Antigua Guatemala

What is Antigua Guatemala known for?

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for quality and comfort before you purchase shoes. Small hard to find sizes are easily encountered due to the small size of the people. * Inexpensive tropical fruit also found in the mercado. Vine ripened fruits, papayas, plums, mangoes, cherries, strawberries, melons and other delicious unusual tropical fruits are available in abundance with seasons varying. The red curly haired "lychas" have a pleasant sweet taste like the lychees found in cans in the US. Fruit is safe to eat if washed

commercial history

and to the west and south by the Escuintla Department.

local charity

culture by staying with a local family here. Arrangements for family stay can be made through a local school, or through local charity that you might volunteer for. Cost of local stay to include room and board ranges from USD65 a week with shared facility to as high as USD150 a week for private shower bathroom. To really get into a glimpse of life in Guatemala, one can sponsor a child through a local charity, like Common Hope, or Mayan


price Weekly, USD80, including 3 meals M-Sa content A family offering accommodation and food to share and friends who want to have a good experience in Guatemala. Have 3 double rooms available and the necessary facilities, hot water, friendly atmosphere. Connect There are many Internet cafes and long-distance phone shops in Antigua. Internet time costs from GTQ5-10 per hour. Internet shops often have video phones for Skype calls. Many phone shops use voice over Internet protocol

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last two expeditions together with engravings based on Bernasconi and Castañedas drawings; two more publications in 1834 contained descriptions and drawings based on the same sources. *

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fail-proof way to avoid waterborne illness is to drink bottled or filtered water. thumb 300px The windows at the Sky Bar (File:SkyBarahp.jpg) *

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: index.php?option com_content&view article&id 303%3Athe-culture-seeker-tours&catid 59&Itemid 130 email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Spend an afternoon with a local artisan specializing in jade, metal work, or textiles. Enjoy a unique cultural experience and come home with a handmade gift. *

architectural complex

Capitanes, Plaza Central thumb left upright La Merced Church (File:La merced antigua guatemala 2009d.JPG) * Church and Convent of Capuchins * Cathedral of San José (Antigua Guatemala Cathedral) *La Merced Church * La Recolección Architectural Complex * Ruins of old San José * Old weapons Museum * Church School of Christ * San Francisco Church (San Francisco Church (Antigua Guatemala)) * Santo Domingo Monastery *Hermano Pedro's Hospital (Hermano Pedro's Hospital (Antigua Guatemala)) * Museum of the Old Book (El Libro Antiguo) * Museum of Colonial Art, in the former San Carlos University Building * The Jade museum * Casa del Turista Ecology Volcanoes thumb Arch connecting two parts of old Convent, Volcán de Agua in background (Image:Antigua2.JPG) Three large volcanoes dominate the horizon around Antigua. The most commanding, to the south of the city, is the Volcán de Agua or "Volcano of Water", some

Antigua Guatemala

'''Antigua Guatemala''' ( ) (commonly referred to as just '''Antigua''' or '''la Antigua''') is a city in the central highlands (Guatemalan Highlands) of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish (Spain) Baroque influenced architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial (Spanish colony) church (Church (building))es. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Antigua Guatemala serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name. It also serves as the departmental capital of Sacatepéquez Department.

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