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fax hours price free content A large and popular park in Lishan district to the north of the city. The park includes an attractive lake behind which run a crescent shaped ridge of hills. Nature and parks outside the city *

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Inner Mongolia, and even a direct, albeit slow, train to Hong Kong. As of December 2012, Harbin-Dalian high-speed train begins operation - Xinhua the new Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway serves Anshan West Railway Station and Haicheng West Railway Station. Harbin

-Dalian high-speed rail to begin operation - It connects south to Dalian and north east to Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin. This line was hailed as the world's first alpine high-speed rail line. Harbin-Dalian High-speed train begins operation CCTV News - CNTV English In summer it runs at its full speed of 300kph

but in winter speeds are restricted to 200kph. Harbin-Dalian high-speed rail to reach 300 km h Society High-speed services also run via Anshan to Beijing. Tai'an county of Anshan is served by another high-speed rail line linking Shenyang to Beijing. Long-distance coaches run to all the main cities of the province as well as to Beijing. Local

created large

plant including mining for coal, iron and other minerals. This industrial wealth had an environmental cost. The open-hearth furnaces of the steel mill created large amounts of dust and other pollution. Along with its growing reputation as a major steel producer, Anshan was also gaining a reputation as a dirty, smelly town. Anshan became a formal administrative region under the Northeastern People's Government (later renamed as the Northeastern Administration Commission) in November, 1949. Anshan is reported to have served as a base for Soviet MIG fighter aircraft and pilots during the Korean War (1950–1953) in air combat operations against US UN forces. Zhang, Xiaoming (2002). ''Red Wings Over The Yalu: China, the Soviet Union, and the Air War In Korea'' On March 12, 1953, the city became a municipality under the Central Government direct administration. Haicheng (Haicheng, Liaoning) County and Xiuyan County were subordinated to Liaodong Province. Tai'an County was subordinated to Liaoxi Province. August 22, 1954, the central government decided that Anshan should be administered by Liaoning Province. The State Council confirmed that Anshan should be in charge of Xiuyan County and Haicheng city in 1985. The furnaces of the steel plant were changed in the 1980s to designs which blow oxygen in from the front. This increased the production and also reduced the pollution. In the 1990s, they were additionally altered to blow oxygen in from the top as well. This further increase production and reduced pollution. In December 2000, all three production lines of Anshan Iron and Steel company switched from mould-casting to continuous casting. This new technology has significantly reduced the dust and other pollution in the city. The new plant equipment is also much less labour-intensive. This has meant a reduction in the workforce has caused an unemployment problem in the city. A new drive to market Anshan as a tourist destination is hoped to help bolster the cities economy. Geography Sited on the edge of the Liao River plains, Anshan has wide flat lands in the west and central regions that develop into hilly and the mountainous terrain on the eastern fringes. The area is rich in mineral wealth including iron ore, coal, magnesite, talcum and jade. The plains of western Anshan are good for agriculture. The large flat fields make it ideal for modern agricultural methods. In total, Anshan contains 24480 hectares of arable land accounting for 26.4% of the total land area. One agricultural product that Anshan has become well known for is the production of Nangua Pears. Climate Anshan has a monsoon-influenced humid continental climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification) ''Dwa'') characterised by hot, humid summers, due to the monsoon, and rather long, cold, and very dry winters, due to the Siberian anticyclone. The four seasons here are distinctive. Nearly half of the annual rainfall occurs in July and August. The monthly 24-hour average temperatures ranges from WikiPedia:Anshan, China

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hours price content The oldest and largest hot spring spa in Anshan. The spa dates back to the Tang dynestly of China. It was used by the last emperor, Puyi. The spa is popular with many foreign visitors, especially Russian. * *

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There are four Spas in Anshan which take advantage of the areas natural hot springs. Visitors may shower and bathe in the spring water. At '''Tanggangzi''' Spa, just south of the city, visitors may have mud treatment where they are buried in hot volcanic sand, which has been infused with the spring water. In addition to there are many bathhouses throughout the city. These bathhouses don't use the natural hot springs but offer similar services. Prices are ¥28-60 for bathing. Extras such as massage may be ¥20-100 for each service. Price lists are usually prominently displayed though only in Chinese. Many spas and bathhouses are open 24 hours and it is quite common for people to sleep overnight in the restrooms after bathing. This can make a cheap alternative to a hotel room. * WikiPedia:Anshan, China

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. Avalokitesvara) Buddha has been carved. The jade stone was found in 1960 in Xiuyan County. It was declared a treasure of the State and listed as a protected property by Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Anshan city government commissioned the carving which took a team of 120 sculptures 18 months to complete. The temple complex was opened on the 3rd of September 1996. The building that houses the Jade Buddha statue is 33 metres tall, representing the 33 layers of heaven in Buddhism. It claims to be one

phone tollfree fax hours price ¥60 content Claiming to be the worlds largest Jade statue of the Buddha and carved form the worlds largest single piece of Jade stone, at almost 8 meters high and weighing in at 260.76 tons, this is an impressive sight. The statue is housed within a large temple complex in the Dongshan section of 219 park. * WikiPedia:Anshan, China

Municipal Government - Jade Buddha Park publisher Anshan Municipal Government accessdate 2008-10-03 Another major tourist location is "219 Park". The name of the park commemorates the liberation of Anshan by the People's Liberation Army on the 19th of February 1948. The park contains the Dongshan (East Mountain) scenic area as well as numerous lakes. Of particular note is the Jade Buddha Palace. This large Buddhist temple

strong modern

, about to the north, and by two major highways linking it with Shenyang and Dalian. The government of Anshan established a five-year plan (Five-year plans of China) in 2000 with the aim of turning the city into a strong modern industrial city with plenty of tourism. It also aimed to make the city GDP reach 100 billion RMB by 2005 and to build a modern industrial city by using advances

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of Angang. The district of Lishan houses 425,600 people and the suburbs of Qianshan district have 366,200 soles. Within Anshan prefecture lies the subordinate city of Haicheng which accounts for 1,181,100 people. The neighbouring subordinate town of Tai'an has 354,700 people. Transportation thumb Anshan train station at night. (File:Anshan train station.jpg) Anshan has no river or sea port. The nearby military airport, Anshan Teng'ao Airport (AOG), also accepts commercial domestic flights

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China and the Goguryeo. Ansi city, in the south east of modern Anshan, was the scene of a large battle during those wars. During this time, many significant sites were established including the Hot Springs at Tangangzi and many temples in Qianshan. During the Ming Dynasty, a small fort was built in Anshan on the road from Haicheng to Liaoyang. This fort, and an nearby lookout tower are still visible today. The city however remained small and of little importance until the twentieth century. Japan


'''Anshan''' ( . The area contains the famous Qianshan National Park. The city's name is derived from the shape of a nearby mountain that resembles the shape of a horse's saddle, which can be seen on the left (west) about five minutes before the northbound train arrives at Anshan Station. Anshan is home to the Anshan Iron and Steel Group, one of the largest steel producers in China. Anshan is sister cities with Sheffield

Anshan has a population of 3.65 million at the 2010 census. Anshan holds one third of the worlds supply of talcum Anshan holds a quarter of the worlds reserves of magnesite Anshan also produced the largest ever jade stone, now a local tourist attraction carved as a Buddha. The built up area encompassing 4 Anshan urban districts (''1,529,350 inhabitants'') and urban Liaoyang is home to more than 2.17 million inhabitants in 2010.

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