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. They probably take you anywhere you want to go but negotiate the fee before you board. If you want a peace of mind, you can reserve a shuttle service called before you arrive. See If you walk along the road from Meskel Square to Sidest Kilo, you'll probably find it quite entertaining and interesting. You'll see the Africa Hall, the palaces and the Parliament building, the Hilton Hotel, the marvellous architectural adventure of a building hosting the Ministry

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Selassie I in the 1930s Emperor Haile Selassie I was crowned "King of Kings, Elect of God, and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah" in Addis Ababa on November 2, 1930. The event created great publicity throughout the world, including in Jamaica, and particularly through two consecutive ''Time (Time (magazine))'' magazine articles about the coronation (he was later named ''Time'''s Person of the Year (Time Magazine Person of the Year) for 1935, the first Black person to appear

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, and proclaimed Victor Emmanuel III the Emperor of Ethiopia. In July the League abandoned sanctions. This episode, in which sanctions were incomplete and appeared to be easily given up, seriously discredited the League. On 31 March 1928, Yvonne's Royalty: Peerage his father created him Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Ulster, and Baron Culloden, three titles that linked him

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made a special study on Ethiopian illustrated manuscripts in the British Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris and the Vatican Library. The last Kaffa king, Gaki Sherocho, resisted for months the combined armies of Wolde Giyorgis, Ras Damisse, and King Abba Jifar II of Jimma (Kingdom of Jimma), until he was captured 11 September 1897, and was first sent to Ankober, then to Addis Ababa. Kaffa was then held as a fief by Wolde Giyogis until 1914. ref name

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in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is one of Finland's long-term development partners and in the water and education sectors. http: public default.aspx?nodeid 31702&contentlan 2&culture en-US On 29 April 2009, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development announced that the Finnish government had made a grant of 11.4 million Euros to enable the Benishangul-Gumuz Region to upgrade its capacity to plan and manage its rural water supply and sanitation program (Water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia) to achieve universal access for all Ethiopians. "Ethiopia, Finland sign 11.4 million Euro grant agreement", Ethiopian News Agency (accessed 29 April 2009) * Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs: relations with Ethiopia *1921 – Rezā Shāh takes control of Tehran during a successful coup (Iranian events of 1921) *1937 – Yekatit 12: During a public ceremony at the Viceregal Palace (the former Imperial residence) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, two Ethiopian nationalists of Eritrean origin attempt to kill viceroy Rodolfo Graziani with a number of grenades. Italian authorities exact vicious reprisals on the population. *1942 – World War II: nearly 250 Japanese warplanes attack (Bombing of Darwin) the northern Australian city of Darwin (Darwin, Northern Territory) killing 243 people. End of the war Menelik retired in good order to his capital, Addis Ababa, and waited for the fallout of the victory to hit Italy. The casualty rate suffered by Italian forces at the Battle of Adowa was greater than any other major European battle of the 19th century, beyond even the Napoleonic Era's infamous Waterloo (Battle of Waterloo) and Eylau (Battle of Eylau). Vandervort, Bruce. ''Wars of Imperial Conquest in Africa, 1830-1914''. 1998, page 164. Riots broke out in several Italian cities, and within two weeks, the Crispi government collapsed amidst Italian disenchantment with "foreign adventures". * Commons:category:Addis Ababa Wikipedia:Addis Ababa

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. * Commons:category:Addis Ababa Wikipedia:Addis Ababa

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of Ethiopia'' (Oxford: University Press, 1965), p. 20. Professor Taddesse Tamrat believes Ifat's borders included Fatagar, Dawaro and Bale (Bale Province, Ethiopia). This gave the polity control of the trade route inland from Zeila, making it a major commercial power. Taddesse Tamrat, ''Church and State in Ethiopia (1270-1527)'' (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972), p. 84. While reporting that its center was "a place called Walalah, probably the modern

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TeleBole Rd lat long directions between Atlas Hotel and Edna Mall phone tollfree fax hours price content One of Addis Ababa's famous cultural restaurants, it has traditional singing and dancing at night. If you're feeling brave, try the ''gored gored'' (cubes of heavily salted and spiced raw beef). Waiters are well mannered and kind, and most are very talented dancers. Features a large buffet with many kinds of wat wot (Ethiopian stew), injera, shiro, vegetables, and other dishes. Their "fasting" menu (meatless or vegan dishes typically served to religiously observant diners) is excellent and will satisfy most vegetarians and vegans. The old restaurant at the south end of EU Rd near Bole Rd was demolished for road construction in 2012. * '''Kaldi Coffee''', Bole Rd, with a sign similar to Starbucks. Has great porridge. * Commons:category:Addis Ababa Wikipedia:Addis Ababa

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highland climate (Köppen (Köppen climate classification): Cwb). , depending on elevation and prevailing wind patterns

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). To get change. To get out say "woraj alle", or just "woraj". It is worth having an Ethiopian guide with you if it is your first time using these taxis, since it can be quite chaotic to find out what minibuses go where, and from what places. '''Small blue Lada taxis''' Small blue Lada taxis are more expensive. Negotiation is the norm and you often have to press quite hard to get a bargain as a foreigner. They can be contracted for a single trip, an hour, or a full day; just

Addis Ababa

'''Addis Ababa''' ( http: Chapter_2_Population_Data_Sources.pdf

As a chartered city (city-state#Cities that are component states of federations) (''ras gez astedader''), Addis Ababa has the status of both a city and a state (Regions of Ethiopia). It is where the African Union and its predecessor the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) are based. It also hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and numerous other continental and international organizations. Addis Ababa is therefore often referred to as "the political capital of Africa" due to its historical, diplomatic and political significance for the continent.

The city is populated by people from different regions of Ethiopia – the country has as many as 80 nationalities speaking 80 languages and belonging to a wide variety of religious communities. It is home to Addis Ababa University. The Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC) and Horn of Africa Press Institute (HAPI) are also headquartered in Addis Ababa.

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