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'' in June 2007. Early life and college Mark Schlereth grew up in Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), Alaska, and struggled with dyslexia as a youth — he did not learn to read until he was seven. ''Mike and Mike in the Morning'', ESPN, air date January 11, 2007. He graduated from Robert Service High School (Service High School) in 1984. Growing up in Alaska, Schlereth did not receive much attention as a college football prospect; the only current FBS (Division_I_(NCAA)#Football_Bowl_Subdivision) schools that offered him a scholarship (Athletic scholarship) were Idaho (Idaho Vandals football) (I-AA (Division_I_(NCAA)#Football_Championship_Subdivision) at the time) and Hawaii (Hawaii Warriors football). He accepted the scholarship offer from the University of Idaho from head coach Dennis Erickson. Erickson departed following the 1985 (1985 Idaho Vandals football team) season, and Schlereth started at left guard on the Vandals' offensive line for new head coach Keith Gilbertson, blocking for quarterbacks Scott Linehan and John Friesz. '''Pamyua''' ( west-northwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), and approximately 130 miles (210 km) southwest of Mount McKinley. They are accessed by small plane; the closest airports to the range are near Anchorage and in Talkeetna (Talkeetna, Alaska), which is also approximately 130 miles (210 km) away. This makes access to the range very expensive; the weather also creates the potential for delays in reaching the range (both to drop off climbers and to pick them up). *'''Daniel Schlereth''' (born in Anchorage, Alaska but would move to Highlands Ranch (Highlands Ranch, Colorado); alumnus of Highlands Ranch High School) – Relief pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Location They are located at the northeastern end of the Aleutian range, on the west side of Cook Inlet, roughly 120 miles (200 km) southwest of Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska). The closest major towns to the range are Kenai (Kenai, Alaska) and Homer (Homer, Alaska), across Cook Inlet on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula. '''Mount Torbert''' is the highest point of the Tordrillo Mountains, a small, primarily volcanic range, northwest of Anchorage, Alaska. It is a heavily glaciated peak, and is not itself a volcano, although nearby Mount Spurr and Crater Peak are active volcanoes. *'''United States''' **Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska) – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ''Secondary hub'' (cargo only) **Atlanta – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (cargo only) Unfortunately, in the hours before the games were to start, eight cross-country skiers, a former gold medalist from Germany, and two Americans, were suspended for five days each after they failed blood tests. The tests say that they had elevated levels of hemoglobin, an enzyme within red blood cells that can increase endurance. However, the positives results could be due to the body's acclimation to mountain air, or dehydration. The American skiers are Kikkan Randall of Anchorage Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), and Leif Zimmermann of Bozeman, Montana (w:Bozeman, Montana). Page, along with Briley Piper, 25, of Anchorage, Alaska (w:Anchorage, Alaska), pleaded guilty in 2001 for the March 13, 2000, killing. Both were sentenced to death. A third man, Darrell Hoadley, 26, of Lead, S.D. (w:Lead, South Dakota), also pleaded guilty and testified against Page and Piper. He was sentenced to life in prison (w:Life imprisonment).


, Alaska ; Iowa State University, University Print Society, Ames, Iowa; Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee. Johnson, D. “Bully Series: Art from 2002-2008”, Charleston, South Carolina. 2010. 40 pgs * In 1980, a Korean Air Lines 747 landed short of the runway, ripping off all main landing gear, causing the aircraft to skid to a stop on the nose wheel and outer 2 engines starting a fire. 15 of the 226 total occupants were killed, including

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, Alaska ; Spokane, Washington; and Atlanta, Georgia. NIOSH Divisions, Labs, and Offices NIOSH is a professionally diverse organization with a staff of over 1,400 people representing a wide range of disciplines, including epidemiology, medicine, industrial hygiene, safety, psychology, engineering, chemistry, and statistics. The director of NIOSH is John Howard (John Howard (public health administrator)). Education

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origin Anchorage, Alaska, United States Location Portland, Oregon '''36 Crazyfists''' is a four-piece metal (heavy metal music) band originating from Anchorage, Alaska. They are now based in Portland (Portland, Oregon), Oregon. The band's name comes from a Jackie Chan movie, ''Jackie Chan And The 36 Crazy Fists''.

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suspected plane was hijacked last Tobin first Chuck newspaper The Whitehorse Star date September 12, 2001 page 2 The flight ended up running low on fuel, and according to a public affairs official at the airport, there was also a communication problem with the air crew. When it landed at the airport, witnesses reported

several buildings in the city to be evacuated. Several buildings were also evacuated in Whitehorse (Whitehorse, Yukon) as a precaution. The flight ended up running low on fuel, and according to a public affairs official at the airport, there was also a communication problem with the air crew.

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and Rarities'' were generally good; Devin Grant of ''The Post and Courier'' wrote that "For an album full of odds and ends, this Cake release is every bit as good, and every bit as fun, as the band's previous studio releases", while Catherine P. Lewis of ''The Washington Post'' noted


Brad Davis (Brad Davis (basketball)), a future player and broadcaster for the Dallas Mavericks. They competed in the renamed Continental Basketball Association for five seasons until the economic recession ended their run in 1982. UAA sponsors the annual Great Alaska Shootout, an annual NCAA Division I basketball tournament featuring colleges and universities from across the United States along with the UAA team. Anchorage is the finish line for the Sadler's Ultra Challenge

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, Minnesota . She currently plays lead for Erika Brown. - 150. Anchorage, Alaska '''KYES-TV''' 5 5 2006 UPN Fireweed Communications Corporation - '''Alyeska''' is an archaic spelling of the Aleut (Aleut people) word ''Alaska'' meaning "mainland", "great country", or "great land". The American (United States) state of Alaska derives its name from this word. Alyeska is related to the word ''Unalaska'' (or Ounalashka


SURVEY AND MANAGEMENT PLAN OF THE CLEAR AIR FORCE STATION'' , Retrieved 2008-11-04 The land was purchased by the Department of the Interior in 1949. Alaska Air Command soon designated it Clear Air Force Auxiliary Field, part of Ladd Field, for use as a gunnery range. WWW.OSTI.GOV: '' Cold War Historic Properties of the 21st Space Wing Air Force Space Command'' Retrieved 2008-11


) and Carrington's secretary, Nikki Nicholson (Margaret Sheridan), who its clear he knows from past association. Youth When Scott was a boy growing up in Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska), Alaska, his father, USAF (United States Air Force) Major Christopher Summers (Corsair (comics)), took the family for a flight in their de Havilland Mosquito. It came under attack by an alien Shi'ar spaceship. As the plane went down in flames, Scott's parents fastened him and his younger brother

Anchorage, Alaska

'''Anchorage''' (officially called the '''Municipality of Anchorage''') is a unified home rule municipality (consolidated city-county) in the U.S. State of Alaska. With an estimated 300,950 residents in 2013, it is Alaska's most populous city and contains more than 40 percent of the state's total population; among the 50 states, only New York has a higher percentage of residents who live in its most populous city (New York City). Altogether, the Anchorage metropolitan area, which combines Anchorage with the neighboring Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska), had a population of 396,142 in 2013.

Anchorage is located in the South-central (Southcentral Alaska) portion of Alaska at the terminus of the Cook Inlet on a peninsula formed by the Knik Arm to the north and the Turnagain Arm to the south. http: ~esquared alaska geogrphy.htm The city limits span 1,961.1 square miles which encompass the urban core (Urban area), a joint Military base (Joint base), http: documents case-studies anchorage_casestudy.pdf several outlying communities (List of neighborhoods of Anchorage, Alaska) and almost all of Chugach State Park. http: parks units chugach

Anchorage’s location on the globe puts it within 9 and ½ hours by air to nearly 90% of the industrialized world. For this reason Anchorage is a common refueling stop for many international passenger flights and is home to a major FedEx Hub which the company calls a “critical part”” of its global network of services. http: files FedEx%20Express%20Hub%20in%20Anchorage.pdf

Anchorage has been named an All-America City (All-America City Award) four times, in 1956, 1965, 1984–85, and 2002, by the National Civic League .

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