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; (also the word for cake in German) can be sampled at its best here. Inexpensive. * '''Kuranton''' At the port, nice and inexpensive local where you can eat the famous Curanto meal. * Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud


corner, and there are several smaller port towns on the east side of the island, such as Quellón, Dalcahue and Chonchi. - ZUD SCAC Pupelde Airport Ancud, Los Lagos Region, Chile - thumb 250px left Colourful palafito (Image:Palafitos de Castro.jpg)s in Castro Within the electoral divisions of Chile, Castro is represented in the Chamber of Deputies (Chamber of Deputies of Chile) by Gabriel Ascencio (PDC) and Alejandro Santana ( National

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; (also the word for cake in German) can be sampled at its best here. Inexpensive. * '''Kuranton''' At the port, nice and inexpensive local where you can eat the famous Curanto meal. *

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law , afterwards bishop of La Serena and minister of Justice, Worship, and Public Education. On April 13, 1845, the seminary known as the Seminario Conciliar de Ancud was founded in the city during his episcopate. The school known as the "Liceo de Ancud" was founded on October 11, 1868. Nuns of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception settled in the city on November 3, 1874. During the 19th century, the city of Ancud, with its intense maritime commercial activity, became

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is ''Ancuditano'' for a man and ''Ancuditana'' for a woman. Sites of Interest in Ancud * Fort San Antonio which was built in 1770 is located to 800 meters of the seat of arms by Baquedano street until San Antonio. Its walls and cannons are well-preserved. The building offers a scenic view of the town and its surroundings. * Powder magazine. Located to 700 meters of the Seat of arms in the direction of Heavy Sand. * Regional museum of Ancud. Located in front of the Seat of Arms of the city. * The Cathedral which was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1960 is worth a visit. Jorge Sánchez R.: ''Chiloé - tradición y cultura'', p. 26. Santiago de Chile 2006 * The church ''Iglesia de San Francisco'' in F. Errázuriz Street. * The marine drive ''Avenida Salvador Allende'', offering a scenic view of the town and the bay, has numerous monuments. * ''Plaza de Armas'', the central square of Ancud, includes an interesting monument dedicated to the fire-brigade in front of the Town Hall (''Municipalidad''). Sites of Interest around Ancud * Quetalmahue, a cove with oyster beds, is located to 14 km of Ancud. * Pinguineras de Puñihuil. 25 km to the southwest of Ancud are located about. * Light Crown is located to 28 km to the northwest of the city of Ancud, in the sector of Guapilacuy. * Chepu river is located to about 30 km of Ancud and runs by the valley of the same name. * Fort Ahui is located in the peninsula of Lacuy to 39 km of Ancud. The fort was built in 1779 and used until 1826. Jorge Sánchez R.: ''Chiloé - tradición y cultura'', p. 29. Santiago de Chile 2006 Some walls, the powder magazine, 14 cannons and the dungeons can still be seen. * Sanctuary of the Birds of Ancud is located in the Caulín Bay File:Ancud-Fuerte San Antonio.jpg Fuerte San Antonio File:AncudCostanera.jpg Avenida Salvador Allende File:AncudCostanera2.jpg Avenida Salvador Allende File:AncudCatedral.jpg Cathedral File:AncudPlaza.jpg Plaza de Armas and Town Hall File:AncudMonumento.jpg Firebrigade Monument Administration As a commune (Communes of Chile), Ancud is a third-level administrative division of Chile administered by a municipal council, headed by an alcalde who is directly elected every four years. The 2008-2012 alcalde is Federico Krüger Finterbüch. Within the electoral divisions of Chile, Ancud is represented in the Chamber of Deputies (Chamber of Deputies of Chile) by Mr. Gabriel Ascencio (PDC (Christian Democratic Party)) and Mr. Alejandro Santana (RN (National Renewal (Chile))) as part of the 58th electoral district, (together with Castro (Castro, Chile), Quemchi, Dalcahue, Curaco de Vélez, Quinchao, Puqueldón, Chonchi, Queilén, Quellón, Chaitén, Hualaihué, Futaleufú (Futaleufú, Chile) and Palena (Palena, Chile)). The commune is represented in the Senate (Senate of Chile) by Camilo Escalona Medina (PS (Socialist Party of Chile)) and Carlos Kuschel Silva (RN) as part of the 17th senatorial constituency (Los Lagos Region). See also *Ancud Volcanic Complex *Churches of Chiloé *Islotes de Puñihuil Natural Monument *Mahlon Williamson (barque) References External links Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud

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guacamole), lunch, pizza, tea coffee, dinner (tasty meat and fish, and great desserts and '''kuchen''' made by Marcela) and a drink with friends. Very frequented by the local population of all ages. Open from 11AM until 2AM The owners also organize '''curanto''' (native chilote meal baked under the earth) for groups on weekends at the beach. *'''Casamar''' is a superb restaurant and bar of modern architecture overviewing the sea, at night with a big video screen, good music and fantastic food

. And for the next morning a good address for black coffee. Open from 11AM-2PM. Good music and TV screen. * *

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but were allowed to retain their lands and social structure. They were also meant to defend the land against Spain's enemies and the Spanish to defend them from hostile tribes. By the same time Huilliche lands around Valdivia were slowly overtaken by mestizos and nearby Indians became "reduced" (Spanish: ''reducidos''), "pacified" by a combination of military force and conversion into Christianity. The territories north of Valdivia were not totally incorporated

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decline. Ancud lost its status as capital of the province of Chiloé in 1982, but still retains a court of law for the province (''Juzgado de capital de provincia''). Climate Ancud has an oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification ''Cfb'') with significant precipitation in each month. Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud

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into the Chilean state until the 1880s when the Chilean army overwhelmed the indigenous resistance during the occupation of the Araucanía. '''Ancud''' is the first town most people hit when visiting Chiloé Island from Puerto Montt. It's a relatively nice town with a port and the usual small town attractions. Get in Ancud has several different bus terminals and is served by several bus companies, including Tur-bus

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Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud


'''Ancud''' ( ) is a city in southern Chile located in the northernmost part of the island (Chiloé Island) and province of Chiloé (Chiloé Province), in Los Lagos Region. It is the second largest city of Chiloé Archipelago after Castro (Castro, Chile). The city was established in 1768 to function as the capital of the archipelago and held that position until 1982.

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