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chronometer, the ''No. 4 timekeeper''. Even after a successful trial in Barbados in 1764 observed by Maskelyne, Harrison was required to produce detailed drawings and build two more chronometers, one of which was eventually tested by King George III himself. In November 2003, Woods became engaged to Elin Nordegren, a Swedish former model and daughter of former minister of migration Barbro Holmberg and radio journalist Thomas Nordegren.

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-run partnerships (partnership (cricket)) in first-class cricket. 500-run partnerships Early years Marshall was born in Bridgetown, Barbados Bridgetown , Barbados. His father, Denzil Marshall, was a policeman, but died in a road traffic accident when Marshall was one year old. His mother, Eleanor (née Welch) remarried and Marshall had one half-brother and one half-sister. He


country, classical, Celtic, Latin American, world, modern folk and rustic hymnody. Fernando Ortega currently leads worship at Christ the King Anglican Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. History The city of Careysburg was first settled in 1856 by freed slaves from the United States and Barbados. The location away from the Liberian coast was chosen for health reasons, because of the high death rate due to mosquito-spread diseases among early settlers on the coast. Careysburg was named for former American slave Rev. Lott Carey (Lott Carey). *Cecil Rawle, full name Cecil Edgar Allan Rawle (1891–1938). Lawyer, member of the Legislative Council, newspaper proprietor, pioneer of Caribbean unity. Cecil Rawle was born in Roseau on 27 March 1891, of Trinidadian parents - William Alexander Romally Rawle and Jane Susanna Dieudonne - his father being the head of the local branch of the West India and Panama Telegraph Company, the precursor of Cable and Wireless. Rawle was educated at the Dominica Grammar School and Codrington College, Barbados, and graduated in law at the Inner Temple, London, in 1913. He practised law briefly in Trinidad and Grenada before returning to Dominica. At that time there was no elected representation in Dominica and Rawle led a campaign to bring back the vote, founding the Dominica Representative Government Association. In 1925 its goal was achieved, a new constitution was granted, and Rawle represented Roseau in the first elected legislature in the 20th century. Besides practising law he owned the Dominica ''Tribune'' newspaper, which he incorporated with the Dominica ''Guardian'' in 1924. He however clashed with his main reporter J. Ralph Casimir over Casimir's support of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League Pan-Africanist Movement. Finding that the elected minority in the legislature was restrictive, Rawle led a boycott of the legislature in 1931. The following year he chaired the Dominica Conference, the first regional meeting to be initiated by Caribbean leaders themselves to discuss the future of the region. The delegates called on the British government to grant greater representation and self-government. Another constitutional change in 1936 made some limited changes towards achieving their demands. In 1937 Rawle accepted the position of Attorney-General of the Leeward Islands, based in Antigua. Some saw this as a sell-out to a British ploy to absorb an agitator, but Rawle's growing family and financial commitments had much to do with his acceptance of the post. Within a year however, he died suddenly in Antigua on 9 June 1938 at the early age of 47. Yet he had accomplished much within those years, particularly as a pioneer regionalist in the ranks of A. A. Cipriani of Trinidad and T. A. Marryshow of Grenada. He left his wife second wife Sylvia Eva Shillingford Rawle, his son Cecil Eric Albert (a former Attorney-General of St Vincent (Saint Vincent (island))) daughters Sylvia Evelyn, Cecil Corinne, Cecil Sonia Valerie, Gloria Cecilie, and Cecile Clodagh. His eldest child, Elsie Cecil Veronica, lived with his second wife's family after his first wife, Elsie Elizabeth Sophia, died in childbirth. He also had another daughter Shelia. (This page was edited by one of his grandsons and a great-granddaughter.) During 1950s several politicians involved in the West Indies Federation again broached an idea of political association with Canada. One proposal from the Caribbean heads was for the West Indies Federation to first become a fully functional unit and following five years time the bloc should look at obtaining dominion status with Britain and possibly move to seek political association with Canada at that time. The Canadian government presented the new government of the West Indies Federation with two merchant ships. The twin ships named ''The Federal Palm'' and ''The Federal Maple'' sailed to all ports between Jamaica in the north and Trinidad and Tobago in the south and were a key aspect of building trade links between the islands. Several meetings continued to take place in the Caribbean region and in Ottawa to formulate the structure and exact form of the future political association with Canada, but a constant occurrence in the Federation of haggling between the heads of governments stymied the movement. After 4 years, the entire West Indies Federation unraveled, with the head of Jamaica publicly claiming that "one from ten leaves nought", with Jamaica representing the number "1" in the number ten, thus leaving a zero (representing the remaining islands). Trinidad and Tobago's leader quickly followed Jamaica's exit by saying if Jamaica represented the 1, then they were the 0 itself leaving "none", ending the Federation experiment. The remaining islands tried a group of the "Little 8" said it wanted to go its own direction and Barbados next withdrew from any idea of a smaller group. The remaining islands came up with the West Indies Associated States, but ultimately, they too reverted to their sovereign paths. The 1960s overall marked a decade of political independence by a large number of Caribbean nations from Britain. '''Robert Martin Bailey''' (born September 3, 1968 in Barbados) is a former American football cornerback who played eleven seasons for six teams, the Los Angeles Rams (St. Louis Rams), the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, the Detroit Lions, and the Baltimore Ravens from 1991 to 2001 in the National Football League. *Bahamas, Government House of The Bahamas (Government House, The Bahamas) *Barbados, Government House of Barbados (Government House, Barbados) *Belize, Government House of British Honduras (Government House, Belize) '''Duice''' was an American (United States) Miami bass duo consisting Los Angeles native Ira "L.A. Sno" Brown & Barbados native Anthony "Creo-D" Darlington. The two were enlisted in the military at Fort Gordon in Georgia when they were discovered. Their lone hit single, "Dazzey Duks", was an instant smash in 1993, selling over two million copies and peaking at number 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. http: music theurbandailystaff2 duice-dazzey-duks-daily-one-hit-wonder The singles was certified 2x Platinum on January 27, 1994 by the RIAA. The album, alsos called Dazzey Duks (Dazzey Duks (album)) was certified gold on the same date. http: goldandplatinumdata.php?content_selector gold-platinum-searchable-database The song was inspired by the short shorts worn by the character Daisy Duke on the CBS-TV hit series The Dukes of Hazzard. L.A.Sno then went on and created the gold certifed Whatz Up Whatz Up along with Playa Poncho for the first SoSo Def Bass All Stars project.L.A.Sno also created and co-wrote the first single for Laface records Bass Project entitled, And then there was Bass,tht single went on to sell over a million copies,entitled My Baby Daddy,for Brock and the Biz. Now solo in 2011 just as he introduced Bass music to the world,L.A.Sno will be introducing another break thru style of music... Standing orders are available in the banking systems of a number of countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Barbados, the Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Russia and presumably many others. In the United States, and other countries where cheques are more popular than bank transfers, a similar service is available, in which the bank automatically mails a cheque to the specified payee. International IDEA's founding member states were Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, India, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. '''Barbados National Stadium''' was officially opened on October 23, 1970. WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados

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with the Ministry of Education. In 1960 Brathwaite married Doris Monica Wellcome, a Guyanese (Guyana) graduate in Home Economics and Tropical Nutrition from the University of Leicester

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be elaborated as the ''British Crown'' for reasons historical, of convenience, or political, regardless of the different, specific, and official national titles (List of titles and honours of Queen Elizabeth II#Current) and terms (#Current Commonwealth realms) used when addressing the Queen of the citizenry in each jurisdiction; for example, in Barbados the Queen is titled as ''Elizabeth II, Queen of Barbados'', or simply the ''Queen of Barbados'', with her full title making mention of her

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months prior to the CARDICIS meeting of August 30 to September 1, 2004, there was an intensification of activities (in particular a meeting in Barbados organised by Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA), and thanks to the electronic discussion group CIVIC which came out of that meeting). The European Union was also involved. ICA Caribbean was putting in place projects generated by its preceding call for proposals; Funredes is involved in one of these which is to support the process of virtual integration in CIVIC. '''Robyn Rihanna Fenty''' ( WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados


: westindies content story 313447.html title West Indies domestic cricket: First-class domestic competitons publisher ESPNcricinfo accessdate 4 December 2012 Fernandes made significant scores in each of British Guiana's

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, Virgin Islands. ::'''Pacific''': Samoa, Tonga WrittenBy Josh Gardner (Josh Gardner (comedian)), Tom Stern ShortSummary Gerhard Reinke travels to the Emerald Isle in hopes of realizing his lifelong dream of becoming the world's next greatest novelist. Gerhard is an admirer of the country's rich literary tradition which included writers such as James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde and, quite erroneously, Dean Koontz though having never actually

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written by Shontelle Layne (Shontelle) and Sheldon Benjamin, containing a sample of Benjamin's "Big Love". The song was originally recorded by soca singer Alison Hinds and was taken from her debut album ''Soca Queen''. The single was released by Hinds in 2005 in Barbados and in the United Kingdom in 2007. A music video was produced for Hinds' version of the song in 2005 Alison Hinds - "Roll It Gal" video . Hinds version of "Roll It Gal" shot to the top of the charts in Barbados, Trinidad and throughout the Caribbean WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados

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; "Break It Off" is the seventh track and final single from the album. The song, not featuring a music video, still managed to reach the top ten in the United States. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," the album's seventh track, is another collaboration song featuring Jamaican rapper J-Status. The Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers-produced "Selfish Girl," is the eighth song of the album containing the reggae elements. The tenth track, "P.S. (I'm


'''Barbados''' ( north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is outside of the principal Atlantic hurricane belt.

Barbados was visited by Spanish navigators in the late 15th century and claimed for the Spanish Crown. It first appears on a Spanish map from 1511.

In 1966, Barbados became an independent state and Commonwealth realm, retaining Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as Head of State (Head of state). It has a population of 277,821 people, mostly of African descent. Despite being classified as an Atlantic island, Barbados is considered to be a part of the Caribbean, where it is ranked as a leading tourist destination. In 2011 Barbados ranked second in the Americas (after Canada) and 16th globally on Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index. surveys and indices 2011. Transparency International.

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