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tough line

Thatcher, adopted a tough line in diplomacy and the question of Hong Kong was no exception. Not long after the military victory of the United Kingdom over Argentina in the Falklands War, Thatcher, accompanied by Cradock and Youde, who was now Governor of Hong Kong, paid a visit to Peking on 22 September 1982 in the hope of persuading the Chinese government not to insist on claiming the sovereignty of Hong Kong. During her visit, Thatcher and Cradock discussed the matter with the Chinese

special intelligence

Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina


10.1016 S0016-7878(08)80129-0 issue 4 The '''Renault Kangoo''' and '''Kangoo Express''' are panel van and leisure activity vehicles produced by the French automaker Renault since 1997. The Kangoo is manufactured at the MCA plant in Maubeuge, France, and in Santa Isabel (Santa Isabel, Córdoba), Argentina and Casablanca, Morocco. The version for the ASEAN markets was assembled by the Tan Chong Euro Cars Tan Chong Euro Cars Sdn. Bhd

public architecture

School" of architecture, which fused Brutalist architectural style with Scandinavian and Japanese values of straightforwardness. Warren's buildings have had a significant effect on New Zealand's public architecture. Outside of Mexico and Central America, the following salsas are common to each of the following regions; in Argentina and the Southern Cone, chimichurri sauce is common. Chimichurri is "a spicy vinegar-parsley sauce that is the salsa (and leading condiment) in Argentina and Uruguay, served with grilled meat. It is made of chopped fresh parsley and onion, seasoned with garlic, oregano, salt, cayenne and black pepper and bound with oil and vinegar." http: reviews main salsas salsa-glossary-information.asp In Costa Rica, dishes are prepared with salsa Lizano, a thin, smooth, light brown sauce. In Cuba and the Caribbean, a typical salsa is ''mojo'' (Mojo (sauce)). Unlike the tomato-based salsas, ''mojo'' typically consists of olive oil, garlic, and citrus juice, and is used both to marinate (marinade) meats and as a dipping sauce. In Peru, a traditional salsa is ''peri peri'' or ''piri piri'' sauce, "the national condiment of Peru, ''peri-peri'' sauce is made in medium to hot levels of spiciness—the more chile, or the hotter variety of chile used, the hotter the sauce. Original ''peri-peri'' uses the African bird’s eye chile (the African word for the chile is ''peri-peri''). Milder sauces may use only cayenne and serrano chiles. To a base of vinegar and oil, garlic and lemon juice are added, plus other seasonings, which often include paprika or tomato paste for flavor and color, onions and herb—each company has its own recipe. It is also used as a cooking sauce." http: reviews main salsas pico-de-gallo.asp Mainstream popularity Merengue music found mainstream exposure in other areas of Latin America in the 1970s and 80s, with its peak popularity in the 1990s. In the Southern Cone Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, merengue dance lost the characteristic of being danced close together, instead being danced separately while moving the arms. Luis Vitale. Música pupular e identidad Latinoamericana. Some organized chasing efforts have also begun in the Top End of the Northern Territory and in southeast Australia, Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

impressive quot

acoustic effort" yet considering it "impressive". Two more singles were released from ''Poquita Ropa'', "Vida", a song the singer dedicated to his recently dead father; "Recuerda Ricardo Arjona a su padre en tema autobiográfico". El Universal (Venezuela). Retrieved on march 23, 2012.

story collection

such as ''Ficciones'' and ''The Aleph (The Aleph (short story collection))'' are among his most famous books. He was a friend and collaborator with Adolfo Bioy Casares, who wrote one of the most praised science fiction novels, ''The Invention of Morel''. influenced an entire

Jorge Luis Borges. It is one of the stories in the book ''The Aleph and Other Stories (The Aleph (short story collection))'', first published in 1949 (1949 in literature), and revised by the author in 1974 (1974 in literature). South America * '''Argentina''' - Nicolás Avellaneda, President of Argentina (1874–1880) * '''Bolivia''' - Hilarión Daza, Provisional President of Bolivia (1876–1879) Americas *'''Argentina''' - Bernardino Rivadavia

was largely responsible for Argentina becoming a republic and not a monarchy like Brazil. "'''The Aleph'''" is a short story by the Argentine (Argentina) writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges. First published in September 1945, it was reprinted in the short story collection, ''The Aleph and Other Stories (The Aleph (short story collection))'', in 1949 (1949 in literature), and revised by the author in 1974 (1974 in literature). In a postscript to the story

activities production

Union Soviet ships (including civilian craft such as fishing trawlers) were a major focus of the organisation's activities. production 1969—1980 assembly Billancourt, France Mioveni, Romania Bursa, Turkey Valladolid, Spain Santa Isabel (Santa Isabel, Córdoba), Argentina Duitama and Envigado, Colombia Heidelberg (Heidelberg, Victoria), Australia br

success appearing

-Pilagá and Paraguayan Toba-Maskoy. There are also 146 Toba speakers in Bolivia where it is known as Qom and in Paraguay where it is also known as Qob or Toba-Qom. '''Cástulo Guerra''' (born August 24, 1945) is an Argentine (Argentina) actor who found success appearing in American (United States) films and television. Film roles include: ''Terminator 2: Judgment Day'', ''Cold Heaven (Cold Heaven (film))'', ''The Usual Suspects'', '' Meet Me in Miami

popular species

the southwestern United States south to Chile and central Argentina. Birds are sometimes reported at large in Western Europe, especially Britain (Great Britain), but it is a popular species in falconry and these records almost certainly all refer to escapes from captivity (captivity (animal)). thumb 150px The Pombero (Image:Pombero.Mito paraguayo.JPG) The '''Pombéro''' is a mythical humanoid creature of small stature being from Guaraní mythology. The legend, along

small volcanic

) is a cinder cone in Argentina, located southeast of the massive stratovolcano of Tronador. The cone produced a single andesite lava flow, which has been bracketed in age between 70,000 and 14,000 years ago. The '''Cochiquito Volcanic Group''' is a small volcanic group of volcanoes north of the town of Buta Ranquil in Argentina. The main peak is '''Volcán Cochiquito''', a stratovolcano of estimated Pleistocene–Holocene age. There are eight satellite cones in the volcanic field, including Volcán Sillanegra (a pyroclastic cone complex) and Volcán Ranquil del Sur (a small stratovolcano). label_position right location Argentina and Chile range Andes '''Copahue''' is a stratovolcano on the border between Argentina and Chile. There are nine volcanic craters along a Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina


'''Argentina''' ) is a federal republic located in southeastern South America. Sharing the Southern Cone with its smaller neighbour Chile, it is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; Brazil to the northeast; Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east; Chile to the west and the Drake Passage to the south.

With a mainland area of Argentina is the eighth-largest country (List of countries and outlying territories by total area) in the world, the second largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking (Hispanophone) one. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica (Argentine Antarctica), the Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute) ( ), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands sovereignty dispute).

A historical and current middle power regional power, Argentina is one of the G-15 (Group of 15) and G-20 major economies and Latin America's third-largest. It is also a founding member of the United Nations, WBG (World Bank Group), WTO (World Trade Organization), Mercosur, UNASUR (Union of South American Nations), CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States). Because of its stability, market size and increasing share of the high-tech sector, Argentina is classed by investors as a middle emerging economy (emerging economy) with a "very high" (List of countries by Human Development Index#Americas) rating on the Human Development Index.

The earliest recorded human presence in the area now known as Argentina is dated from the Paleolithic period. a Spanish overseas colony founded in 1776. The declaration (Argentine Declaration of Independence) and fight for independence (Argentine War of Independence) (1810–1818) was followed by an extended civil war (Argentine Civil Wars) that lasted until 1861, which ended with the country's reorganization as a federation of provinces (Provinces of Argentina) with Buenos Aires as its capital city. From then on—while massive European immigration waves (Immigration in Argentina) radically reshaped its cultural and demographic outlook—Argentina enjoyed an historically almost-unparalleled increase in prosperity: by the early 20th century it already ranked as the seventh wealthiest in the world. After 1930, however, and despite remaining among the fifteen richest countries until mid-century,

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