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allentown index.ssf 2012 10 allentown_completes_bond_sales.html Allentown completes bond sales, receives funding for hockey arena project Existing structures were demolished in early 2012. However, several lawsuits were filed due to the nature of the funding of the project. The lawsuits were settled in mid-2012, and construction is now underway, with an estimated 2014 completion for the center city district.

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-A Clearwater Threshers, to maintain his five-day pitching schedule. He returned to the Phillies and started against the New York Mets on July 23, but did not factor in a decision until his second game back against

the Washington Nationals on July 29, where he won his fourth game of the year. Myers pitched strongly through the second half of the season, posting a 7–2 record and a 1.80 ERA heading into the final month

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H3llBot Snowfall is variable, with some winters bringing light snow and others bringing numerous significant snowstorms. Average snowfall is seasonally,

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(the forerunner to the Lehigh Valley Conference), which is known for its success in producing collegiate and NFL football talent. Early years Stewart played high school football at Allentown Central Catholic High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he earned first team All-American honors and played in the East Penn Conference (now known as the Lehigh Valley Conference), one of the premier high school football leagues in the nation. A nomination by Stewart led to his

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a single game in June; he went nearly a month without notching a single victory. On July 1, Myers agreed to be optioned down to the minors to address his mechanical issues and focus on pitching. It was reported that he would make at least three starts for the Phillies' Triple-A affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Victorian homes. Allentown also has loft apartments (loft) in converted mills and historic brick manufacturing buildings and modern and historic high-rise apartment buildings. . It is 23 stories high and is located at the northwest corner of 9th and Hamilton Street. A Lehigh Valley icon, this Art Deco tower can be seen from places throughout the Lehigh Valley and in clear weather, the tower can

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parents won a $500,000 default judgment against Snuka in U.S. District Court (United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania) in Philadelphia, although Snuka appears not to have ever paid, claiming financial inability to do so. **'''Pennsylvania''' ***Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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thumb right 295px Coca-Cola Park (Allentown) Coca-Cola Park (Image:Cokepark allentown.jpg) in Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies This classification currently includes two affiliated leagues: the International League and the Pacific Coast League. ref name

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to Allentown's proximity to Philadelphia, cheesesteaks are also popular. Yocco's Hot Dogs, a regionally well-known hot dog and cheesesteak establishment with six area locations, was founded in 1922 by Theodore Iacocca, uncle of Lee Iacocca. In addition, A-Treat (A-Treat Bottling Company), a regionally-popular brand of carbonated (Carbonation) soft drinks, has been based in Allentown since 1918. Sports

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, in the United States.

Allentown, Pennsylvania

leader_title4 Senate (Pennsylvania Senate) leader_name4 Pat Browne (R (United States Republican Party)) leader_title5 State Representative (Pennsylvania House of Representatives) leader_name5 Jennifer Mann (D (United States Democratic Party)) leader_title6 U.S. Congress (Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district) leader_name6 Charlie Dent (R (United States Republican Party)) government_type Mayor-Council (Mayor-council government) established_title Settled established_date 1751 established_title2 Founded established_date2 1762 established_title3 Incorporated (Municipal Corporation) established_date3 March 12, 1867 founder William Allen (William Allen (loyalist)) named_for William Allen (William Allen (loyalist)) area_magnitude unit_pref Imperial area_total_sq_mi 18.0 area_total_km2 46.5 area_land_sq_mi 17.8 area_land_km2 45.9 area_water_sq_mi 0.2 area_water_km2 0.6 area_urban_sq_mi 289.50 area_urban_km2 749.79 area_metro_sq_mi 730.0 area_metro_km2 1174.82 population_as_of 2013 (United States Census Bureau) population_footnotes population_total 118,577 (US: 224th (List of United States cities by population)) population_density_km2 2571.5 population_density_sq_mi 6631.0 population_metro 827,048 (US: 68th (List of Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) population_density_metro_sq_mi 1117.8 population_urban 664,651 (US: 61st (List of United States urban areas)) population_density_urban_sq_mi 1991.0 population_blank1_title population_blank1 population_blank2_title Demonym population_blank2 Allentonian timezone EST (North American Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST -4 postal_code_type ZIP codes postal_code 18101, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106, 18109, 18175, 18195 area_code 610 (Area code 610), 484 (Area code 484), 835 (Area code 835) coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_type region:US_type:city latd 40 latm 36 lats 06 latNS N longd 75 longm 28 longs 38 longEW W elevation_m 103 elevation_ft 338 elevation_max_ft 440 elevation_min_ft 255 blank_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank_info 42-02000 blank1_name GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) feature ID blank1_info 1202899 blank2_name Primary Airport blank2_info Lehigh Valley International Airport- ABE (Major International) blank3_name Secondary Airport blank3_info Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport- XLL (Minor) website http: footnotes

'''Allentown''' (Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German language): ''Allenschteddel'') is a city located in Lehigh County (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania, United States. It is Pennsylvania's third most populous city, after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the 224th largest city in the United States (List of United States cities by population). As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), the city had a total population of 118,032 and is currently the fastest growing city in Pennsylvania. In 2012, the city celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding in 1762. Allentown Semiquincentennial.

Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown is the largest of three adjacent cities that make up a region of eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey known as the Lehigh Valley. Allentown is west of New York City, the nation's largest city.

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