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important open

or Rock at the Park, the most important open air rock music festival in Latin America. Recurring annually, it gathers over 320,000 music fans who can enjoy over 60 band performances for free during three days a year. Rock at the Park "15th Edition of the Concert is over" The series have been so successful during its 15 years of operation that the city has replicated the initiative for other music genres, resulting in other recent

school written

-degree training programs in its home city of New York (New York City) and around the world through the Picker Center for Executive Education. A history of the School written in 1954 boasts that students came from six countries outside the United States and that graduates were working in 17 different countries. The class of 2005 came from over a hundred countries, and the School’s 11,000 alumni are working in 155 countries. The team has organized and supported three low carbon footprint events

production played

in Hayuelos Shopping Mall. During the Foreign language productions have played in Berlin, Oslo (twice), Bergen, Vienna, Italy, Mexico City, Colombia, Turku, Helsinki (twice), Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Bogotá, Tallinn and Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo. . The German production played at Theater des Westens and started on October 23, 1985. The Argentinian production ran for two years.

needed date May 2010 The Mexico City production ran for two and one-half years in the "Teatro Silvia Pinal". A Portuguese production played at the Rivoli Theatre (Rivoli Theatre (Portugal)), Porto in April 2009. "La Cage Aux Folles Opens in Oporto, Portugal", May 29, 2009 In 2009, a production played in Auckland, New Zealand.

free showing

: documentos informe 14.htm Informe Poltitico BIFF for Schools The festival offers free showing of documentaries that covers important subjects in history, democracy and human rights. BIFF also tries to bring filmmakers and even the characters the films portray to the screenings, making it possible for the students to converse with the talent afterwards. In 2010, former mayors of Bogotá, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa

special skills

security ring, the first one was from the Secret Service (United States Secret Service)). Training takes place at the Colombian Army’s Communications School in Facatativá near Bogotá (which also serves as unit headquarters), and includes airborne operations, night operations, and close quarters combat (Close Quarters Battle). It is divided in two phases: the first focuses on team work, whilst the second focuses on special skills such as explosives training, paramedic training

art science

of modern art, folk art, local history, military history, aviation history, philately, agriculture or geology. Another type of museum is an encyclopedic museum. Commonly referred to as a universal museum, encyclopedic museums have collections representative of the world and typically include art, science, history, and cultural history. The type and size of a museum is reflected in its collection. A museum normally houses a core collection of important selected objects

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series called

of the governor of the region. birth_place Bogotá, Colombia nationality Colombian American DATE OF BIRTH 1988-10-16 PLACE OF BIRTH Bogotá, Colombia, South America DATE OF DEATH Coraima also played in a mini-series called "Geminis" and in another Venezuelan telenovela " Cambio de

historical study

and World Affairs'' (1974) 16#4 pp 387–408 * Alan Udall. "Urbanization and Rural Labor Supply: A Historical Study of Bogotá, Colombia since 1920," ''Studies in Comparative International Development'' (1980) 15#3 In Spanish * Germán Rodrigo Mejía Pavony. ''Los años del cambio: Historia urbana de Bogotá, 1820–1910'' 2nd ed. (Bogotá: CEJA, 2000); * Pedro Santana R., ed., ''Bogotá, 450 años: retos y realidades'' (Bogotá: Foro Nacional por Colombia, 1988) External links

ancient books

is the repository of more than two million volumes, with an important collection of ancient books. The latter has almost two million volumes. 45 thousand square meters in size, it hosts 10 thousand visitors a day. Bank of the Republic depends also on the Library Alfonso Palacio Rudas, north of the city, with about 50 thousand volumes. Other large public libraries are the Library of Congress in Colombia (with 100 thousand volumes), of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (with nearly 200 thousand volumes, the largest


'''Bogotá D.C.''' (

In terms of land area, Bogotá D.C. is the largest city in Colombia, and one of the biggest in Latin America. It figures among the 25 largest cities of the world and is the third-highest capital city in South America at

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