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. The country's largest and capital (capital city) city is Tehran. APTN is based in North London (in a former gin warehouse on the Regent's Canal called "The Interchange" because its original function was to interchange freight between the canal and rail systems) with bureaus in 85 cities and 79 nations, including New York City, Washington D.C., Paris and Moscow; as well as current-event regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan. It uses fibre-optic and satellite-based distribution networks to relay video footage to TV networks and newsrooms. (Broadcasters based in London receive the APTN video feed by local terrestrial (terrestrial television) circuits, known as "local ends," via the BT Tower. United Kingdom The British Army has a Civil Affairs Group, formed in 1997 and consisting primarily of Territorial Army (Territorial Army (United Kingdom)) personnel. Most personnel are members of the Royal Engineers and the group is administered by the Central Volunteer Headquarters Royal Engineers (CVHQ RE), based at Gibraltar Barracks, Blackwater (Blackwater, Hampshire), Camberley, Surrey. Members of the group have been deployed operationally in Bosnia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), East Timor, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. The Netherlands The Royal Netherlands Army's Civil Affairs unit is 1 CIMIC Battalion. The staff consist of regular soldiers. Other personnel are reservists with a civilian occupation. Members of the battalion have been deployed to Bosnia; Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia); Africa and Afghanistan. The unit is, as of early 2009, based in Apeldoorn. The '''recorded military history''' of '''Puerto Rico''' encompasses the period from the 16th century, when Spanish (Spanish people) conquistadores battled native Taino (Taíno people)s in the rebellion of 1511, to the present employment of Puerto Ricans in the United States Armed Forces in the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. right thumb 130px Specialist Lizbeth Robles (File:Lizbeth Robles.JPG) In the 21st century, Puerto Ricans have participated in the military campaigns of Afghanistan and Iraq, in what the United States and its allies refer to as the War on Terrorism. Among those that have perished during the Irag Operation are the first three Puerto Rican women to die in a foreign combat zone. They are Specialist Frances M. Vega, Specialist Lizbeth Robles and Specialist Aleina Ramirez Gonzalez. On November 2, 2003, Specialist Frances M. Vega became the first female Puerto Rican soldier born in the United States to die in a war zone. A ground-to-air missile fired by insurgents in Fallujah hit the Chinook (CH-47 Chinook) transport helicopter Vega was in; she was one of 16 soldiers who lost their lives in the crash that followed. On March 1, 2005, Specialist Lizbeth Robles became the first female Puerto Rican soldier born on the island to die in Iraq when her Humvee was involved in an accident. On July 10, 2007, Captain Maria Ines Ortiz, who was assigned to a hospital in an area known as the "Green Zone" in Baghdad, Iraq, became the first Puerto Rican nurse to die in combat and the first Army nurse to die in the Iraq War after the area came under a heavy mortar attack. Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan


peoples, saying that supporting national unity was a part of a governor general's mandate, Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan

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, an Afghan (Afghanistan) rising through merit in the Mughal Army . His descendants ruled the state until 15 June 1948, when the last ruling Nawab acceded to the Indian Government. Kurwai became part of the newly-created state of Madhya Bharat, and was added to Vidisha District. Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh on 1 November 1956. Architecture for Humanity aims to promote humanitarian and social design through partnerships, advocacy and education based programs. To that end

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center in Iraq at Balad Air Base. The USO provides a variety of programs and services, including orientation programs, family events, travel assistance, free Internet and e-mail access, and recreation services. A new program called "USO in a Box," delivers program materials ranging from DVD players and videos to musical instruments to remote forward operating bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. Batu, Mongke and other princely lines shared rule over the area from Afghanistan

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the special award Beauty for a Cause. Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan

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decided to start his reign with a grand display of "Justice", as he saw it. To this end, he enacted Twelve Decrees that are remarkable for their liberalism and foresight. . During his reign, there was a significant increase in the size

Afghanistan by the Safavid rulers with an eye on Kabul, Peshawar and Kandahar which were important centers of the central Asian trade system that northern India operated within. . In 1622 Jahangir would send his son Prince Khurram against the combined forces of Ahmednagar

and the Sumerians year 1991 publisher Cambridge University Press isbn 978-0521388504 url http: books?id 2S87O3tF8b8C&printsec frontcover&dq saluki+sumerian#v onepage&q saluki&f false page 47 Its name is thought to come from the ancient Arabian town of Suluk, Libya,

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Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan

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. (Guardian), (BBC) Biography Burke attended Oxford University. For four years, he held a position as an investigative reporter at the ''Sunday Times''. He relocated to Pakistan in 1998 to cover events there and in Afghanistan. During this period, he also traveled to Baghdad and Basra. Around 2000, he was hired by ''The Observer'' to serve as its chief foreign correspondent. Since then, he has become the South Asia correspondent for ''The Guardian'', ''The Observer'''s sister publication, as well. As of 2010, he is based in New Delhi. Prior to his New Delhi assignment, Burke was based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Paris, Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan

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sacrifices, with more goods left with burials of males. Ornaments of sea shell, limestone, turquoise, lapis lazuli, sandstone have been found, along with simple figurines of women and animals. Sea shells from far sea shore and lapis lazuli found far in Badakshan, Afghanistan shows good contact with those areas. A single ground stone axe was discovered in a burial, and several more were obtained from the surface. These ground stone axes are the earliest to come from a stratified context in the South Asia. Periods I, II and III are contemporaneous with another site called Kili Gul Mohammed. '''Mohammed Zahir Shah''' (15 October 1915 – 23 July 2007) was the last King (''Padishah'') of Afghanistan, reigning for four decades, from 1933 until he was ousted by a coup in 1973. Following his return from exile he was given the title 'Father of the Nation' in 2002 which he held until his death. Encyclopædia Britannica, Mohammad Zahir Shah Family background and early life Zahir Shah was an ethnic Pashtun who was born on October 15, 1914, in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was the son of Mohammed Nadir Shah, a senior member of the Barakzai royal family (Barakzai Dynasty) and commander in chief of the Afghan army under former king Amanullah Khan. Nadir Shah assumed the throne after the execution of Habibullah Ghazi on 10 October 1929. Encyclopædia Britannica, Afghanistan Mohammad Nader Shah (1929–33) Mohammed Zahir's father, son of Sardar Mohammad Yusuf Khan, was born in Dehradun, British India, his family having been exiled following the second Anglo-Afghan war. Nadir Shah was a descendant of Sardar Sultan Mohammed Khan Telai, half-brother of Amir Dost Mohammad Khan. His grandfather Mohammad Yahya Khan (father in law of Amir Yaqub Khan) was in charge of the negotiations with the British leading to the Treaty of Gandamak. After the British invasion following the killing of Sir Louis Cavagnari in 1879, Yaqub Khan, Yahya Khan and his sons, Princes Mohammad Yusuf Khan and Mohammad Asef Khan, were seized by the British and transferred under custody to the British Raj, where they forcibly remained until the two princes were invited back to Afghanistan by Emir Abdur Rahman Khan in the last year of his reign (1901). During the reign of Amir Habibullah they received the title of Companions of the King (Musahiban). thumb Zahir Shah is seated at the far right during the oath (File:Inauguration of President Hamid Karzai in December 2004.jpg) ceremony of Hamid Karzai on December 7, 2004. In April 2002, while the country was under NATO occupation, Zahir Shah returned to Afghanistan to open the Loya Jirga (2002 loya jirga), which met in June 2002. Commons:Category:Afghanistan WikiPedia:Afghanistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Afghanistan


that about 1200 Muslim and Hindu Kamboj were living in Saharanpur who also claimed to be Rajputs. The Kamboj in Phillaur, District Jullundur, too claimed to be ''Suryavanshi'' Rajputs. Glossary of Tribes, Vol II, p 443 fn, H. A. Rose. The Kambohs of Bijnor claim that they came from Trans-Indus country and Mr Purser accepts this as evidently true. Many of the Bijnor Kambohs also have a tradition that they are of the same ethnic stock as the Chattris

that about 1200 Muslim and Hindu Kamboj were living in Saharanpur who also claimed to be Rajputs. The Kamboj in Phillaur, District Jullundur, too claimed to be ''Suryavanshi'' Rajputs. Glossary of Tribes, Vol II, p 443 fn, H. A. Rose. The Kambohs of Bijnor claim that they came from Trans-Indus country and Mr Purser accepts this as evidently true. Many of the Bijnor Kambohs also have a tradition that they are of the same ethnic stock as the Chattris or Khatris


'''Afghanistan''' , making it the 41st (List of countries and dependencies by area) largest country in the world.

Human habitation in Afghanistan dates back to the Middle Paleolithic Era (Middle Paleolithic),

The political history of the modern state of Afghanistan began with the Hotak and Durrani (Durrani Empire) dynasties in the 18th century. In the late 19th century, Afghanistan became a buffer state in the "Great Game (The Great Game)" between British India (British Raj) and the Russian Empire. Following the 1919 Anglo-Afghan War (Third Anglo-Afghan War), King Amanullah (Amanullah Khan) and King Mohammed Zahir Shah (Mohammed Zahir Shah) attempted modernization of the country. A series of coups in the 1970s was followed by a Soviet invasion and a series of civil wars (War in Afghanistan (1978–present)) that devastated much of the country.

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