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Revolt and bring instability along the enemy's Hejaz Railway which runs north – south from Istanbul to Damascus and on to Amman, Maan, Medina and to Mecca. Built by the Ottomans with German assistance for the transportation of pilgrims, the railway was an important element in the Ottoman Army's lines of communication, as well as a strategically important support for both defensive and offensive operations; the station buildings being solidly built of stone

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''' is a gorge in Jordan which enters the Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level. The Mujib Reserve of Wadi Mujib is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the mountainous landscape to the east of the Dead Sea, approximately 90 km south of Amman. The 220 square kilometers reserve was created in 1987 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

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, United States * University Arena, Amman, Jordan 2004 * University Arena, Amman, Jordan - September 25 att:5000 * Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Athens - July, 07. att: 5000 * Amman, Jordan, Sah Al Naoum Musical Play 2-3 Nov. att:5000 each night The worship pattern is non-agamic (Āgama (Hinduism)) and is associated with sacrificial offerings of pure vegetarian food. However animals such as chicken and goats are offered to few of the selected 21

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a definitive statement by Allah as to how long they were actually there. Quran in English, see notes to verse 25. The Ptolemaic Greeks called it '''Berenice''', and the Roman (Rome)s '''Aila''' and '''Aelana'''. Aqaba reached its peak during Roman times, the great long distance road the Via Traiana Nova led south from Bostra through

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like Beirut or Tel Aviv, however, there are a few clubs and bars in Amman. Abdali, a section of downtown Amman, is being transformed into a modern center for tourists and natives alike. The plan includes a broad pedestrian boulevard where visitors can shop, eat, or do numerous other activities. New office buildings and residential hi-rises are being constructed. "New Abdali" should have been completed by 2010, but was still a large construction site as of early 2011. Wear The Islamic headscarf is optional, there is no legal obligation to wear it and many women do not. In more affluent areas such as West Amman women often dress in Western clothing. Western women are advised to dress modestly. Long skirts pants and shirts with sleeves past the elbows will attract less unwanted attention for female travelers. Modest clothing is especially important at religious sites. In more conservative parts of the city such as East Amman, women are advised to heed the advice to wear modest clothing more strongly so as to not offend local sensibilities. Buy thumb clothes market at bus station (File:AmmanClothesMarked.jpg) Amman has numerous antique dealers littered throughout the city. Those located in the western parts of the city will most likely be serviced by those with a competent grasp of the English language, but you run the risk of the items being a bit overpriced. For the more adventurous, some of the best tourist shopping can be done in downtown Amman (the ''Balad''). Shopping in the Balad has a more primitive feel with shop after shop filled with wares and prices not always clearly marked and extremely negotiable. Some interesting, original souvenir items that one may consider taking home are: * a keffiyeh, the traditional checkered headpiece of Jordanian men * an antique brass tea coffee pot, distinctly Middle Eastern with its artistic etching and curved spout * olive wood carvings of various objects or figures can be purchase nearly everywhere * hand-crafted Jordanian daggers * hand-made Bedouin-style embroidered clothing For the coffee lover, Amman's Starbucks locations (Swefieh, Abdoun, Taj Mall, City Mall, Mecca Mall) offer various mugs, tumblers, and to-go cups with distinctive Jordanian and Middle Eastern flair. Those who crave gourmet coffee have a number of choices along Rainbow St. off of First Circle in Jabal Amman with other shops sprinkled throughout the city. Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor, etc.), can be purchased in liquor stores across the city. Most are distinguishable by an advertisement for Amstel or some like beverage outside. There are also bars up and down Rainbow St. in Jabal Amman and throughout Abdoun. Drinking age is 18 but some bars cafes might card you and admit 21+ customers only. Shopping areas * '''The Balad''' An area of extreme frenzy 8AM-8PM. Take a walk through the narrow alleyways and corners and negotiate (haggle) the price with friendly vendors. A maze of streets with everything from a fruit market to spices, souvenirs, clothes, hardware. Drink a cool glass of Sugar Cane juice, watch the talented young men make artistic sand designs inside the glass bottles, go and smoke a shisha (hubbly bubbly) in any of the numerous street cafes. Enjoy some tasty falafel in the famous Hashem cafe, enjoy a mansaf dish at Jerusalem restaurant or a nice slice of tasty Kanafe from Habibeh sweets. Busy crowded streets with the real taste of Jordan. Visit the Husseini Mosque, Darwish Mosque, Roman Theatre, Citadel, spice markets, or if adventurous have a wander around the Friday Bird and animal market and the second hand market on a Friday morning. Walk to Rainbow street and enjoy a different side of Amman. Visit the Duke of Mukhyber's residence on the main street. Lot's of small cafes and roof terraces to enjoy the atmosphere. Visit the new Museum or catch a music recital or performance at the Hussain Culture Centre. Lot's to do in Wastel Ballad - Downtown Amman. * Souk - Afghani - Yemeni - and lots of others * '''Malls''' - '''City Mall''' is currently Jordan's biggest shopping mall. All the usual international brands are present. Mecca Mall is another big mall on Mecca Street (not far—about a 15-minute walk—from the City Mall; there's an ACE Hardware store). Baraka Mall- Sweifiyeh for those seeking indulgence and the odd $500 to spare - all designer names. Majdi Mall for those with the common feel - located near University of Jordan towards Sweileh. * '''Wakalat Street''' A new street with big western stores. Mostly clothes, furniture, sport. A traffic free street with open areas for sitting and walking. thumb Wakalat Street (File:AmmanWakalatStreet.jpg) * Sharia Rainbow - Rainbow Street - A cobblestone street just down from First Circle that is populated with small antique stores, clothing, restaurants, sheesha tea shops and the well-known Falafel al-Quds, reputedly the "best" Falafel in the Middle East (some Saudi's even financed the opening of one in Saudi Arabia). Further down the street you will find a small park that overlooks the city. Further still on a side street, during the warmer months, is a side-walk flea market. At the end of this street and down some stairs you will find Wild Jordan. Learn There are numerous universities one can study in. Irbid, Madaba, and Aqaba also hold many educational institutes for foreigners. Jordan's universities are world-renowned and respected for their hospitality and methods of instruction. * WikiPedia:Amman Dmoz:Regional Middle East Jordan Localities Amman Commons:Category:Amman

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Amman '''Al-’Urdun''' الأردن '''‘Ammān''' عمان Arabic (Arabic language) (Arabic script) Prior to and during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon (1982 Lebanon War), al-Wazir planned numerous attacks inside Israel against both civilian and military targets. He prepared Beirut's defense against incoming Israeli forces. Nonetheless, Israel prevailed and he was exiled from Lebanon

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York , where he graduated from Cicero-North Syracuse High School in 1998. Using Muhammad Hassan as his ring name, he made his professional wrestling debut in 2003 at WWE's former developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling. - Amman align center AMM align center OJAI style "background-color:#D0E7FF" Queen Alia International Airport # align center ref name "Cargo" >

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degree and 95 postgraduate programs. JUST comprised 5,415 international students of 61 nationalities in the academic year 2009 2010, rendering it the most cultural-diverse university in Jordan. Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research Statistics 2010 http: Statistics2010 tabid 579 language en-US Default.aspx It was ranked as the top research university in the country, and amongst the top 3% of universities

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with the spelling 'Al Husun', and it is the administrative center of the Bani Obaid district. The attack came just a day after the bombing of hotels in Amman (w:Amman), Jordan (w:Jordan), attacks also claimed by Al-Qaeda. In response, Judge Abdel Rahman said: "Your lawyers were informed of the hearing and they chose not to come, despite the fact they have billions of dollars and sit in a neighbouring country, where they incite violence." Most of Hussein’s legal team is based

in Amman (w:Amman), the capital of Jordan (w:Jordan). Like he did yesterday, Judge Raouf Abdel Rahman again slated Hussein’s defense lawyers for avoiding the court. “They’re sitting abroad now generating fame by issuing political statements on television stations as if this case is a political one. This behavior will harm you, the defendants. This is a criminal case, not a political one,” Mr Rahman warned. Most of Hussein’s legal team is based in Amman (w:Amman), the capital of w:Jordan


settlement_type City image_skyline AMMAN 2.jpg imagesize 300px image_caption Amman city landmarks, From right to left and above to below: Amman's skyline as seen from Sport city, Temple of Hercules at Amman Citadel, Omayyad Palace, Ottoman Hejaz Railway station, Roman theater (Roman theater (Jordan)), Abdoun Bridge, King Abdullah I Mosque and Raghadan Flagpole. image_seal Ammanlogo.png image_flag Amman Jordan Flag.svg pushpin_map Jordan pushpin_mapsize 300 coordinates_region JO subdivision_type Country subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Governorate (Governorates of Jordan) subdivision_name1 Capital Governorate (Amman Governorate) leader_title Mayor leader_name Akel Biltaji established_title Founded established_date 7000 BC established_title2 Municipality established_date2 1909 area_total_km2 1680 area_land_km2 population_as_of 2014 population_note population_footnotes population_urban 4,125,000 http: ammans-population-rises-to-around-4-million----biltaji population_metro 5,125,000 http: cntry jordan.aspx latd 31 latm 56 lats 59 latNS N

longd 35 longm 55 longs 58 longEW E elevation_min_m 700 elevation_max_m 1100 timezone +2 Eastern European Standard Time (Eastern European Time) http: time zones eet utc_offset timezone_DST +3 Arabia Standard Time postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 11110-17198 area_code +962(6) website Amman City footnotes '''Amman''' ( , with an additional million residing in the surrounding areas. Other population estimates consider the number of expatriates residing within the city limits and rank the total population much higher.

The recent economic growth experienced in Amman is unmatched by any other Arab city except those located in the Persian Gulf area. Amman is also the administrative seat of the homonymous governorate (Amman Governorate). Amman is also ranked a Beta− global city on the World city index, the same category as Abu Dhabi, Kuwait City and Manama.

Amman was named one of the MENA's best cities according to economic, labour, environmental, and socio-cultural factors. Amman is among the most popular locations for multinational corporations to set up their regional offices, alongside Doha and only behind Dubai. Furthermore, it is expected that in the next 10 years these three cities will capture the largest share of multinational corporation activity in the region.

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