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science education

, South Valley University was inaugurated and it has three branches; Aswan, Qena and Hurghada. It was the first university in Upper Egypt and it was organized in departmental basis. The university grew steadily and now it is firmly established as a major institution of higher education in Upper Egypt. Aswan branch of Assiut University began in 1973 with the Faculty of Education and in 1975 the Faculty of Science was opened. Aswan branch has five faculties namely; Science, Education, Engineering

massive rock

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team regular

in 2001 when he moved to Gençlerbirliği (Gençlerbirliği S.K.). Following three successful seasons with the club, during which the team twice made the Turkish Cup Final (Fortis Turkey Cup), he moved to Beşiktaş (Beşiktaş J.K.) where he was a first team regular as well as a regular on the team's scoring sheet. He particularly impressed manager Jean Tigana who, despite being known for selecting younger players for his first team, still regarded the 30-year-old Hassan a key player

short life

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massive presence

Kitchener Lord Kitchener in 1897 when he subjugated the Mahdist (Muhammad Ahmad) uprising. Further railway links go south, the most southern point being Wau (Wau, Sudan). A large part of the Sudanese railway network is currently in disrepair due to political turmoil. The massive presence of salt does not require a desiccation of the sea Garcia-Castellanos, Villaseñor, 2011. Messinian salinity crisis regulated by competing tectonics and erosion at the Gibraltar Arc. Nature, 480


a committee set up by Alexandria University selected a plot of land for its new library, between the campus and the seafront, close to where the ancient library once stood. The notion of recreating the ancient library was soon enthusiastically adopted by other individuals and agencies. One leading supporter of the project was former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; UNESCO was also quick to embrace the concept of endowing the Mediterranean region with a center of cultural and scientific

excellence. An architectural design competition, organized by UNESCO in 1988 to choose a design worthy of the site and its heritage, was won by Snøhetta (Snøhetta (company)), a Norwegian (Norway) architectural office, from among more than 1,400 entries. At a conference held in 1990 in Aswan, the first pledges of funding for the project were made: USD $65 million, mostly from the Arab states. Construction work began in 1995 and, after some USD $220 million had been spent

military victory

is commemorated by three rock-carved stelas from his fifth year found near Aswan and Sai Island in Nubia. The official account of Amenhotep III's military victory emphasizes his martial prowess with the typical hyperbole used by all pharaohs. thumb left 160px Colossal granite head of Amenhotep III, British Museum (File:Inside the British Museum, London - DSC04210.JPG). Biography Most of what is known about his life is gathered from autobiographical notes in his own work. Leo

discovering ancient

gradually filled with silt. '''New Kalabsha''' is a promontory located near Aswan in Egypt. Rosalie David, Discovering Ancient Egypt, facts on File 1993. p.103 It houses several important temples, structures, and other remains that have been relocated here from the site of Old Kalabsha ( , ''Talmis'') to avoid the rising waters of Lake Nasser caused by the construction

numerous ancient

2009-- The city is mentioned by numerous ancient writers, including Herodotus, (ii. 30) Strabo, (ii. p. 133, xvii. p. 797, ''seq.'') Stephanus of Byzantium, (''s. v.'') Ptolemy, (vii. 5. § 15, viii. 15. § 15) Pliny the Elder, (ii. 73. s. 75, v. 10. s. 11, vi. 29. s. 34) Vitruvius, (''De architectura'', book viii. ch

Philae is mentioned by numerous ancient writers, including Strabo, i. p. 40, xvii. pp. 803, 818, 820 Diodorus, i. 22 Ptolemy, iv. 5. § 74 Seneca (Seneca the Younger), ''Quaest. Nat.'' iv. 1 Pliny the Elder. v. 9. s. 10 It was, as the plural name indicates, the appellation of two small islands situated in latitude 24° north (24th parallel north), just above

species quot

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'''Aswan''' ( '', formerly spelled ''Assuan'' , is a city in the south of Egypt, the capital of the Aswan Governorate.

Aswan is a busy market and tourist centre located just north of the Aswan Dams on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract. The modern city has expanded and includes the formerly separate community on the island of Elephantine.

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