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large cultural

was built in the early 4th century, because there are some Roman documents found, containing information that the city gate of Bargala was built by Anthon Alipius, administrator of the province. Arts and culture Štip boasts the largest festival of pop music in Republic of Macedonia, called MakFest. It has been held every November in the cultural center, "Aco Šopov", for over two decades. Another large cultural event in Štip is the "Štip Summer of Culture" (

opera performance

Штипско Културно Лето ), which is a month long festival held from 1 July to 1 August, since 1987. The first known opera performance in Republic of Macedonia was staged in Štip in 1925.

social event

to American Pizza-parlors). Every restaurant is famous for some specific dish, so try to order that one in particular. Drink There are dozens upon dozens of bistros bars aka kafani all over the city, on every corner. They serve all types of alcohol at a cheap price and food with it as well. Drinking coffee is a social event which often lasts for hours, with very little coffee or alcohol actually consumed. It is not considered rude to sit a table and order very little for several hours

producing high

for producing high-quality textiles and clothing, especially for high-class Italian firms. You can get some of these items at bargain prices directly from the local manufacturers. *

academic year

was a really active one for the revolutionary Gruev. In the summer of 1894 in Negotino, he organized the first local revolutionary committee, and soon after with the cooperation of Pere Toshev, the first district committee in the city of Štip. Gruev visited the cities of Resen (Resen (town)), Ohrid, and Struga as well, and found the local population to be accepting his organization's revolutionary ideas very well. He remained a teacher in Štip during the academic year 1894-1895

quot publishing

and in the Autumn of 1896 he moved back to Bulgaria, where he, together with Gyorche Petrov, served as a foreign representatives of the organization in Sofia. Пейо Яворов, "Събрани съчинения", Том втори, "Гоце Делчев", Издателство "Български писател", София, 1977, стр. 30. In English: Peyo Yavorov, "Complete Works", Volume 2, biography " Delchev", Publishing house "Bulgarian writer", Sofia, 1977, p. 30. ref>

taking good

politely, but beware that the socialist heritage where the police was very brutal and was mostly used to keep an eye on the population, instead of maintaining law and order, is still very much alive. Ask a younger person for directions, as most youngster speak passable English, and only deal with the police when you have to, taking good care not to offend them in any way. As pretty much anywhere else, do not accept offers from strangers; do not enter in business deals with unknown people, even if the offer is most tempting; do not go to secluded or dark places at night or abandoned places during the day, and exercise good judgement that you would in other poor countries like Mexico or Central America. Do not be alarmed if glasses are shattered by being slammed on the ground as this is a cultural thing, especially when one male individual is intoxicated and there is live music. This practice is quite common for males of all ages, and is the same in all the surrounding countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania. Don't carry too much cash on you and do not flash show it (there is no need, there are plenty of 24 7 ATMs around the city). Try to dress like the locals. Too much differentiation might attract unwanted attention, which, while usually harmless, can be very annoying at the end. Lock your valuable in the hotel safe or hide them well. Keep your electronics and cameras in bags for most of the time while taking picture videos around. At the end, exercise a common sense that you would exercise in rural Alabama or West Virginia, for example, and you will be fine and have a great time! Connect *


-Delcevo) in Republic of Macedonia, and the connection to E-75 highway Stip-Veles. Travel direction in the region goes via route R-601 (Stip-Plackovica) and R-526 that goes through the city and connects to freeway M-5. Education There are numerous pre-school, elementary primary and middle school institutions in Štip. There are five high secondary schools, each somewhat specialized in a particular field, according to the educational policy of Republic of Macedonia. The five high schools

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with 8.5 13, behind Hort. At Bor (Bor, Serbia) 1984, he shared 2nd-4th places with 8.5 13 behind winner Slobodan Martinovic. He won the tournament at Cienfuegos 1985 with 10 13. In the 1991 Yugoslav Championship at Kladovo, he shared 4th-7th places with 9 13. Ivkov shared 2nd-9th places in the 1998 World Senior Championship at Grieskirchen on 8 11 behind champion Vladimir Bagirov. His most impressive late-career feat was a shared 1st-2nd place in the strong Tigran

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quarters, a water tank, a bath, a fortification system, with an impressive main gate, and an infrastructure. *

school quot

are as follows: * Medical Secondary School "Jane Sandanski" (Medical School SOU Jane Sandanski) ( ) * Secondary School for Children

with Special Needs — Iskra - web site * Electro-Technical Secondary School "Kole Nehtenin" ( ) - web site

title Macedonian High School Portal date 13 September 2007 accessdate 13 September 2007 The city is also the home of one of the four public universities of Republic of Macedonia, the Goce Delčev University of Štip. The private music high school "Oksia" completes the list of educational institutions


'''Štip''' ( ) is the largest urban agglomeration in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, serving as the economic, industrial, entertainment and educational focal point for the surrounding municipalities. As of the 2002 census, the Štip municipality alone had a population of about 47,796. Štip is the largest textile production center in the country; Center of the fashion industry in Macedonia, as well as the location of the sole public university in eastern Macedonia, Goce Delčev University of Štip. The city of Štip is the seat of Štip Municipality.

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