces of Me (Lori McKenna album))'' (produced by Crit Harmon), ''The Kitchen Tapes'' (self-produced demos), and ''Bittertown'' (produced by Lorne Entress). During this period she recorded for Signature Sounds, won awards from

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five. While on tour, Uncle Tupelo met Texas Tornados singer Doug Sahm at the Hotel Phoenix in Boston, Massachusetts. Farrar invited him to join the band in the studio for a cover (cover version) of Sahm's "Give Back the Key to My Heart". ''Anodyne'' album notes (re-issued version), 2003. Sire Records.

Sound. The Band from Belleville, Ill., has a Loose, Spontaneous Sound publisher ''Tallahassee Democrat'' date February 4, 1994 Ivers was born in Illinois, but raised in Brookline (Brookline, Massachusetts), a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Roxbury Latin School and then Harvard University, majoring in classical languages, but chose a career in music. He started playing harmonica with the Boston-based Street Choir. He embarked

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work Times Online pages accessdate 2008-10-23 language location London : when a wrestler (often a heel) incites a negative crowd reaction by insulting the crowd (by insulting the city or a local sports team, like wearing a Yankees (New York Yankees) jersey in Boston) or by using a news event as part of his promo. A famous team to use this technique is Edge and Christian.

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maintains close connections with the camp. ''Perfectly Clear'' In early February 2007, Jewel recorded a duet with Jason Michael Carroll, "No Good in Goodbye", that was featured on Carroll's debut CD, ''Waitin' in the Country''. She also made a promotional appearance on the T (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) in Boston for the Verizon Yellow Pages (Verizon), playing songs on a moving subway car and then doing an hour-long acoustic concert in South Station. The 54th trained at Camp Meigs in Readville (Readville, Massachusetts) near Boston. While there they received considerable moral support from abolitionists in Massachusetts including Ralph Waldo Emerson. Material support included warm clothing items, battle flags and $500 contributed for the equipping and training of a regimental band. commons:Boston

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, staff and friends of the college in matters relating to UCC, such as governance and advancement. commons:Boston


'''Boston''' (pronounced Included in the CSA: MA counties: Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk and Worcester; NH counties: Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham and Strafford; RI counties (entire state): Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence and Washington (South County)

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England.

The area's many colleges and universities make Boston an international center of higher education and medicine, and the city is considered to be a world leader in innovation for a variety of reasons.

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