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to the consulates in Hong Kong of Argentina, Canada (Canadian Consulate, Hong Kong), Japan, and the American Club of Hong Kong. Famous matches of the Israeli football team include the 3–2 win in France (France national football team) in the 1994 World Cup qualification, which ended up disqualifying the French team from the World Cup (1994 World Cup) in the United States, the defeat of Austria (Austria national football team) 5–0 in 1999 during Euro 2000 (UEFA Euro 2000) qualifications, and a 2–1 win over Argentina in a friendly match in 1998, a game played in Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem. An Australian version of ''It's a Knockout'' ran on Network Ten from 1985 to 1987. The teams were divided into the Australian states: New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (Victoria (Australia)) (VIC), Queensland (QLD) and South Australia (SA). The show was hosted by Billy J Smith along with Fiona MacDonald for the duration that it aired in Australia. They would arrive to the show in a golf buggy. The show was filmed in a field in Dural, New South Wales, however due to numerous complaints from local residents the show was dropped in 1987.This version aired in Mexico on the TV Cable Network Multivisión and was a success during 1992. It was also adapted and shown in Argentina as ''Supermatch''. This version was heavily edited, and the anchor (News presenter)s were replaced by off-screen commentators. '''''B'Boom: Live in Argentina''''' is a live album (2CD set) by the band King Crimson, released in 1995. All songs were recorded between October 6 and October 16, 1994 at the Broadway in Buenos Aires, Argentina, except for "Heartbeat" which was recorded in Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina). Exile in Argentina (1947–1976) During the 1947 Paraguayan Civil War, Roa Bastos was forced to flee to Buenos Aires, Argentina, because he had spoken out against President Higinio Moríñigo. About 500,000 of his fellow Paraguayans left for Argentina at the same time. Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

original setting

in Tyrol Sommer i Tyrol '' (although the Tyrol (State of Tyrol) is '''not''' the original setting), starred Dirch Passer and Susse Wold. The '''South American sea lion''' (''Otaria flavescens'', formerly ''Otaria byronia''), also called the '''southern sea lion''' and the '''Patagonian sea lion''', is a sea lion found on the Chilean, Peruvian, Uruguayan, Argentine (Argentina) and Southern Brazilian (South Region, Brazil) coasts. It is the Monotypic taxon only

public acts

''De facto'' at all government levels. Kom language (South America) Kom

home victory

Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

political songs

, work songs and songs of apprentices, as well as democracy-oriented folk songs collected in the 1950s by Wolfgang Steinitz. Beginning in 1970, the Festival des politischen Liedes, an East German festival focusing on political songs, was held annually and organized (until 1980) by the FDJ (Free German Youth) (East German youth association). Musicians from up to thirty countries would participate, and, for many East Germans, it was the only exposure possible to foreign music. Among

playing characters

studio filmmaking for his next two features. Inspired by the works of Hungarian director Bela Tarr and American maverick John Cassavetes, Van Sant retreated to the deserts of Argentina, Utah, and Death Valley for 2002's ''Gerry (Gerry (2002 film))'', a loosely devised, largely improvised feature in which stars Matt Damon and Casey Affleck—both playing characters named Gerry—wander through the desert, discussing '' Wheel of Fortune (US

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skeleton from Argentina and the early evolution of Dinosauria journal Nature volume 361 issue 6407 pages 64–66 doi 10.1038 361064a0 url http: nature journal v361 n6407 abs 361064a0.html accessdate 2008-06-28 The discovery of primitive, dinosaur-like ornithodirans such as ''Marasuchus'' and ''Lagerpeton'' in Argentinian (Argentina) Middle Triassic strata supports this view; analysis of recovered fossils suggests that these animals were indeed small

supports this view; analysis of recovered fossils suggests that these animals were indeed small, bipedal predators. Current dinosaur "hot spots" include southern South America (especially Argentina) and China. China in particular has produced many exceptional feathered dinosaur specimens due to the unique geology of its dinosaur beds, as well as an ancient arid climate particularly conducive to fossilization. - United Provinces of South America small

unusual open

after him. The '''ley de lemas''' is the Spanish (Spanish language) name of the double simultaneous voting (DSV) system which is, or has been, used in elections in Argentina, Uruguay and Honduras. It employs an unusual open party-list proportional representation method, and works as follows: Argentina After a bumpy ride of back and forths, Argentina officially selected the Japanese-Brazilian standard ISDB-T International on August 28, 2009, and agreed

playing supporting

-Obradors.html title Jacqueline Obradors Biography (1966-) publisher date accessdate 2010-04-29 She is best known for playing supporting roles in ''Six Days Seven Nights'' (as Angelica) and ''A Man Apart'', and for her role as Detective Rita Ortiz on the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) crime drama ''NYPD Blue'' (2001–2005). She also appeared as "Carmen" in ''Tortilla Soup'', in 2001. '''Huayno''' ( Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

success making

of the Miami Masters losing to 19th seed Jan-Michael Gambill 3–6, 7–5 6–4. Along the way Gaudio dismantled 5th seed Russian Yevgeny Kafelnikov 6–4, 6–1, a 3-time slam winner, and toughed out out a 3-set slugfest against future French Open winner and 12th seed Juan Carlos Ferrero 6–0, 3–6, 6–3. Although he did not manage to win his first title in 2001, Gaudio had some success, making a final, a semi and 4 quarter finals (1 0f them being the prestigious Miami Masters). In addition

, and toughed out out a 3-set slugfest against future French Open winner and 12th seed Juan Carlos Ferrero 6–0, 3–6, 6–3. Although he did not manage to win his first title in 2001, Gaudio had some success, making a final, a semi and 4 quarter finals (1 0f them being the prestigious Miami Masters). In addition to this he helped Argentina return to the World Group (Davis Cup structure) after a perfect 5–0 record in his singles matches which were all played in Argentina


'''Argentina''' ) is a federal republic located in southeastern South America. Sharing the Southern Cone with its smaller neighbour Chile, it is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; Brazil to the northeast; Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east; Chile to the west and the Drake Passage to the south.

With a mainland area of Argentina is the eighth-largest country (List of countries and outlying territories by total area) in the world, the second largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking (Hispanophone) one. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica (Argentine Antarctica), the Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute) ( ), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands sovereignty dispute).

A historical and current middle power regional power, Argentina is one of the G-15 (Group of 15) and G-20 major economies and Latin America's third-largest. It is also a founding member of the United Nations, WBG (World Bank Group), WTO (World Trade Organization), Mercosur, UNASUR (Union of South American Nations), CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States). Because of its stability, market size and increasing share of the high-tech sector, Argentina is classed by investors as a middle emerging economy (emerging economy) with a "very high" (List of countries by Human Development Index#Americas) rating on the Human Development Index.

The earliest recorded human presence in the area now known as Argentina is dated from the Paleolithic period. a Spanish overseas colony founded in 1776. The declaration (Argentine Declaration of Independence) and fight for independence (Argentine War of Independence) (1810–1818) was followed by an extended civil war (Argentine Civil Wars) that lasted until 1861, which ended with the country's reorganization as a federation of provinces (Provinces of Argentina) with Buenos Aires as its capital city. From then on—while massive European immigration waves (Immigration in Argentina) radically reshaped its cultural and demographic outlook—Argentina enjoyed an historically almost-unparalleled increase in prosperity: by the early 20th century it already ranked as the seventh wealthiest in the world. After 1930, however, and despite remaining among the fifteen richest countries until mid-century,

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