Beit Jala

What is Beit Jala known for?

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of Statistics . Economy Cremisan Cellars, located in the Cremisan monastery, is an important local winemaker. The winery has operated since the establishment of the monastery in the 19th century. Modern equipment was introduced in 1997.

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political role

the-ravaged-palace-that-symbolizes-the-hope-of-peace-2266960.html The ravaged palace that symbolizes the hope of peace According to John Bunzl, the Israeli press used the incident to suggest there was a Christian-Muslim conflict in the incidents, with the former trying to prevent an attack until the Muslims forced them to surrender. Numerous statements taken from Christian residents appear to refute this. John Bunzl,''Islam, Judaism, and the Political Role of Religions

international series

London publisher Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund (Palestine Exploration Fund) volume 3 * (p. 915) *

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Palestine Liberation Organization Research Center *

called green

. George's, is equivalent to saying he has been sent to a madhouse. It is singular that the Moslem Arabs share this veneration for St. George, and send their mad people to be cured by him, as well as the Christians. But they commonly call him El Khudde (Khidr)r —The Green—according to their favourite manner of using epithets instead of names. Why he should be called green, however, I cannot tell—unless it is from the colour of his horse. Gray horses are called green in Arabic." ref>

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an Israeli soldier near Shavei ENG-ISR *15 January: Israeli woman shot dead by an AMB gunman in Jerusalem. An American citizen living in Israel is kidnapped at a Palestinian security checkpoint in Beit Jala. He was then taken to Nablus and shot dead there. *16 January: An Palestinian (Palestinian people) resident of Jerusalem is killed while


, J. Nourse, and J. Rivington (Pococke, 1745, vol 2, p. 45; cited in Robinson and Smith, 1841, vol 2, p. 322) *

and Arabia Petraea: A Journal of Travels in the year 1838 location Boston publisher Crocker & Brewster volume 1 (p. 322 ) *

in the year 1838 location Boston publisher Crocker & Brewster volume 2 (p. 322 ff ) * *

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, according to a census conducted by the Israeli Army Command, the population was 6,041.

historic community

Palestinians lost their homes to the Israelis, according to the historian Sami Hadawi.

Beit Jala

'''Beit Jala''' ( altitude. In 2007, Beit Jala had 11,758 inhabitants according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. About 75% of the population were Christian (Palestinian Christians)s (mostly Greek Orthodox) and about 25% Muslims. thumbnail Map of the Beit Jala region (File:Walaja Barrier 2011.jpg)

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