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) is spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, and French (French language), and the creole languages based upon these. Although French-influenced areas of the Americas would include Quebec, this region is rarely considered to be part of ''Latin America'', since its history, distinctive culture and economy, and British-inspired political institutions are generally deemed too closely intertwined with the rest of Canada. WikiPedia:Antigua and Barbuda Commons:Category:Antigua and Barbuda Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda

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Petrocaribe, Platts, 21 December 2007, http: Oil News 6677473.xml Guatemala joined in July 2008. Guatemala Joins Petrocaribe - Prensa Latina Other languages In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland the domain .ag (.ag#Hacks) for Antigua and Barbuda is used by corporations in the legal form

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WikiPedia:Antigua and Barbuda Commons:Category:Antigua and Barbuda Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda

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that the psychological stress of slavery may also have played a part in the massive number of deaths amongst enslaved natives. Others believe the reportedly abundant, but starchy, low-protein diet may have contributed to severe malnutrition of the Amerindians, who were used to a diet fortified with protein from the sea. The island of Antigua, originally called ''Wa'ladli'' by Arawaks, is today called ''Wadadli'' by locals. Caribs possibly called it ''Wa'omoni

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The '''West Indies A cricket team''' is a cricket team representing a sporting confederation of the Caribbean countries: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago. The history of the West Indies cricket team began in the 1890s, when the first representative sides were selected to play visiting English

, instead of the US dollar. ''venezuelanalysis'', 7 July 2010, Venezuela Pays for First ALBA Trade with Ecuador in New Regional Currency The '''Leeward Islands cricket team''' is a first class cricket team representing the member countries of the Leeward Islands Cricket Association, a regional association which again is part of the West Indies Cricket Board. Contrary to the normal English definition of the Leeward Islands

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, Dominica, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Guyana, which though located on the South American mainland, has close cultural ties to the Caribbean, and was historically considered to be part of the British West Indies, and Belize (formerly British Honduras), in Central America, which culturally is more akin to the Caribbean than to Latin America, due to its colonial and still-extant economic ties to the UK. Antigua and Barbuda The government of the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, which licenses Internet gambling entities, made a complaint to the World Trade Organization about the U.S. government's actions to impede online gaming. The Caribbean country won the preliminary ruling but WTO's appeals body somewhat narrowed that favorable ruling in April 2005. The appeals decision held that various state laws argued by Antigua and Barbuda to be contrary to the WTO agreements were not sufficiently discussed during the course of the proceedings to be properly assessed by the panel. However, the appeals panel also ruled that the Wire Act and two other federal statutes prohibiting the provision of gambling services from Antigua to the United States violated the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services, or "GATS". Although the United States convinced the appeals panel that these laws were "necessary" to protect public health and morals, the asserted United States defense on these grounds was ultimately rejected because its laws relating to remote gambling on horse-racing were not applied equally to foreign and domestic online betting companies, and thus the United States could not establish that its laws were non-discriminatory. WikiPedia:Antigua and Barbuda Commons:Category:Antigua and Barbuda Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda

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; Barbuda ''' was represented at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne (Melbourne, Victoria) by a contingent comprising 18 sportspersons. Even though the nation did not earn a medal at these Games, the 4 x 100 relay team, featuring N'Kosie Barnes, Ivan Miller, Daniel Bailey, and anchor Brendan Christian, broke the Antigua & Barbuda national 4 x 100 record in the heats with a time of 39.9 seconds, and placed fifth in the finals. '''SlySoft Inc

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, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, United States of America, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna (Wallis (Wallis and Futuna)). *For the main governing party in Antigua and Barbuda, see United Progressive Party (Antigua and Barbuda). *For the historic party in Bangladesh, see United Progressive Party (Bangladesh). International performance In 2006 the Islanders venture into the international

stage participating in the CFU Club Championship, in hope of qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions Cup. This is possible because Puerto Rican football is governed by the Federación Puertorriqueña de Fútbol instead of the United States Soccer Federation. This first attempt at international success was the first time a team from Puerto Rico ever participated in its confederation's club competitions. The CFU Club Championship 2006 played in November saw the Islanders host Group C which included Hoppers F.C. (Antigua and Barbuda), W Connection (Trinidad and Tobago) and Fruta Conquerors (Guyana), the latter dropped out of the tournament weeks before group play. The Islanders beat Hoppers FC 3-1 but lost to W-Connection 0-1 ending the squads first international appearance. WikiPedia:Antigua and Barbuda Commons:Category:Antigua and Barbuda Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda

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: Boulder, San Francisco, Oxford, 1995) An 1884 slump in prices led to a wage freeze, and a subsequent labor shortage was filled by migrant workers from the Leeward Islands—the Virgin Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla, and Antigua (Antigua and Barbuda) (referred to by Dominicans as ''cocolo''s). ''cocolo'' is a corruption of the name of one of the principal islands of origin, Tortola. (Teresita Martinez-Vergne, ''Nation and Citizenship

in 1958. Now divided into the countries of Antigua and Barbuda and St Kitts and Nevis, and the dependencies of Anguilla, Montserrat and British Virgin Islands. *British North America – Some British interests in North America after the territory of the 13 former colonies became recognized as a new independent country, the USA, in 1783 (note: the colonies in question were, at the time of independence, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode

Republic , Grenada, Haïti, Montserrat (briefly), Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sint Eustatius (briefly), St Kitts and Nevis (St Kitts, but not Nevis), Trinidad and Tobago (Tobago only), Saint Croix (briefly), Saint-Barthélemy (until 1784 when became Swedish for nearly a century), the northern half of Saint Martin, and the current French overseas ''départements'' (Département d'outre-mer) of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean sea. thumb left 150px Jacques Pierre Brissot (Image:Brissot.jpg) (1754–1793), who organised the Society of the Friends of the Blacks in 1788 in the midst of the French Revolution. WikiPedia:Antigua and Barbuda Commons:Category:Antigua and Barbuda Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda


travelers. Stay healthy Avoid taking unusual risks, eat more from packaged goods. However the public market is a great place to mingle and get inexpensive provisions. There are some signs on the road of St. John's, providing you with the ten principles of healthy living: # Breathe deeply # Drink water # Sleep peacefully # Eat nutritiously # Enjoy activity # Give and receive love # Be forgiving # Practice gratitude # Be accepting # Take your time Respect The locals are very friendly

Antigua and Barbuda

'''Antigua and Barbuda''' ( ; Spanish (Spanish language) for "ancient" and "bearded") is a twin-island nation lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of two major inhabited islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and a number of smaller islands (including Great Bird, Green, Guinea, Long, Maiden and York Islands (York Island (Antigua and Barbuda)) and further south, the island of Redonda). The permanent population numbers about 81,800 (at the 2011 Census) and the capital and largest port and city is St. John's (St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda), on Antigua.

Separated by a few nautical miles, Antigua and Barbuda are in the middle of the Leeward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles, roughly at 17°N (17th parallel north) of the equator. The country is nicknamed "Land of 365 Beaches" due to the many beaches surrounding the islands. Its governance, language, and culture have all been strongly influenced by the British Empire, of which the country was formerly a part.

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